Crème brûlée hair color: What makes this hair color so popular and preferred?

by Anjelina

Crème brûlée is a favorite dessert of many people, but recently it has also been a preferred hair color. Inspired by the delicious dessert, hairdressers are pushing this trend in hair coloring, with more and more women all over the world choosing to trust them and try something new. The creamy hair color looks delicate and romantic, but also gives a youthful look and a sweet expression. In this article, we will explain you in detail what crème brûlée hair color is and how to take care of your hair after coloring. Read on to find out all of this, and we’re even sure you’ll book an appointment at the salon after the article is over!

What is the crème brûlée hair color?

young blond haired woman posing black background crème brûlée hair color

As we already mentioned, the hair color is inspired by the delicious dessert! It is a combination of warm brown tones (which are the predominant hair color) and the appearance of lighter shades in the hair. This beautiful mix is reminiscent of the tasty custard sprinkled with sugar that is then caramelized. The main characteristic of the color is its naturalness. The brown range is close to natural hair colors and will never go out of fashion. Crème brûlée hair color is set to become a favorite hair color trend for 2023 of many women, as apart from looking incomparably good, it has many advantages!

What are the advantages of crème brûlée hair coloring?

beautiful straight glossy keratin treated hair long length


The benefits of this hair coloring are really many. To begin with, it gives an ethereal and trendy look that will certainly catch everyone’s eyes. Moreover, it is a way to make your hair look healthy and younger, which we are sure is every lady’s number 1 priority. Best of all, the color distracts from the minor facial skin imperfections we all have. The warm, subtle shades will become something to be proud of. In that line of thought, this hair color suits everyone regardless of their age, face shape, skin color or hair texture. Green, brown, amber and bright blue eyes blend perfectly with the warm crème brûlée shades. That’s why more and more women are opting for this hair coloring technique.

How to achieve this trendy hair color?

crème brûlée hair color on long hair beautiful wavy long locks light shades

The easiest way to get crème brûlée hair color is if your hair is already brown. The only thing you’ll need to do is lighten some strands, so they take on lighter caramel tones. However, if you’re naturally blonde, you’ll need to add some darker brown shades to your hair to achieve the gorgeous mix of lighter and darker colors that are so trendy at the moment! In both cases, you’ll need to put your hair through some of the stress that dyeing creates. It really is inevitable, unfortunately! One thing you can do is to make sure your hairdresser uses products that protect the keratin matrix of the hair shaft. It’s also a good idea to get your hair cut, even if it’s just the ends, after all the treatments to create the ‘’sweet’’ hair color and ensure your hair looks healthy and good!

Home care for colored hair

new haircut needed how to care for your hair after coloring

We’ve got some tips on how to care for your hair after coloring, so it always looks gorgeous and doesn’t lose its natural shine and softness. The first and most important thing to keep in mind is that it’s not a good idea to wash your hair for the first two days after dyeing. This is because it is better to give the color pigment time to settle on the hair. This will keep the color for longer. The next thing is that during the first two weeks after dyeing, your hair should be actively recovering. If there is a way, avoid any heat styling appliances or if that is not possible, then make sure you use good products with thermal protection. Straightening, curling and strong fixatives dry out your hair and hinder recovery. Also, always use a shampoo, conditioner and mask for colored hair.

What are the best haircuts for this hair color?

woman at the hairdresser salon new haircut trendy hair color highlights

As a beautiful hair color that resembles natural ones, the crème brûlée suits haircuts that are also simple, yet feminine and elegant. For example, classic hairstyles such as the bob or other layered ones for short, medium and long hair are extremely suitable. But if you’ve decided to try another, more unconventional hairstyle, don’t hesitate to do so! Asymmetrical haircuts as well as the ones that feature bangs are also not something you should necessarily give up if they are close to your style and preferences! In fact, warm brown shades paired with light strands will look stunning and complement any look, simply because they are so versatile. To prove this to you, we have prepared an inspiring gallery!

Crème brûlée hair color – Photo Gallery!

long smooth flying blonde hair grey studio hair blowing air

Gorgeous long wavy crème brûlée hair

Crème brûlée hair color long brown wavy hair light strands

Cute A-line bob hairstyle 

a-line bob ombre hairstyle trends 2023 layered haircut medium length

Caramel balayage – trendy hair coloring technique

caramel balayage hair color long wavy brown hair trendy look 2023

Feminine hairstyle with a scrunchie

trendy hairstyle beautiful locks different shades yellow scrunchie

Curly long crème brûlée hair 

curly long dark brown hair with highlights at the bottom trendy look 2023

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