How to choose the perfect modern sofa for your home interior?

by Kremy

grey leather sofa solid walnut wood structure modern furniture design

Without any doubt, the sofa is an important element in the interior design of any home and modern stylish office, so the choice of this piece of furniture must be well thought. What is important to take into account when shopping or browsing the internet for ideas? How to choose from the numerous models on the market? We shall give you some useful guidelines which will be of help in the search for the perfect modern sofa.

How to choose the perfect modern sofa and blend it in the interior design harmoniously

elegant curved corner sofa for small living room


Ever year manufacturers and famous brands come up with new ideas in accordance with the latest fashion trends and often break established stereotypes. Exceptional sofa designs are focused on modern lifestyle and the surrounding space. Creating a cozy home, where you can forget about the stress, hustle and bustle of modern metropolis and relax in comfort is not easy. Choosing the perfect modern sofa is a process. You must take into account the overall size and interior style of the room. You need to carefully consider the size of the sofa itself and make sure that it will not make your living room look cluttered. In addition, the color and pattern of the upholstery must be in harmony with the overall color palette of the room. The style matters as well. Many people choose experienced help that they can get from professionals like paris furniture

living room furniture ideas modern sofa dark blue fabric upholstery

Bold colors and strict lines are the ideal choice for the interiors in modern style while rounded shapes and neutral tone sofa designs will blend harmoniously in a traditional or classic style interior. Try to avoid “matching” the tone of your sofa with the wall color as you risk “losing” it against the general background. In case you made such a mistake, a few bright pillows will highlight it and make it stand out.

Carefully think of the type and model of your sofa. Do you want a standard model, a corner sofa or a modular one which allows you to rearrange it so that it suits the needs of the moment? It is equally important to choose your new sofa so that it complements your existing furniture. Prestigious manufacturers offer additional furniture pieces like side tables, coffee tables, ottomans, etc. which will add to the finished look and of course, to your convenience.

How to choose the perfect modern sofa – quality and construction

modern living room design ideas white modular sofa with white upholstery

The perfect modern sofa has to meet not only your personal taste in terms of appearance and work with the existing furniture pieces and color scheme in a room, but it has to be comfortable. Modern furniture factories produce a wide range of different sofas, differing in quality, design, and upholstery fabrics. Sometimes it is quite difficult to make your choice. How to check the quality of a sofa? If you are not a specialist in the furniture industry, do not be discouraged. Quality furniture can be identified and here are some little tips for you:

Look at the frame. The most durable and reliable are metal and wooden structures like oak, beech, mahogany, etc.

how to choose the perfect sofa contemporary home design

The filler is equally important. Depending on the purpose of the sofa, you can choose from latex base or high-density polyurethane foam, which provides quite comfortable seating and this will be the perfect sofa to seat your guests when entertaining.

Upholstery – It is easy to recognize a high quality upholstery and exquisite craftsmanship. Choose a dense, durable fabric that does not allow contaminants to penetrate deep into the fibers. The upholstery must be well stretched, evenly and properly secured. The seams should be flat, without protruding threads and stitches must be of the same size. Chenille, suede, velvet, linen, natural leather – these are all high end materials and a great choice for a sofa.

modern curved sofa with tufted back and storage niches

Additional functionality – many models are designed with storage niches and boxes, built-in chargers, USB ports, etc.

In conclusion, we shall take the liberty to give you a piece of advice. Never buy a cheap sofa, even if you are limited in funds. A cheap sofa will not serve you for a long time and in a year or two you will have to spend money on buying new furniture again. Remember Baron Rothschild’s famous aphorism “I’m not rich enough to buy cheap things”!


modern black modular corner sofa living room furniture ideas

living room modern sofa design ideas basic features

how to choose modern sofa tips and tricks

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