5 Common Bathroom Renovation Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

by Kremy

Bathroom renovation is a complex and responsible process. Due to the specific conditions, it requires a special approach. It is not a secret that mistakes made at different stages of repair work lead to problems in the future. Here are 5 of the most common bathroom renovation mistakes and some simple tips how to avoid them.

How to Avoid the Common Renovation Mistakes?

5 Common Bathroom Renovation Mistakes to Avoid

Usually, before renovating a bathroom, we have an idea for the result that we want to achieve. You can draw a sketch or use a visualization software as this will give you a better idea for the space. At this stage, you can see and correct the most common bathroom renovation mistakes like wrong layout. For example, you saw a beautiful, large vanity cabinet in a showroom and you believe it is the perfect choice for your home, but it turns out that you haven’t got the space for it. The problem with mistakes is that they will affect the convenience and comfort of your bathroom as well as its aesthetic appeal. Visualizing helps avoid the risk of discovering them when it is already too late. Here is a list of the most common bathroom renovation mistakes that you need to avoid.

Common Bathroom Renovation Mistakes – Not Understanding the Functions of the Bathroom

Common Bathroom Renovation Mistakes


Oddly enough, this is one of the most common mistakes when homeowners start renovating a bathroom. While many people dream of a spa-like bathroom, they fail to understand the fact that the functionality is the most important criterion. How to prevent such a mistake? List all the items that you want to have and categorize them according to their priority. For example, a toilet is a must and should be listed first among other appliances. If one of your priorities is to have a bathtub with as much natural light as possible, then you may need to revise the type of storage for the bathroom. Look at the websites of professional designers or experts at renovations and read their guide.

Following Design Trends Instead of Your Needs Is a Mistake

How to Avoid the Common Renovation Mistakes

There is nothing wrong with following bathroom interior design trends. On the contrary, they are a great source of inspiration and should be used for getting ideas. Choose your bathroom style carefully. Think how a particular trend will affect not only the bathroom design, but the budget for your renovation.

Bathroom Renovation Mistakes – Choosing Dark Colors for Small Baths

Choosing Dark Colors for Small Baths Bathroom Renovation Mistakes

Yes, dark tiles are incredibly stylish and super trendy. But what looks beautiful on a photo can have the exact opposite effect in real life. Tiles in dark greys, blacks and browns create an oppressive feel in a small bathroom interior, reducing it visually and even giving an unhealthy look to your reflection in the mirror. How to avoid that?

If you have a small bathroom, choose light colors. In addition to the classic white, beige and cream colors, you can also choose blue, light green, pink or other shades. Light colors will give the interior a feeling of cleanliness, spaciousness and will visually expand the space.

Lack of Light

bathroom lighting ideas wall sconces


One ceiling lamp is enough to illuminate the interior of a small bathroom. But this is where the advantages of the only light source in the bathroom end. When designing your dream bathroom, make sure it has multiple light sources. To achieve a high level of comfort, convenience and coziness in the bathroom, add lighting near the mirror and shower.

Lack of Storage Space

Bathroom Storage Ideas

When we talk about common bathroom renovation mistakes, the lack of storage space is among the top problems. Today, even in a small bathroom, you can organize a functional and practical storage space. Plan in advance how to use drawers, niches, corner shelves, small compact cabinets or simply add more wall mounted hooks. Modular furniture is ideal for small bathrooms as it allows you to conveniently organize the storage of a large number of bath accessories, personal hygiene items and household chemicals.

These are just 5 of the most common bathroom renovation mistakes that homeowners make. Of course, each project is unique and individual and has its own challenges and difficulties that require creative solutions.




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