Try These 15 Edgy Short Haircuts for Older Women That Exude Class and Sass!

by Gabby

When we reach a certain age, we want to exude class and if you manage to mix that with a little edge, you have the perfect combination. Now, for the older ladies out there, who are ready to show off their sass, we have prepared some of the edgiest hairstyles. They will definitely transform you for this season and give you want you are looking for. Are you ready to see some edgy short haircuts for older women? Let me show you!

Edgy Short Haircuts for Older Women That Exude Class and Sass

edgy short haircuts for older women trends 2023

Lately, there are a lot of new trends coming up for older ladies that are ready to experiment and look bold. These type of trends are related mostly to hairstyles! Why, you may ask? Because as we like to say here at Deavita “a haircut can change your entire appearance”. And do you think that only celebrities can have these cuts that we always dreamed of? Not in 2023! Get ready for a bold new look with these inspiring edgy short haircuts for older women!

Short Haircuts for Older Women with Thin Hair

short haircuts for women over 60 with glasses


Speaking of edgy hairstyles, take a look at that! This is a short wispy Pixie cut for older women that looks amazing on thin hair. The layers of the haircut will add dimension and will make the hair appear thicker. The bangs are ideal if you are wearing glasses, because they make your face look softer. A Pixie cut doesn’t have to be perfectly structured and that’s the beauty of it. If you want something edgy, we say go for this one!

Edgy Pixie Cuts for Round Faces

edgy pixie haircut for round faces older women

Do you want your round face shape to look more subtle and elegant over 50? You should opt for a Shaggy Pixie cut for gray hair that is not only super trendy right now, but is one of the best hairstyles for women with this face shape. It will highlight your facial features and will transform your look! How to make it look edgier? Add bangs, of course!

What Is The Best Hairstyle for a 70 Year Old Woman with Fine Hair?

The best hairstyle for a 70-year-old woman would be the Pixie cut or the Bob hairstyle, depending on the face shape. If you suffer from fine hair, then you should opt for something that requires minimal styling and also a cut that will make your hair appear thicker. This can be easily achieved with Pixie or Bob hairstyle that will rejuvenate you. There are many variations that you can choose from, depending on your face shape. These haircuts are top hits right now, because they certainly make you look classy and edgy.

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trendy gray haircuts for women over 70

Short Haircuts for Older Women with Curly Hair

what is the best short hairstyle for over 60 curly hair

Is it okay to wear your hair short if you have curly hair? Yes! There are many short haircuts for older women that go perfectly with curls and one of them is the short bob hairstyle or the Pixie cut. Don’t hesitate to adapt a new trendy curly Pixie haircut with side bangs for this Summer! This cut will give your curls a new life. Not only that, but I can promise you that you will look youthful and absolutely stunning!

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What Is an Edgy Haircut?

Let’s get back on track and talk about edge! What is an edgy hairstyle? Our hair experts explain that it should be something bold, with a lot of lines, or bright colors. An edgy haircut should be something that we can define as a fashion statement and it should always represent yourself.

short shaggy haircut for women over 60 with thick hair

Edgy Short Haircuts for Older Ladies to Try in 2023

edgy short haircuts for older ladies with glasses

Salt and Pepper Shaggy Pixie Haircut for Women over 50

best short haircuts for older women over 50

Edgy Short Haircut with Highlights for Older Women with Glasses

pixie hairstyle curly hair for women over 60 with glasses

Short Bob Haircut with Bangs for Women over 60 with Blonde Hair

short bob haircut for wavy hair older women over 60 with side swept bangs

Salt and Pepper Asymmetrical Pixie Cut for Women Over 50

salt and pepper short haircuts for older women over 60

Short Pixie Haircut for Women with White Hair

short pixie haircut for older women with white hair

Pixie Undercut Hairstyle for Women over 60

side bangs and undercut haircutrs for older women over 60

Short Haircuts for Women over 70 with Curly Hair and Glasses

short curly hair pixie for women over 60 with glasses

Edgy Short Haircuts for Older Women with Glasses

side swept bangs pixie haircut for thick hair older women over 70 with glasses

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