What Vegetables to Plant in June? Here’s a List of Vitamin-Packed Food + Planting Tips

by Kremy

Summer is here and with it the desire to garden! And since June is the month dedicated to gardening, it’s time to get busy in the vegetable garden and sow our beautiful vegetables. The downside? It is not always obvious which vegetables to plant in June due to the strong sunshine. However, there are plenty of vegetables to plant in your garden to enjoy vitamin-packed salads this summer. The only requirement? To know how to do it. After all, vegetable gardens require a lot of maintenance during the summer months. So, without further ado, here are our 10 planting ideas to get you started this June with some gardening tips + supporting videos!

what vegetables to plant in june july 2023

What Vegetables to Plant in June?

June is the perfect time to get active in the garden and sow our vegetables. But what are the vegetables to plant at this time of the year? What is the best vegetable to plant in June? When to plant tomatoes in June? For your summer salads or your fall baskets, think about sowing and planting the essential vegetables of the season. Tomatoes, eggplant, cabbage, lettuce, carrots, green beans, pumpkins, endives, beets… the list is quite long. Take care of your vegetables by watering them regularly, especially during hot weather. Take good care of your vegetable garden and it will thank you with a bountiful harvest. Here’s our vitamin-packed selection!

Video: What Vegetables to Plant or Sow in June?

Plant Carrots in June

what vegetables to plant in june how to plant carrots


Carrots are not only vitamin-rich and delicious, they’re also very good for your health. These vegetables are rich in vitamin B, which is known to promote hair growth, healthy skin, muscles and nerves. As for their leaves, they boost the digestive system and are a natural regulator of sugar levels. Carrot sowing is generally done between January and June. For a colorful, vitamin-packed garden, think about combining them with lettuces.

Can You Plant Tomatoes in June?

can we plant tomatoes in june how to sow cherry tomatoes in pot or soil

Indispensable for our summer mixed salads, tomatoes are easy to plant in June. The “Beef heart” variety is perfect for planting in early summer. The same applies to cherry tomatoes and heirloom tomatoes, which can be grown both in the vegetable garden and on the balcony or terrace. If you plan to grow them in a pot, choose a large, deep container. Plant aromatic herbs at their base, and you’re on your way to a vitamin-packed summer salad!

Plant Eggplants

what vegetables to plant in june

What is the best vegetable to plant in June? In our opinion, it is eggplant. Delicious as caviar or au gratin, it’s definitely easy to grow. This fruit-vegetable appreciates sunny locations and regular watering. And like tomatoes, it requires staking to develop properly.


what vegetables to plant in june 2023 cabbage

Kale, red cabbage, cauliflower and celery fall into the category of vegetables for direct sowing in June. Plant them in rich soil without adding horse manure. They go wonderfully with flowering plants for a beautiful garden all summer long. Do not hesitate to diversify your vegetable garden by planting cauliflowers, Brussels sprouts or cabbage.


how to sow and plant beetroot in the garden in june summer 2023

Gherkins, cucumbers and beet are also June vegetables. To plant beets successfully, first prepare the soil. To do this, enrich the soil with compost decomposed the previous fall. In June, scratch the soil and remove any stones. These can deform the roots of your vegetables. Sow them in shallow furrows, spacing them 30 cm/11 inches apart. Water regularly in hot weather. When properly cultivated, beets grow very quickly.


plant gourds in june july for a harvest in the fall 2023

There’s nothing like a few colorful gourds for your fall decorative baskets. You can sow them in a greenhouse nursery in May-April or directly in the ground in June. Plant them in a sunny spot. For colder climates, choose butternut squash. Plant them after the last frost to hasten a late autumn harvest. After picking, they can be stored for several months or dried for a breathtaking DIY fall table decoration.

Salads – Lettuce, Endive, Chicory

what salads to plant in june2023

Our lettuces love sunny locations and rich, moist soils. But which one to plant in June? Well, there are a thousand and one varieties that can find their place in your vegetable garden, but June lettuce is the one to plant right now. To make sure you don’t miss out, dig small furrows and fill them with humus-rich compost, then sow several seeds in them. Be careful not to sow them too deeply. Watch out for snails in the garden, the biggest enemies of young plants.


how to sow and plant beanhs in the garden in june july 2023

Beans are tropical vegetables. They need a sunny location and regular watering to thrive. June is the ideal time to sow them. Be careful though, beans do not appreciate chalky soil or soil enriched with manure. Plant them in healthy, fresh soil. To boost pod growth, you need to know how to water them. As for cultivation, you have two options: either grow them on a vine, or in a small, bushy form without staking. Which one you prefer depends on whether you want a more abundant harvest or longer-lasting production.

Plant Asparagus in June


Never planted asparagus in your garden before? June is the perfect time to give it a try. In fact, to plant asparagus successfully, it’s important to make sure that the plot you’ve chosen has never before been planted with this vegetable. Typically, it takes about 10 years to replant asparagus in the same spot. Watch our video tutorial for successful planting and cultivation! Note: asparagus can only be harvested in its third year!


vegetables to plant in june july how to groe broccoli

To enjoy vitamin-packed dishes in the fall, plant your broccoli now. Place them in the sun or in partial shade and water them regularly, especially during heat waves. These vegetables do not tolerate hot, dry weather.

What to Do in the Garden in June?

Apart from sowing and planting your fruits and vegetables, there are other tasks to do in the garden in June. Here are the main seasonal tasks:

  • Sprinkle your greens with horsetail or nettle manure to boost them.
  • Hoe the soil around your fruit and vegetables before you go on vacation to conserve moisture and optimize watering.
  • Regularly remove weeds and dead flowers from your flowering plants.
  • Cut your plants. The heat wave period will favor their recovery.
  • Remove weeds regularly.
  • Remove wilted flowers from your flowering plants. Keep those of vegetables and fruits.
  • Compost.
  • Follow the lunar calendar for June 2023 and garden with the moon, respecting the Fruit, Leaf and Root days. Your garden will thank you!


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