Wine cellar design and ideas for proper storage of bottles

Written by Kremena Ruseva

Wine cellar design and ideas represent a popular trend of having a special place in the home which becomes a decoration, a unique highlight of the house and its most representative part, where guests are received and good drinks are tasted. Wine is an exquisite drink and it must mature and age. This unique drink only gets better with age. If you are a connoisseur or have a collection, then of course you will have a storage room. A wine cellar is a unique room with an original design and even a small cellar can provide the pleasure of storing this amazing drink.

glass of red wine on barrel home cellar design

Wine needs special storage conditions. As a very delicate product it requires a very careful attitude. True connoisseurs easily determine whether wine was stored properly before serving and immediately notice a change in its original qualities. What do you need to know about wine storage when planning a cellar in your home? It is essential to take into account four important conditions:

  • Constant temperature – 10-15°C is one of the major requirements. That is why the best place for storing wines is a basement oriented to the north or east. In addition, it is important to keep the doors and windows closed, and if necessary, add thermal insulation;

wine storage ideas cellar designs

  • Absence of vibrations. Experts advise to avoid the proximity to the garage and the laundry room, sauna and boiler room.
  • Humidity level of 60-80%. If the natural environment cannot provide that, which seldom happens when we talk about home wine cellar designs, then you need a special climatic installation to monitor and control temperature and humidity;
  • Relative darkness in the room. Any artificial lighting should be directed upward, away from the bottles.

Where to place your wine cellar?

home wine cellar design ideas proper storage

Homeowners who want a wine cellar need to look at the existing premises suitable for the project. There are many wine cellar design ideas which can be used for inspiration and, of course, the appearance will depend on the tastes, intentions and financial capabilities of the owners. We traditionally associate wine storage with a dark basement, away from daylight and sudden changes in temperature. However, modern technologies of cooling, temperature control, humidity maintenance, lighting systems allow keeping wine bottles in glazed display cases in residential premises. The impression of being in a wine cellar can be created in any free room in the house. If you have a niche, closet or pantry, you can create a “wine zone” connected to the kitchen, dining or living room.

Finishing materials and furniture

Wine cellar design and ideas for proper storage of bottles

When you look at wine cellar design and ideas and photos you will notice that many have two different functional areas – for storage and for tasting. Most often, the wine storage area is located along the walls and the tasting area is in the center or in a corner of the room.

When you determine the place for your wine cellar, the walls, floor and ceiling have to be properly finished. The most suitable finishing materials are stone, brick, glass (transparent or tinted), ceramics, stainless steel, wrought iron and natural wood. Wall masonry, aged floor tiles, hardwood ceilings create an atmosphere of ancient oriental luxury.

How to choose the furniture for the storage and tasting areas of your wine cellar? High quality wood that resists mildew and absorbs moisture is a classic choice for furnishing a home wine cellar. Along the walls you need racks and shelves that allow you to store bottles in a horizontal and slightly tilted position so that the cork is damp, does not dry out and does not crumble to the bottom. This type of wine storage furniture also provides easy access to every bottle. It is important that the depth of the shelves and racks should be sufficient to fit the entire bottle, from the bottom to the cork. Racks and shelves for wine storage make it possible not only to place bottles horizontally for long term storage, but to organize the various wines on certain criteria – type, manufacturer, year of manufacture, etc. All wooden parts in contact with bottles should not be painted or varnished to avoid the penetration of odors into the wine.

modern wine cellar with bar and glass walls

The market also offers a large assortment of special metal holders that are mounted vertically on the wall and, by clamping the neck of the bottle, allow it to be positioned properly. They are usually made of stainless steel which is a durable and decorative material and are suitable for compact cellars decorated in modern or minimalist style. A similar function is performed by structures made of wooden panels with round slots in which wine bottles are placed horizontally.

Usually, the tasting area provides a look at the entire or larger part of the wine collection. As far as furniture is concerned, there are no strict rules and the choice depends on the overall design concept for the interior of the home wine cellar and the taste of the homeowners. From traditional table with round, square or rectangular shape to simple wine barrels, high bar stools, wooden chairs, upholstered armchairs – the choice is unlimited.

How to decorate your home wine cellar?

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The interior decoration of a wine cellar can be different depending on the chosen style. The main goal is to create a harmonious atmosphere and a look that blends with the design of the home. Do not forget that the wine bottles beautifully distributed on shelves and racks, decorate the room. Glasses suspended on a frame or standing on side shelves are also a part of the decorative accessories. In addition, you can find other ornaments related to the wine theme. Barrels with corks, tables and benches in retro style will perfectly complement the design of the cellar. Drawers for napkins, coasters, wicker baskets and other accessories that will help you set the table in the best way to treat your friends will also complement the interior. The walls can be accented with murals, mosaics, statues, etc. Lighting is another important element in the overall design and helps creating a certain atmosphere in the wine cellar, highlighting certain furnishings, emphasizing the texture of the finish, etc. Ceiling, wall, floor or LED lighting of racks and shelves, candles and lanterns add to the overall atmosphere and wine tasting experience.


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