How to maintain your hair healthy – simple hair care tips for every day

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How to maintain your hair healthy and strong

Dry, brittle, flat, greasy hair with splitting tips… well, we all have had bad hair days! How to maintain your hair healthy? How to take care of your hair at home? Do you need special hair care products? We shall give you the answers to these questions and you will find the best hair care tips. It can be very challenging to maintain the perfect look of hair and skin in summer and winter. Sun, wind, heat, cold and dry air affect our hair, even hair ties and the towel for dry rubbing can damage it. This can be prevented and we need to know the right tips and products to take care of and cherish our beloved mane from the hair roots to the tips.

Simple hair care tips – choose a healthy lifestyle

healthy lifestyle physical activity and balanced diet simple hair care tips


There is no doubt that healthy lifestyle is the first step for strong and healthy hair. Of course, we are different individuals and here are some maintenance tips for the main hair types:

Oily hair – The main reason for this is excessive sebum production on the scalp. To restore the healthy look and condition, you need to regulate the production of sebum. The solution is easy – carefully massage a special cleansing lotion into the scalp.

Dry hair is usually a result of low sebum production. Typically, there are noticeable hair flakes and the hair becomes dry and dull. This is a sign that your hair needs a lot of moisture! Use moisturizing and nourishing masks. Make sure you comb your hair often with a soft brush.

Stress affects hair health

Matte and dull hair without shine should be treated with nourishing masks. It is advisable that you use a conditioner which will give your hair new shine and intense luminosity. The easiest thing you can do is add a little lemon juice or a tablespoon of white wine vinegar to the rinse water to enhance the shine effect.

Stimulate your scalp regularly with massages. This boosts blood circulation and boosts the sebaceous glands, which are important for healthy hair growth.

simple hair care tips A balanced diet is beneficial to the hair

Some easy hair care tips and lifestyle changes will also help you restore the beautiful look of your hair.

Avoid stress! Stress is one of the main factors that contribute to the increased sebum production. As a result, you may suffer more and more dandruff and hair loss.

Physical activity helps the organism

A balanced diet strengthens the hair. Proteins, zinc, iron and B vitamins provide vital vitamins for strong and full hair.

Sport helps immensely. Physical activity helps the organism to excrete the toxins via perspiration or via sebum. Remember that you should wash your hair after sport to remove all residue.

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10 simple and easy hair care tips for every day

easy hair care tips for every day

We all want a strong, shiny and good looking hair so we have to pay attention to the daily maintenance. Here are some practical, effective and easy hair care tips:

Use the right shampoo simple hair care tips

Use the right shampoo. The market offers a huge variety of shampoo products and when choosing, you have to carefully read the ingredients. Make sure that your shampoo does not contain synthetic chemicals and silicone. If silicone is not properly washed out, it is deposited on the scalp and forms a film that seals the hair. This silicone deposit is one of the reasons why your hair feels heavy, dry, brittle and fragile. Look for hair care products that contain only natural ingredients. The product range is huge. Use a product that best suits your hair type. The market offers products for dry, greasy or colored hair, for curly, smooth, etc. Make sure that the pH value of the shampoo is suitable for the scalp and that the formula moisturizes and softens the capillary structure at the same time. There are special products for long hair which is also more susceptible to split ends.

simple hair care tips apply shampoo properly

Apply shampoo properly. As strange as it may sound, this is one of the most common mistakes that people make. You need to wet your hair, put a little shampoo in your open hand and spread it in your hair. Massage into hair and scalp, let it react for a few minutes and then rinse thoroughly. Finally, apply a small amount of conditioner to wet hair to restore the natural protective film.

simple and effective hair care tips comb hair before washing

Comb hair before washing. This is important, so do not neglect it. Combing allows you to remove residues from styling products and in addition, allows easy combing after washing. Do not comb your hair when wet! You have to realize that when hair is wet it is much weaker and less resistant and breaks and splits easily. It is best if you try combing individual strands with your fingers carefully.

Avoid washing your hair with very hot water

Do not wash your hair with very hot water. The higher the water temperature, the drier your scalp and the brittle your hair. Wash your hair only every two to three days. Excessive hair washing can lead to increased production of sebum on the scalp and thus to greasy hair

Hot air can damage your hair

Dry your hair properly. Hot air can damage your hair. Having your hair air-dried is clearly the healthiest alternative. If you want to have it dry faster, then you can use a hairdryer. If you use a hair dryer, then gently wrap the hair in a towel to pre-dry it well. Make sure that you do not use a hot air stream. The air must as hot as you can handle it on the wrist.

press hair with towel to absorb water

Do not rub your hair dry. Rubbing can destroy the fragile cuticle layer which will make your hair dull. Press your hair with the towel to absorb water or wrap it in a towel and gently press.

Apply a moisturizing mask once a week

Moisturize your hair. Nice and healthy hair needs a lot of moisture. Apply a moisturizing mask once a week.

Use heat protection products when styling your hair

Heat protection is important. When styling your hair you may use a hair curler or straightening iron. As we already said, heat is very bad for your hair so you should use spray your hair with a heat protection spray to prevent split ends and dryness.

A loose braid will prevent knots during sleep

Tie long hair loosely at night. A loose braid will prevent knots during sleep.

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