French Tip With Flowers: The Absolute Best Spring Manicure!

by Gabby

Aren’t we all used to getting the same boring nail designs every time we are at the nail salon? I think the reason behind it is that we go there unprepared with a trendy manicure to try out. I remember myself 5 years ago, I always used to get the classic French manicure just because I didn’t really know what I want. There is nothing bad with wanting the classics! But the French manicure is so versatile nowadays that you can turn it into the perfect spring nail design! Let’s check out the French tip with flowers that is all over the internet right now! What are the best decorations and colors?

French tip with flowers: The absolute best Spring manicure!

french tip with flowers spring nail designs 2023

I cannot help but say it again and again – spring is here! This is the reason that we see more happy faces! The weather is super warm, the birds are singing and the flowers are a HIT! They are the main topic today, since we are going to discuss the French tip with flowers that is becoming super popular on Instagram and TikTok. This type of nail design is combining both the classics with the bright colors of the season and the decoration that we all want – the flowers! Let’s check out some of the best manicure designs!

French tip with flowers: The classic manicure with a twist

french tip with flowers ideas for spring manicure nails 2023


Who said that French manicure is boring? I know that you have probably asked your nail artist for this classical design many times. However, it can be super springish if you try out this new trend. French tips don’t have to be the regular white color. They can be made with tiny flowers that have the same effect. Look at the elegant style that you can get! If you need more inspiration, check out the spring nail designs in 2023!

Spring nail designs 2023: Long square nails with flowers

spring french manicure nail designs 2023 ideas

Long square nails are not forgotten! Even though short nails have been super trendy, these “claws” can look really chic and Kylie Jenner proves it every day. You probably saw on her Instagram that they are her constant choice when it comes to the length. How to make them look good in the spring? Well, since they are bigger, that means that there is more room for you to get creative (or your nail artist). You can draw anything and make beautiful decorations. If you don’t make the French tips with flowers, simply ask for the flowers to be on top of the tips, as shown on the picture. This is the perfect manicure for this month. For more inspiration, check out the April nails 2023!

French manicure 2023: Orange nails

orange nails with flowers french manicure 2023

Orange is certainly not the new black, but it is getting close! This shade is one of the most preferred for this season and you can see why! It is supper stunning! For the ladies with a darker skin tone, it will really highlight it and make your hands glowy and looking healthy. If you don’t want your entire nail bed with orange, you can do French manicure and decorate with flowers, of course!

Sage green nails: French manicure

sage green nails french manicure tips with flowers 2023

In 2023, it is all about getting closer to nature and finding your inner self. You can let that reflect onto your manicure by adapting a shade that will remind you to be in sync with nature. Sage green is a very subtle and gentle shade, which is perfect if you don’t like bright colors, but still want something for the spring! You can mix and match the different techniques by doing the regular French tips in sage and just do one nail with flowers. You can get inspired from the photo! This type of manicure with go will all of your spring outfits!

French tip with flowers: Other ideas

cute nail designs 2023 flowers decoration french manicure

Square nails: French manicure with hot pink flowers

short square nails french manicure with hot pink flowers

Purple nails 2023: French manicure for the spring

purple nails with flowers french tips

Cute nail designs 2023

french tip with flowers pink nails 2023

Abstract nails: French manicure with spring design

abstract nails french manicure with flowers spring 2023

How to do my nails this spring 2023?

french maniciure with flowers how to do my nails in spring 2023

The classic French manicure with big white flowers

ideas for the spring manicure trends 2023 french nails with flowers


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