Funny COVID shopping outfits: How people used to protect themselves?

by Gabby

The period from 2019 to 2022 will be memorable for all of us. It was certainly one of the most difficult periods of the 2000s for us to experience. The pandemic hit everyone, if not healthwise, then definitely mentally or financially. We saw, read and learned a lot. Whether you’ve read about cures, or how to protect yourself, or that the end of the world is coming, can undoubtedly play tricks on your mind. I’m not here to diminish the experience, but rather to use the thing that can make it a little easier to overcome it, which is laughter. Let’s check out some funny COVID shopping outfits!

Funny COVID shopping outfits: Let’s have a laugh together!

funny covid shopping outfits memes laugh together what to wear to protect yourself

It wasn’t just the toilet paper that was a real hype during the pandemic, it was the outfits worn to protect people. Fear certainly makes you be creative, no doubt about that. People seemed to be on a contest who would show up with a more absurd anti COVID costume. There were absolutely going to be a few winners, since even I can’t decide which one is the funniest. Going out to the groceries, people had stocked up on disinfectants, antibacterial wipes, masks, and as you will see today some even had very extreme ideas like wearing a paper bag on your head. Let’s check out some of my persona favorite funny COVID shopping outfits!

Knights to the rescue!

knights protections first safety grocery shopping covid 19


How to protect yourself when the mask from the pharmacy is not enough? Well, yes, of course, wear knight’s armor. You just might have to rescue one of the dragons in the grocery store, for which you’ll need those metallic robes. Definitely the metal will stop the bacteria, and you won’t need any other measures to fight COVID. Let’s put the joke aside, you have to be really brave to wear something like this while shopping. I respect bravery and brave choices!

Protecting yourself from COVID is like fighting for the Empire!

stormtrooper mask star wars covid 19 protective wear funny memes lets laugh together

Are you a Star Wars fan? Then you’ll certainly come in handy with this protective mask. Going grocery shopping, if you don’t have a car you’ll probably have to take public transportation. And that has its risks for sure, let me tell you. If you want that extra protection, put the helmet on a stopgap and get ready for battle. It’s undoubtedly inspired respect from the folks at Interstellar Toilet Paper Wars. Put the helmet on and may the force be with you!

Man’s underwear

mans underwear to protect your from covid funny memes laugh with us

Yes, yes, your eyes don’t lie and this is what you see! Men’s underwear apparently has many purposes. Forgetting your mask has happened to a lot of us, and it has given us the chance to be very inventive. There’s no way forgetting our masks is going to stop us from getting into the store or the mall. Personally I’ve seen so many examples like a baby diaper, a pouch, even some not so extreme like tying a scarf around your nose and mouth. The men’s boxers, however, are the funniest thing so far.

Scuba-diving in the grocery store

scubadiving in the grocery store very fuuny covid outfit for shopping outside

Do you descend into the deep when you bargain in your local store? You’ll definitely need a scuba suit to keep you through the pandemic. Here it’s essential not to miss the oxygen tube to provide you with fresh air. I don’t know if an apple a day will keep the doctor away, but laughter is definitely the best medicine against any disease. Let’s build up a common immunity by laughing together at these absurdities. Or hasn’t that been the solution to the gap all along and one of these people is a total genius? Many of us managed to show how our imagination could work for the better and even brought so many memories from our childhood, when dressing in a costume was an everyday thing. Show these pictures to a friend and have a laugh together!

Funny COVID shopping outfits: Galaxy edition

funny covid 19 outfits to wear to the grocery store memes galaxy edition laugh out load

This pandemic certainly made us want to move somewhere in space and escape the earth for a while, metaphorically speaking. But some people took it quite literally, I mean look at those costumes! I understand the jumpsuit and gloves, but where’s the mask? That’s what they apparently forgot to put on in the rush for the toilet paper and in-store promotions. If we’re still expecting Armageddon, we should be well-prepared! I will end by saying that we can undoubtedly laugh at all these absurdities, because in some situations there is simply nothing we can do. There are situations that really make us very creative, and it shows in the pictures. There were people using women’s bandages, CDs, medieval armor, plastic wrap, duct tape, their Halloween costumes and whatnot.

Other funny COVID shopping outfits

funny grocery shopping anti covid-19 outfits people that wore different types of costumes

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ideas for funny covid masks how to go to the grocery store during a pandemic memes

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funny covid mask that will make everyone laugh jokes and memes

Funny costume idea to go grocery shopping during a pandemic 

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