Anti-Aging: 8 Rejuvenating Hair Colors for Women Over 60 That Take 10 Years off the Face

by Kremy

Anti-ageing creams, serums and make-up products have become extremely popular in recent times! Everyone seems to be looking for a little miracle in a bottle to erase wrinkles, plump up their skin and give it a healthy glow. What if we told you that it is not necessary to spend a fortune to look younger after 60? Sometimes the magic is hidden in the little things, for example, rejuvenating hair colors for women over 60. Yes, simply changing your hair color can completely transform your look and take years off your face! So what are the best trendy hair colors 2023 for 60 year old women to try?

Warm Blond Is One of the Best Rejuvenating Hair Colors for Women Over 60 in 2023!

rejuvenating hair colors for women over 60 trends 2023 platinum blonde

Warm blonde is first in our list of rejuvenating hair colors for women over 60 and for good reason! This is a brilliant hair color that reflects light well and softens mature facial features! With its beige and orange undertones, warm blonde is perfect for those with already naturally gray or white hair. It allows regrown roots to blend well with the rest of the hair, making the maintenance of this trendy hair color 2023 extremely easy.

Platinum Blonde to Cover Gray or White Hair

rejuvenating hair colors for women over 60 platinum blonde younger face


Are your gray roots growing back too fast? In this case, dyeing your hair a beautiful platinum-blonde color is probably the best choice for you! This rejuvenating color is very close to the natural color of women after 60 and so your roots will never be so noticeable again! And since it’s a very light color, it won’t emphasize your wrinkles and will highlight the beautiful color of your skin!

Rose Gold Blonde for an Anti-Aging and Chic Effect

rejuvenating hair colors for women over 60 rose gold hides wrinkles

Rose gold color is everywhere right now! Clothing, jewelry, accessories and make-up! But rose gold blond is also a super-trendy color for 2023, and everyone loves it! Do you want to look younger and be fashionable at the same time! Do not hesitate to try this beautiful color! It has a guaranteed anti-aging and good-looking effect!

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Highlights to Rejuvenate the Face at 60 and Over

hair color trend 2023 highlights for older women to look younger

Looking for a hair color that rejuvenates the face? Try blonde highlights! Opt for a shade that blends seamlessly with the gray in your hair to make it a highlight! It’s an anti-aging hairstyle that’s also easy to maintain and won’t damage your hair. Combine with a trendy short cut like a pixie for 60-year-old women and you’ll look at least 10 years younger!

Burgundy Red Hair Color for Women Over 55

anti aging hairstyle short bob burgundy red hair color for women over 55

Burgundy red is a big hair trend for 2023 and it is also among the best rejuvenating hair colors for women over 60! By mixing brown and red shades, this vivid color promises to never go unnoticed! You will look good and feel rejuvenated and refreshed wearing such beautiful color in your hair!

Golden Brown to Look Great

hair color trends 2023 for women over 60 to look younger

Who doesn’t love golden chocolate shades that are rich and full of dimension? They can be worn at every age and for every texture and hairstyle! Golden brown is sure to give your mature skin a healthy glow after 60 by making it look fresher and plumper! Combine with a long bob and you’ll be on top of the hair trends for summer 2023!

Salt and Pepper to Embrace Gray Hair

gray salt and pepper hair what trendy colors make you look younger

At 60, it is already completely normal to have naturally gray or even white hair! But that doesn’t mean you should dye it blonde, brunette or red to look younger! What about embracing gray and showcasing it by combining it with darker highlights? This is what we call salt-and-pepper hair color, and it’s definitely a rejuvenating hair color for women over 60 to try without regret!

Ash Gray to Rejuvenate the Face

rejuvenating anti aging hair color trends 2023 gray hair

Here’s another of the most popular rejuvenating hair colors for women over 60: ash gray! It’s the perfect choice if most of your hair is already gray and you don’t want to go to the hairdresser for touch-ups every two weeks! And no: gray hair will not make you look older, quite the contrary! It’s a color that flatters the face and draws attention away from wrinkles and imperfections!



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