What hair colour to wear over 70? Here are the rejuvenating hair colours to adopt this winter 2023!

by Kristiyana

Turning 70 is an important milestone, both for you and your mane. The hair colour you choose for this new phase of your life says a lot about you and how you want to approach the years ahead. There is always the option of embracing grey, but this shade is not for every woman. Plus, you may not be ready to go full grey just yet and appreciate a bright, modern colour you’ve never tried before. Today, I’m zooming in on the winter 2023 colour trends for women in their 70s and beyond. Keep on reading to find out what hair colour to wear over 70!

What hair colour rejuvenates 70-year-old women?


Golden Ash Brown

Try an ash brown that has an iridescent golden hue. Perfect hair colour to wear over 70, this neutral but warm shade can add youth to the face.



Sandy brown

A light, sandy brown is perfect for older ladies. Flattering on almost any skin tone, this shade gives a natural, soft tone to the hair.


Sandy Blonde

Choose a sandy blonde for a colour that looks very natural. Sand blonde tones are suitable for blondes who want to add seasonal depth to their hair colour for the winter.


Champagne Blonde

Try a blonde with a champagne shade for lighter hair. A neutral colour, champagne is the perfect blonde for women in their 70s and can work with most skin tones.

What hair colour is trending in 2023 for women over 70?


Caramel Blonde

Upgrade your look this winter with a caramel blonde hair colour. If you have a neutral facial tone, this is the colour for you. Highlight the tone combination with a layered haircut.


Golden Beige Blonde

A golden-beige blonde has a vivid hue that works well with cool weather. The bright highlights show a dimension that compliments older women with pale or light skin tones.

What hair colour to choose for 75-year-olds?


Dusty brown and grey

70 is often the age when women decide if the transition to grey is for them. Letting their hair colour go completely is an option, but it regularly happens that women end up with a hard line that moves down the strands as they grow out. For a more transitional shade, try this light brown with autumnal grey undertones.


Orange hair

If you’ve never experimented with a bold colour in your life, your 75th birthday may be the perfect time! This vibrant orange hue is super fun, especially on a bob haircut, like this one.


Snow White

If you are lucky enough to have beautiful white hair, you should take advantage of it! The short cut is perfectly fine, but long white hair has a breathless, ethereal effect that’s worth trying.

At age 75 and over, hydration is key. Make sure you get frequent trims to mask and eliminate breakage due to brittleness. Use a deep conditioner in place of your regular conditioner when washing your mane, and you’ll get super-softening results.

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