Stylish and functional entryway interior – design tricks and techniques

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How to create a stylish and functional entryway interior design? The appearance of the hallway plays an important role in the interior of any home as it sets the overall decor concept. The entrance area creates the first impression about the interior of the home as a whole, as well as fort its owner. That is why the design of the entryway must be in harmony with the rest of the rooms.

The fact is that many people overlook the decoration of the entrance hall as they consider it a transition zone. Whether large, small, with or without a staircase, the entryway deserves special attention in terms of layout and decoration. It is quite possible to create an original design that will set the general tone for the whole house. If you look at the photo gallery below, you will see how differently this small, but very useful and necessary area can be decorated. The pictures show a variety of design projects, among which you can easily find a suitable one.

elegant hallway designs wood and natural stone

What are the main criteria for the design of hallways? You need to ask yourselves what is your favorite decor style and how can you combine practicality, functionality and appearance on the available space, which is quite often limited and poorly lit. Of course, when choosing the decor concept, the main criteria will be your personal preferences and room configuration – size, height, architectural features, etc. For example, a minimalist interior is perfect for a small hallway with complex shape. The design of a narrow and long hallway requires attention to detail. We have to make the room functional, select proper furniture, but not clutter up the corridor and visually expand the hallway. It is best if you make a drawing or use an online room planner, which will help you decide what, where and how will be placed, what design elements can be uses and other little things like accessories.

The importance of architectural elements and color scheme for the entryway design

What are the main criteria for the design of hallways


The entryway should look neat and tidy. This is the place that welcomes us when we come home and the last we see before leaving for work. This is where we put on shoes, coats, where we drop off our keys, grocery bags or mail. No one likes a messy or cluttered entryway. This corner of the house must be as welcoming as it is functional and equipped with furniture adapted to its size and configuration. The overall entryway interior depends on criteria such as color palette, furniture, architectural elements, flooring and carpets, lighting, accessories and decor. Let’s take a closer look at each criterion.

How to choose the color scheme for your entryway interior?

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Why proper color scheme for your entryway interior is important? It is not a secret that light colors visually expand the space. Therefore, for small hallways, a light color palette is the best solution. Usually, the palette includes white or beige shades which are soft and pleasant to the eye. If you choose a monochrome decor, you need to pay special attention to textures and their combination, as well as to the choice of shades to avoid a flat and sterile appearance. Shades can be selected within the same color, or you can choose neighboring ones with a different undertone – cold or warm. Keeping a proper proportion of colors is the key to any successful design. Make sure that your main tone takes about 70% of the space, choose a brighter color scheme (about 20%) and the remaining 10% are for accents that complement the decor. You can make the walls visually taller by using wallpaper with vertical stripes. If the stripes are in dark in color the general background should be light. You can decorate a spacious hallway in several contrasting shades.

Wall decorating ideas

striped wallpaper large mirror house foyer design ideas

Walls are the largest surface in the hallway. Having in mind that this is an area with heavy traffic, you should pay attention to resistant and easy-maintenance materials.

Wallpaper is one of the most common materials for wall decoration in almost any room. The variety of colors and patterns is endless. The markets offers a variety of different wallpaper – paper, vinyl, flock, bamboo, fibreglass, textile, grasscloth, etc. It is best if you select a washable version. Non-woven and vinyl wallpaper can be cleaned with detergents. However, if you have pets, the claw marks will be clearly visible. The most successful option for the hallway will be fiberglass-based wallpaper. They are highly durable and easy to clean.

Decorative plaster is another wall finish option. Like wallpaper, there are several types: mineral, textured and Venetian. They differ primarily in the composition of the paste and decorative effects. Plaster is durable, environmentally friendly and creates a seamless coating. However, it has a higher price tag and you need to hire professionals for application.

Panels made of solid wood are an eye catching element in the interior. Wood finishing is an environmentally friendly material with a unique pattern and texture. However, it is not resistant to humidity and temperature changes. In addition, it can be easily scratched or damaged by pets’ claws.

Cork is a popular material for entryway wall decor. This material is durable and provides great sound insulation, which is very important in apartment buildings.

For smooth walls, moldings and false panels are a great choice. They will add geometry to the design and accentuate the architectural style.

Floor covering options

stunning entryway designs modern home ideas


When it comes to choosing proper flooring for the entryway, you need to pay attention to materials that are characterized by wear resistance and durability. In addition, they should be easy to maintain and keep clean. The most common flooring options for hallways are solid wood, laminate and various types of tiles. If you have selected solid wood, you may use area rugs which will add color accents to the design and protect the wood from scratches. Tile flooring is durable and perfectly tolerates wet cleaning. When choosing a tile, you should pay attention not only to its material and color, but also to its shape. For a small room, it is better to choose small square pieces. A spacious hall will look better with large tiles on the floor. Stacking rectangular elements diagonally will help improve the geometry of a narrow corridor.

Functional entryway interior ideas – invest in storage furniture

modern home interior ideas corridor furniture lighting tips

Functional entryway interior ideas are based not only on beautiful appearance but also on comfort and functionality so you need to pay special attention to furniture. What do you need to have? A spacious wardrobe, a shoe rack, a seat, hooks for wet things and a large full-length mirror are some of the pieces on the list that we all need for everyday use. However, the reality is that often it is not possible to fit all these furniture pieces into the interior, especially in apartments. In such cases, space saving and multi-functional furniture pieces are the best choice. They not only perform several functions but help using the space as efficiently as possible. Furniture with sliding doors is a good option. A bench with shoe rack will provide both seating and storage. Built-in furniture, shelves, hangers – think how you can optimize the available space.

One thing that should not be missing in the hallway is a mirror. A full length mirror allows you to have a good look at yourself before leaving the house. It can decorate a wall, be installed in the front door, or represent the front of a cabinet. Therefore, there is a place for a mirror even in the smallest room.

Entryway lighting

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Entrance halls are often poorly lit, as they are located in small or narrow spaces. Very often, such areas do not have windows and this means there is no natural light. However, having good lighting in this part of the house is of great importance. Wall, floor and ceiling lighting fixtures will help increase the amount of light in the hallway. Chandeliers, spot lights, LED strips, wall sconces – there are many options to choose from. Do not forget that mirrors and reflective surfaces add light as well.

Accessories and decor – add personality to your interior

furniture for entryways interior design ideas

Accessories and decorative items should not be overlooked in the entrance hall design either. The most suitable decorative elements for the hallway are paintings and other art objects. Paintings emphasize the refined taste of the owners and help create an atmosphere of comfort and luxury. You can also use personal photos or posters as wall decoration. Don’t forget furniture handles and hooks. They can be great accessories. Pay attention to the small details that will add coziness and warmth and make your home unique.



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