15 Interior Design Tips For The Best First Impression

by Kremy

Interior design often reflects the personality of its inhabitants, so it’s no wonder that people err on the side of extreme caution and deliberation and are ready to invest substantial resources in making their dwelling or office visually appealing and ergonomic. Some have enough wherewithal to hire interior design experts to get unique solutions. Others, in turn, gravitate toward decorating their space individually. Whatever your option, below are 15 practical interior design tips that will cause a wow effect.

Go with wooden or wooden-like flooring

modern living room with wood floor

Wooden flooring has always been considered aristocratic, and that’s not for no reason. Low- and middle-class people couldn’t afford parquetry or wood flooring, but things have changed. Yes, it is still expensive, but getting wooden flooring is now much more affordable than before. Ebony, cherry, live oak, or maple are the best flooring.

Place attention-grabbing accessories in various places

15 Interior Design Tips


Guests will be impressed by accessories and similar items placed in different spots. They will take numerous snaps to post them later on social media. Luckily, they don’t need to edit, resize, and retouch every photo. Using this instagram post maker will save them lots of time and let them keep enjoying other design elements.

Make your space greenery-packed

 The green color is a definite trend in 2022, and we can assure you it will remain so in the coming years. We associate green with tranquility, and given the circumstances, like COVID-19 and inflation, staying calm is a milestone for many. You can spread green plants around your area or paint walls green.

Find an old console table

console table modern home furniture ideas

Getting a console table is your go-to if your goal is A) to remain minimalist and B) to impress people. Being simple, it blends into any space and is functionally excellent. You can use a console table for different purposes, and that’s the great thing about this item. Moreover, it’s compact and light, so you can move it to other spots now and then.

Devote yourself to finding genuinely unique furniture

There is no easier way to evoke wonderful feelings than finding one-of-a-kind furniture. When it comes to interior design tips, you should know that not only does a good piece of furniture complement the entire space, but it also makes it look more expensive. Finding beautiful furniture can be challenging and pricey. But it will bring about the desired effect.

Ensure your guests have a place to sit upon stepping in

Letting people feel valuable guests is the best way to affect them, especially when it’s done right after entering the area. Whether or not they need to slip off their shoes, putting a chair or a taboret is necessary to cause memorable emotions. Such components are multipurpose; visitors can sit on them or leave their bags (should they have them) there.

Opt for extraordinary colors

create an accent wall in bright color

What if we told you that generating unforgettable feelings isn’t necessarily costly? You can appeal to people’s sight sensory receptors by picking the right colors. Besides green, bright colors like orange and red can work wonders.

Endow your space with artwork

Artwork plays a massive role in people’s lives, but many wrongly think of it as something that appears in galleries and museums only. Little do many expect to stumble upon paintings or other elements. Hence one of our interior design tips: get some artwork and hang it/put it in the best-suited place.

Try to become environmentally-oriented

We are always concerned about the environment and its today’s struggles. Strangely, many people speak up about the environment and the need for its improvement (going green and stuff) while packing their dwellings with environmentally unfriendly items. Want to impress people and convey your friendliness to Mother Nature? Fill your place with organic things.

Shape your walls

Although lesser-known, curvy walls are slowly getting into the limelight. They help enlarge an area and make it more exciting from a design point of view. Numerous ways to shape the wall exist; they vary in materials and price.

Focus on lights

home lighting ideas

Good, high-quality lights are part and parcel of a well-thought interior design. A professional light (and here, we mean a properly installed light rather than its price) is complimentary–especially with remarkable furniture–and jazzes up the entire locale.

Bolster your windows with silk drapes and curtains

Incorporating curved walls with silk drapes and curtains will lead to incredible results. These elements will cause tactile nirvana, so nothing should hold you back if you can afford silk curtains and drapes.

Create DIY stuff

Every DIY item spruces up the space, even if it isn’t pertinent design-wise. We have a weakness for DIY stuff in any form and size. So it’s your excellent chance to charm people once they enter the space.

Go easy with kitchen design

Expert designers state that the kitchen mirrors the owner’s personality and philosophy, and that’s true. Your living room may lack creativity, but a gorgeous kitchen can tip the scales in favor of your entire design and leave the best first impression. But don’t go overboard; it’s best to make a kitchen restrained and modest.

Secure great reflection

interior design tips using mirrors

Mirrors are Jack of all trades because they make the place more amiable and egocentric in moderation. It’s essential to hang mirrors in the most common areas like the bathroom and entrance. Secure various sizes and shapes so that mirrors end up functional and inventive.

Ready to impress?

It’s for you to decide what interior design elements to choose for the best first impression, as many factors determine what can be appropriate and what not. Approach this matter seriously and keep the mentioned tips in mind.



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