Easter Brunch Menu 2023 – Find the Most Delicious Recipes to Please a Crowd!

by Kremy

How about a cozy Easter brunch with family and friends on Easter? Here you will find crowd pleasing recipe ideas for warm and cold, sweet and savory dishes for your Easter brunch menu. Get inspired by our holiday ideas!

Easter Brunch Menu 2023 – What Should Not Be Missing on the Festive Table?

easter brunch menu 2023 delicious recipes to please a crowd

As you know, the brunch combines breakfast and lunch and usually starts late in the morning and lasts…. well, it can last anywhere between an hour and 2-3 hours. What should not be missing in your Easter brunch menu? The rich selection of delicacies is the charm of a brunch. Obviously, you can combine typical breakfast dishes like pancakes and waffles and traditional Easter meals like ham, roast lamb, salads, etc. Of course sweet treats like Easter cake, cupcakes or cookies should be also present at the table. Do not forget bread rolls, hot cross buns and Easter bread! Here is a list of ideas and recipes for your special Easter brunch which will come to help, especially if you have a crowd for the holidays!

Traditional Bread for the Easter Brunch Menu

traditional bread for the easter brunch menu


Traditional Easter bread recipes vary from one country to another. For your brunch menu you can choose whichever one you like – Traditional Italian or Greek Easter bread, hot cross buns, Spanish Mona de Pascua or simple dinner rolls. If you prefer homemade garlic bread, find the recipe below.

Delicious Egg Recipes for the Easter Brunch Menu

delicious egg recipes for the easter brunch

Eggs are one of Easter symbols, so they are a must on your brunch menu. There are numerous ways to cook eggs for breakfast. Deviled Eggs are everyone’s favorite and they can be prepared a few hours in advance. Do you need egg salad recipes? This is another must-have on the menu! Egg salads take minutes to be prepared and you do not need a ton of exotic ingredients. You need more ideas? Here are some more egg recipes for your Easter brunch:

Sweet Breakfast – Pancakes, Waffles and French Toast

sweet breakfast for easter brunch ideas french toast pancakes waffles

Everyone loves the airy, soft, and very tasty pancakes and waffles and kids would be delighted if you serve them for Easter. You can serve sweet or savory waffles so that there is something for every taste and preferences. Add a variety of jams, honey, chocolate, berries and maple syrup.

Easter Brunch Recipes – Roast Lamb and Salads

easter brunch recipes roast lamb and salads

Lamb meat is traditional for Easter. Whether you roast a leg or a shoulder or you go for lamb chops will depend on what your family favorite is. You can even try a new lamb recipe, although it is not recommended to experiment just before the holiday. We mentioned the egg salad, but it is springtime! Invite the fresh vegetables to your table! You can serve spinach salad, layered or chopped salads, you can even serve salad in glasses! If you need something more sustainable, pasta salads recipes will come to help! Find the recipes below:

Easter Brunch Menu 2023 Ideas – Tarts, Quiches and Appetizers

easter brunch menu 2023 ideas tarts quiches and appetizers

You can also easily prepare many snacks and finger food for your Easter brunch menu. What could be more seasonal that a zucchini quiche? How to make the kids eat more vegetables? Try our mini zucchini pizza recipes! If you prefer the classic French cuisine, quiche Lorraine is a great option for your brunch. Here are some more ideas for Easter appetizers:

Easter Brunch Desserts Ideas to Try This Year

easter brunch desserts ideas to try this year

Last but not least – Easter desserts! There is no festive brunch, lunch or dinner without a sweet ending! Carrot cake or cupcakes, birds nest cupcakes, berry tartlets, sugar cookies, a delicious chocolate cake, fresh fruits – all of these are delicious options for your feast! Your friends and family will love any of these desserts:

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What Drinks To Include In Your Easter Brunch Menu 2023?

what drinks to include in your easter brunch menu

When you plan your Easter brunch menu, you need to think about drinks as well. Coffee and tea come from the breakfast part of the menu, while champagne or wines come from the lunch part. Prepare homemade lemonade for the children. You can use a variety of fruits – strawberries, blueberries – for a healthy and kid-friendly festive drink! Check out our cocktail recipes as well:


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