How to create a Hygge style interior – enjoy the Danish way to live happily

by Kremy

How to create a Hygge style interior? What is the philosophy of the hygge living and why is it getting so popular? We shall answer all the questions that you may have, especially, if you have never heard of hygge before.

create a Hygge style interior and enjoy the Danish way to live happily

So, what is hygge? Over the past few years its popularity has been breaking records. Hygge is one of those Danish words that cannot be translated into any other language. In simple terms, however, it is the art of creating a friendly and warm atmosphere around us. Hygge is the joy of the present moment, the delight in charming nuances. It could be your favorite frothy cocoa, time with your partner enjoying a glass of wine, relaxation in a hammock with a good book, a warm blanket, a favorite cup of hot tea, dining with family and friends.

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Expanding the meaning and speaking more about the concept, Hygge describes the range of emotions and feelings that a person experiences from meeting loved ones, good company or from touching a soft sweater. It is believed that the Christmas holidays are the apotheosis of Hygge, when the whole family is at home, you want to hide under a blanket, and the mood is peaceful. The concept is used not only to describe good mood and pleasure. It also refers to interior design.

How to create a Hygge style interior – understanding the concept and philosophy

What is Hygge style interior design ideas

How to create a Hygge style interior? Following the main principles of hygge philosophy, the home should be a safe haven, an oasis of peace, a place of relaxation and meeting with loved ones. Hygge interior design means creating a cozy, comfortable and relaxing place that you want to return to. The great thing is that hygge style does not set strict standards. A home in Danish style will make you feel good. This is an intimate space, a place of rest and relaxation. Nothing complicated. One can decorate the home with furniture pieces, objects of art, items and accessories that mean something special for its inhabitants and make them happy.

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Although hygge is a way of life, it doesn’t mean that you can’t do something to make your own home nice and cozy. There is no need to spend a lot of money to bring that hygge feeling home. You can create a happy, positive atmosphere easily and we shall give you some guidelines to follow.

Hygge style interior ideas – choose the proper color scheme

Hygge interior design ideas to create a cozy inviting home

Colors and shades are important in any design style. If you want to create a Hygge style interior then choose calming pastels and muted and earthy colors like beige, grays and browns. They add to the pleasant and soothing atmosphere. Of course, subtle color accents are also acceptable. The idea is that your home is decorated as per your taste and not following fashion trends or popular patterns. The interior should be an oasis of peace, tranquility and simplicity. Hygge atmosphere is based on a dose of eclecticism and individualism, so the colors can be chosen according to your preferences. Experts advise to avoid flashy shades or sharp contrasts, as well as anything that is distractive.

Materials and finishes

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Hygge interiors are based on natural materials. Wooden floors, doors, solid wood furnishings, rattan or wicker chairs and accessories are just a few of the suggestions that will help you create a welcoming atmosphere. Of course, you should choose materials and textures that match your personal preferences and that are most pleasing to you both aesthetically and to the touch.

Add texture to your hygge decor

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People rarely think of texture but it is important when you want to add diversity to the interior design and especially important in hygge decors. Texture adds visual interest to the living space and helps you create the desired atmosphere of warmth, peace and coziness. You can combine wood and wool, fluffy cushions, etc.


Cosy living room hygge style interiors ideas

Light plays a very important role – it sets the mood, provides comfort and warms the interior. Nothing emphasizes the use of materials in an interior more than appropriate lighting. The principle is simple – you need to get rid of aggressive, intense lighting and choose a softer, more delicate one. A cozy Danish-style home is filled with warm soft light. Use a chandelier, floor lamps, sconces, table lamps, string lights or lanterns also work great. Do not forget the fireplace – everything matters for hygge. Scented candles are essential for the pleasant atmosphere so use a lot of candles.

Hygge style interior decoration ideas – textile and accessories

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When you want to create a hygge style interior, you need to pay attention to textiles, decorative items and accessories. Cushions and soft blankets are one of the characteristic features of hygge interiors. They can be on the floor, they can decorate the bedroom or the sofa in the living room. Choose fluffy cushions and blankets or comforters that are very pleasant to the touch. Art always brings character to a space so invest in artwork. Alternatively, display family photos in frames.

How to enjoy a Danish lifestyle in a hygge home?

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Understanding that the whole concept of hygge is about sharing and enjoying time with your loved ones in the relaxing atmosphere of your home is the first step to a happy Danish lifestyle. You cannot buy hygge, there are no rules for happiness. It is really is about enjoying life’s simplest pleasures in the company of friends and family so here are a few simple tips:

  • Keep it pure and simple
  • Create a warm and inviting space
  • Reuse and recycle
  • Surround yourself with friends and family
  • Light more candles
  • Create a little cozy nook
  • Display treasured memories
  • Enjoy the simple pleasures
  • Don’t stress.


how to hygge create comfortable cozy interior in your home

hygge style decor ideas dining room decor

Hygge style interior and decoration ideas

hygge style interior ideas cozy living room design


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