Dark hardwood flooring in interior design – pros and cons

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Pros and cons of dark hardwood flooring

Dark hardwood flooring looks presentable, rich and very impressive. Every homeowner has his own taste so when choosing the color of the flooring you need to take into account not only the personal preferences but the style of the room as well.

modern living room design with dark wood floor and white area rug


There is an ongoing discussion which is better – light or dark floor. Sometimes you can see both types combined in the interior of one home in original ways. Due to the fact that the market offers a large assortment of options, you can easily find the ideal floor for your home and create your own unique cozy corner.

Pros and cons of dark hardwood flooring

how to choose the perfect shade of your wood flooring

The choice of flooring is very important for the integrity and perfection of the final result. In the interior, Typically, the main focus in the interior of a room are the walls and furniture, but the floor always remains the background framework that affects perception. The main criteria are not only color, but also the material.

When choosing dark hardwood flooring you have to consider all its advantages and disadvantages. Dark flooring is used in many luxurious buildings. It is often chosen for large rooms with high ceilings. It looks gorgeous in living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, home offices and you will see some great examples in the photo gallery below. Let’s have a quick look at the pros and cons of dark hardwood flooring.

Dark flooring can have different color saturation and texture. It makes a room look solid and expensive. For people who love sophistication and originality, this is an ideal option;

living room with white walls and dark hardwood floor

Cheaper wood species or materials can have an ideal and expensive appearance. Thanks to this, you can create the desired design and save your budget. Thanks to the huge selection, you can choose an imitation for any wood, which will save you money and create an interesting look in the room.

Dark flooring can be used for both classic and contemporary interiors. From baroque to high-tech, the floor will be a complement to the overall design concept and make furniture and walls stand out.

Dark floor can be used to zone the functional areas in open plan living space. There are many creative solutions which allow you to combine different floor types or floors in different shades.

kitchen flooring ideas dark wood pros and cons

Dark floors can be used for adjusting the proportions of the room. Designers often use this technique, expanding or narrowing the space to get the desired visual effect.

Dark floors are the ideal choice when you want to create a contrast, for example in black and white interiors

One of the major drawbacks of dark flooring is that it makes room appear darker. This can be corrected by adding light sources like sconces, floor and table lamps, a large chandelier, spot lighting, etc. In addition to that, to avoid a gloomy appearance of the room, ceiling, walls and at least 50% of the furniture should be in light colors.

Another disadvantage of dark floors is that their maintenance is way more requiring. Dust and dirt are much more visible on the dark surface.

Dark wood flooring – choosing the right color and shade

Dark hardwood flooring in interior design pros and cons

Homeowners need to understand that the character of the whole room will depend on the choice of the shade for the dark floor. Dark does not mean black. This category includes a huge number of shades like dark brown, dark gray, etc.

Black flooring is an elegant solution for lovers of minimalism. It needs more light shades so walls, curtains and furniture upholstery should be in white, beige, etc.

Dark hardwood flooring in home interior design living room decor ideas

Brown has a lot of interesting nuances. Depending on how the light falls on it, brown color will look differently. It is a great choice for almost any interior style from classic to minimalist. Chocolate brown is one of the most popular color choices because it looks expensive, radiates warmth and makes the room look cozy.

Dark gray shades give the room sophistication, an aristocratic and refined look. The color creates an atmosphere of comfort, coolness and relaxation. Doors in white and beige look chic in combination with gray floors.

Design tricks and techniques for interiors with dark wood flooring

dark wood floor in modern bedroom

You can take advantage of some simple design tricks and techniques which will help you create a balanced and harmonious interior. The dark floor should be complemented by other elements in the interior. Designers recommend using decor items that are not in contact with the floor. Generally, dark floors need a contrast. You need bright spots and the easiest way is to create an interior in beige colors.

Black and white is a traditional option. This combination is very strict, ideal for modern minimalist interiors. Many designers prefer to introduce several beige or sandy shades to make the atmosphere softer. Geometric patterns will make the interior more dynamic. Red and orange accents are also suitable but you need to use them with caution. Red may look pretentious, even aggressive, if you overdose it.

stylish home office design white cabinets fireplace and dark floor

Brown, milk, light gray shades of the walls, ceiling and textile, combined with a dark floor, create a cozy atmosphere. For example, a great option for the living room would be vases, large decorative accessories placed on open shelves or on the floor, furniture pieces fronts, decorative pillows, etc. You can use only two or three elements, just make sure that they have character and blend in the general idea for the interior design.

living room design with dark floor stone fireplace

In conclusion, we can say that dark wooden flooring is an excellent solution for decorating modern interiors. Provided that the furniture and textile elements are correctly selected you can create an exceptional, stylish, elegant and sophisticated interior design.



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open plan living space design with dark hardwood floor

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kitchen decorating ideas pros and cons of dark floors

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dark hardwood floors living room design ideas

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advantages and disadvantages of dark flooring in interior design


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