Valentines nail designs: 20+ ideas on how to do your nails for the most romantic day!

by Gabby

With just over 3 weeks to go until Valentine’s Day, my question to you is are you ready to celebrate the most romantic holiday this year? I’m sure you have already prepared the surprises for your other half. If you’re as excited as I am, you’ll probably try to match your nails with the holiday too. How can you be in the “love” mood this Valentine’s Day? Get your nails done with the most fabulous Valentines nail designs to delight you and your partner. Let’s see which are the most suitable trends in 2023!

Valentine’s nail designs: What are the trendiest ideas in 2023?

valentines day nails ideas design art heart shimmer glitter ballerina shape 2023

You still have no idea how to do your nails on Valentine’s Day? Don’t worry, you still have time to pick the perfect manicure that will put you in the mood to celebrate this year. In the spirit of the holiday, I have gathered some of the trendiest nail designs that will help you find what suits your nail shape. Let’s check them out!

Black Valentines nails

black valentine nail designs 2023 heart interesting nail art cute


We have already established that the black nails are very trendy in 2023 and this is all the more true when it is refined with a few sensual and energizing red touches. The nail art on the picture successfully combines these two distinguished tones and allude to love and passion without directly stating them. It is the ideal choice throughout February and not only for the 14th! If you want your nails to match many of your outfits in February, I suggest you pick something like that. The pinky nude and black are the perfect mixture.

black valentines day nail desgins french manicure 2023

The black French manicure is another suggestion that will be a huge hit in 2023. How to customize it for February 14th? Of course, you will need a heart design that will make your nails look just perfect for Valentine’s Day!

Easy Valentines nail designs 2023

hot red and pink combination nail art how to do my nails on valentines day

When we think of special Valentine’s Day manicures, we immediately think of red and pink. These two colors are inevitably associated with love, tenderness, affection and sexual attraction, which means that we could not skip them in thematic nail decoration either. If you don’t have the time to go to the nail salon, you can achieve some great results at home. With these easy Valentines nail design all you need to do is draw little tiny hearts. There are many tutorials on the internet that can help you make them.

Nail designs for short nails

valentines day nails short 2023 pink color with a black heart


Speaking of easy nail designs, if you have short nails you can easily opt for something simple, but in the mood of Valentine’s Day. The essential linked to the celebration of couples in love is the heart and especially the red or pink one. Whether it will be completely stylized, pierced by Cupid’s arrow or otherwise adorned, it is the symbol of ultimate love and considering it is relatively easy to draw even by an absolute novice, its presence on the nails is not at all surprising. Check out some other short nails ideas that can inspire you in 2023.

Neon nails

hot pink and purple nail desings with heart neon

If you are not an eccentric woman who likes to play with colors and with the shape of your nails, bet on a classic design, in particular matte neon pink with some heart art. In this case, opt for an elegant decoration in pastel colors. Like this, you will pull off a cute look that goes perfectly with the fashion trends of 2023.

Nude nails

nude nails with white hearts and gold nail design valentines day

If you are one of the most romantic girls, here is a great idea for your Valentine’s Day nail art! First of all, on the nail polish side, prefer to play on sobriety with pastel colors. Soft and pretty, the nude shades are perfect for a romantic candlelit dinner. As for the decoration, you can make tiny white hearts that are shaped with chrome gold. As you already know, chrome nails are still a hit in 2023. Do not limit yourself to the standard manicure and add a personal thematic touch to it that will make its small effect. These hearts will look like you have a 3D manicure.

Other Valentines nail designs

matte valentines day nail design art gold shades of pink

Black hearts nail design 

black valentines day nail designs art elegant romantic cute

French manicure with red hearts 

valentines day french manicure with red hearts

Nude nails with black hearts 

nude nails with black hearts valentines day nail art

Fiery red Valentine’s Day nail art 

nude and red valentines day nail art how to do my nails this year

Valentine’s Day nails ideas

how to do my nails on valentines day ideas art nail salon shimmer gray and off white heart designs

Easy Valentine nail design

valentines nail desgins pink and red color heart

Cute Valentines nail designs 

very cutre valentines day pink nails ideas 2023

Purple Valentines nails 

pink and purple nails 2023 rhinestone heart valentines day

Red nails for Valentine’s Day ideas

red nails for valentines day ideas nail art designs

Valentines nails 2023 

valentines day nails 2023 red hearts nail art very chic and cute

Polka dots nails 

hot pink polka dot nails heart shape design art ideas

French manicure with hearts 

almond nails 2023 nude and red hot pink heart valentines day

Blue and white nails 

blue and white nails 2023 valentines day heart art

Chrome nails for Valentine’s Day

chrome nails 2023 ideas golden hearts valentines day


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