Bathroom renovation ideas to really bring out your creative side! Super easy and fun to do!

by Leanne Edwards

You’re in the middle of splashing about in the shower and suddenly your dull old tiles catch your eye. You start dreaming of having a more stylish up-to-date look which actually makes you want to take a longer bath time, rather than just fast in and out job. Not to worry, it actually won’t break the bank to do so! These next bathroom renovation ideas will put your mind at ease if you’re wondering, “Can you renovate your bathroom yourself?”

How can I redo my bathroom cheaply?

can you renovate your bathroom yourself

Usually, when you dream of up doing your bathroom, it seems daunting that you’ll have to pay out a fortune. Many people actually think about these common bathroom renovation mistakes. However, that isn’t always the case. There are plenty of cheap and budget friendly items out there to help improve your bathroom. Keep reading to find out some handy Bathroom renovation ideas and how this is possible to accomplish!

When renovating a bathroom, where do you start?

Bathoom renovation with easy steps on how to do it

Good question! If you have a bath installed, have you ever thought about changing to a shower instead? If you think about how much water gets used up by filling your tub, you may want to re-think on how it’s affecting your bills at the end of the month. Many people actually have both installed -shower and bathtub, but in fact never actually get the time to use it. This could be due to a number of things:

  • Work
  • Kids
  • Travel
  • Dog-walking
  • Hobbies

So if in fact that bathtub is just sat there looking pretty, why not get rid of it? If you like having it there, have you checked to see if the enamel, metal or plastic hasn’t been damaged? This is caused by water residue and acidic or low-pH which is used in the water to it keep safe. If this is the case, changing the bath would be your next step.

So, let’s have a look at some white bathroom renovation ideas

white bathroom renovation ideas for you to learn
White bathrooms are very common amongst most households. Whilst this may be a nice way of looking sterile, it is also a pain to keep clean. Even the smallest bit of dirt will make it look as though it’s been forgotten and never been cleaned. There are, however, some ideas for white bathrooms that are easier to manage. Here are some examples:

1)Get yourself a good water-repellent and coat your doors and shower walls.
2)Instead of using a bar of soap on your sink, try using liquid soap instead – less mess
3)Don’t use the cheap cleaning products – it’s better to buy the well-known brand ones.
4)Invest in a squeegee-Last one in the shower has to wipe down!

Why home renovation is important

why home renovation is important
Home renovation is more important than you would imagine. Just think, you’re sat on your sofa in the living room and all of a sudden you hear a strange noise. No, it’s not the Philharmonic Orchestra paying you a visit. Unfortunately, it’s your rusty old pipes reminding you they want to be switched for some new ones. Another thing springs to mind is this – Energy savers. That boiler you’ve got there, how old is it? Exchanging for a new one won’t only be a nice addition to your bathroom, but also to your water and electricity bills. Spending a little extra on some energy efficient lightbulbs also knocks a few pennies off.

Time to get crafty with some bathroom renovation ideas!

diy bathroom renovation ideas
DIY bathroom renovation ideas are not that hard to come across. If you think about it, Pinterest and Google are full of affordable ideas on how to decorate using little knick-knacks that you may have lying around your home. Many shops also sell all sorts of goodies for a small price. Here are some examples on what you could do to jazz your bathroom up:

Fablon cupboard diy bathroom renovation ideas
Fablon – Can bathroom cabinets be refaced, you may ask? With fablon they can! This is a sticky-back coated plastic cover that you can place over the top of your old cabinets to give them a brand-new lease of life.

bathroom renovation new additions
New handles or doorknobs -switch up those old, rusty ones with some exciting, fashionable ones.

bathroom renovation for paint
Fresh lick of paint – You don’t even need to spend a fortune on a massive, expensive pot of paint. Try tester pots-most of the time, if you ask at the hardware store, they’ll be more than happy to give you some for free.

taps and water bathroom renovation ideas
Taps and water fixtures-opting to change your taps adds a nice new look to your sink, shower or bath.

storage for bathroom renpvation ideas at home
New storage – adding an extra cupboard or some shelves is a great idea and adds a sense of organization to your bathroom.

renovation ideas for your bathroom on a tight budget
Mirrors – Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who is the fairest of them all? Well, you certainly will be with some new glassware. Just be careful not to drop it in the meantime!

What to consider when renovating a bathroom?

do bathroom renovation ideas add value
There are a few things you definitely should take into consideration when you are thinking of upgrading:

  • Do you need to spend money on these new fancy items, or do you have something at home that could save me money?
  • So you want to have new swanky cupboards installed? Wouldn’t you be more satisfied with the end result, if you accomplished remodelling them yourself with fablon?
  • Let’s rip out the tiles! Woah, hang on! Why splash out doing that when tile-paint or stickers and some fresh grout would also work?
  • Bored of the decorative side of things? Adding a plant, some fresh towels and some new hygiene holders will freshen things right up!

Bathroom renovation ideas front pic
And finally, do bathroom renovations add value, you may ask. The answer is simple, YES! It’s actually shocking, but re-doing your splash room will actually increase the value by a whopping 4-5%! With news that great, what’s not to love! Anyway, I’ll leave it with you to decide, I’m off to start decorating!

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