Balayage for Women Over 50 – 6 Chic and Trendy Hair Colors for 2023

by Radost P.

Balayage is a French hair coloring technique that makes your hair look healthy and amazing. It is a great alternative if you don’t prefer the traditional foil method. In case you are a woman over 50 and want to change your hairstyle but still have no ideas, you are in the right place. In this article, you will find out 6 of the trendiest options for balayage for women over 50. Besides, we will look at the benefits that this technique provides for your hair. So, if you are curious, keep on reading.

Chic and Stylish Ideas for Balayage for Women Over 50 in 2023

balayage for women over 50 best balayage hair colors for women over 50 how to maintain a hair with balayage

Compared to other popular methods, the French balayage provides a subtle and sun-kissed effect. This is a great alternative for ladies who want a naturally-looking and shiny hair. What is great about this modern technique is that it doesn’t use bleaching chemicals on the scalp. So, if you happen to be allergic to them, you don’t need to worry about getting side effects. Another great advantage of balayage is that you can skip some hairstylist appointments. The reason being is that it is not high-maintenance like other kinds of highlights. Now, let’s move on to the best balayage hair colors for women over 50.

A Beautiful Short Balayage Bob

short balayage bob for women over 50 best balayage hair colors for mature women how to choose the right option


What we love about this idea for balayage, is that it enhances your natural color and makes your hair look healthy and strong. The hairstyle is comfortable to wear for any occasion. Besides, it makes you look like a sophisticated woman with high standards. So, you can never go wrong with this one.

A Modern Purple Balayage for Medium-Length Hair

modern purple balayage for women over 50 with medium length hair best balayage hair colors for women over 50

This is probably the boldest idea for balayage that we will show you in this guide. Yet, if you do prefer a more drastic change in your color, this might work for you. You can also choose another color that is more suitable for you. Rest assured that all your friends will notice you!

Chic Pixie with a Blonde Balayage

chick and stylish pixie with blonde balayage for women over 50 how to choose the right hairstyle with balayage

If you have a straight or wavy thin hair, this might be the match for you. A pixie combined with a light blonde balayage is one of the most popular options among mature women. This hairstyle gives you many benefits since it looks healthy and provides comfort for women over 50.

Medium-Length Curly or Wavy Hair with Blonde Balayage

blonde balayage idea for hair color for medium length curly or wavy hairs best balayage for mature woman

If you happen to have a well-maintained curly hair, you may consider getting a blonde balayage. In this way, your curls or waves will look more voluminous. This is the perfect hairstyle for official events like birthdays or wedding parties. Thanks to the naturally-looking and shiny highlights, your whole look will change, I promise.

Gray Balayage Idea for Short Hairstyles with Bangs

dark gray balayage idea for short hairs with bangs mature women over 50 how to color your hair

If you are a woman over 50 who has recently noticed some gray hairs, you can go for gray balayage. It looks particularly well on short hair with a fringe. Check out these tips on how to keep a gray hair nourished. Salt and pepper highlights are trendy right now and make you look confident in yourself, so don’t miss them out.

Best Balayage for Women Over 50 – Brown or Caramel Balayage

brown or caramel balayage idea for women over 50 balayage hair color for mature women

If you have a dark brown hair color, you may consider a light brown or caramel balayage. Check out how to get Sarah Jessica Parker’s hair color. The effect is that the highlights will give some contrast to your hair and make it look sun-kissed and strong. This idea is perfect both for everyday life and formal events.

What to Consider Before Getting a Balayage?

In order to be sure if balayage is the right option for you, ask yourself what kind of effect you want. Do you want a bold or subtle change in your hair color? Chances are that if you prefer a sun-kissed look for your hairstyle, you are in the right direction. When communicating with your hairstylist, prepare a picture of someone who has the same base color as yours. Be sure to state which shade of color you are aiming for so that there are no misunderstandings. Keep in mind that in order to get the perfect balayage effect, high-quality brushes and the right product consistency are important factors.

what to consider before getting a balayage women with long dark hair with brown highlights

In a nutshell, the French balayage technique is getting more and more popular among women of all ages. What is best is that these professional highlights don’t require constant care like the traditional ones. In the long run, this saves you time and money in terms of hair salon visits. Most importantly, this method makes your hair looks great and natural. If you are a mature woman, you probably want the best for your hair, and this is why we collected the trendiest ideas in one guide. We hope that our suggestions for balayage for women over 50 gave you inspiration!

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