25 Gorgeous Summer Acrylic Nails Ideas We Can’t Resist Trying in 2023!

by Stephanie Yankova

The Instagram and TikTok beauty gurus have spoken and the latest summer acrylic nails trends are in! This year’s top manicure designs fall into two categories: simple and minimalist, and bold and experimental. We’re bound to see a whole lot of metallics, 50 shades of pink (thanks to the upcoming Barbie movie), abstract French tips, glow-in-the-dark neons, and so much more! Whatever your mood, or aesthetic may be – we’ve got you covered! Scroll on to see the most fabulous summer acrylic nails that you’ll want to get in every Instagram picture!

Summer Acrylic Nails Ideas

abstract mismatched angle french tips acrylic nails almond shape summer design ideas 2023

What’s better than sipping cocktails on the beach and eating delicious food? Having a beautiful manicure set to look at while you do it! As we strip down all the layers of clothing, experimenting with nail art is the best way to make a statement during the summer! Whether you like them short, long, square, oval, ballerina, or coffin – we’ve got something for everybody! Let’s get you inspired for your next nail appointment! Catch you at the salon?

Almond Shape Metallic Mermaid Nails

mermaid acrylic nails long oval shape summer manicure ideas 2023


One of the biggest nail art trends of the summer is undoubtedly the mermaid nails (thank you, Little Mermaid)! This manicure is anything but boring! It combines bright colors, metallics, and playful swirls that add a playful character to it!

Bold Marble Effect Acrylic Summer Nails

unique blue orange white marble acrylic nails summer manicure design ideas 2023

Marble effect nails are definitely an all-time favorite classic for many of us! But what will happen if we give them a summer makeover? Use two of the trendiest colors for the summer – neon orange and sapphire blue – to create a unique marble effect. These nails are guaranteed to win you a generous amount of compliments!

Milky White Coffin Shape Acrylic Nails

white coffin acrylic nails rainbow reverse french tip manicure ideas

Here’s a great minimal nail art design that will help you spruce up your milky white manicure! These abstract rainbow-inspired French tips look fabulous on the solid white base! It’s elegant, yet playful, there’s a quirkiness to it without being overpowering. These nails are an absolute winner in our books!

Fun Tropical Nail Art Design

summer acrylic nails almond shape pink nail polish abstract decorations green leaves


What better way to get in the summer mood than with a bright, tropical manicure? The intense pink nail polish is skyrocketing in popularity because of the Barbie movie craze. Our verdict? We love it and want to see MORE of it! If you want to stand out from the crowd, give it a playful twist! Get some leaves or palm trees decorations to really accentuate that Hawaiian feel!

Vibrant Short Summer Acrylic Nails Design

short acrylic nails neon orange burgundy gold foil summer manicure ideas 2023

Long nails aren’t really your thing, yet you want a funky nail art design? You certainly don’t need to go to such lengths (pun intended) to experiment with your manicure! One of the best ways to do that is by abstract designs and bold, neon colors! They look stunning in contrast to your tanned summer skin.

Matte Pink Ombre Nails

matte pink ombre summer acrylic nails ideas 2023

The undefeated summer nail trend by far is no other than the ombre! Let’s be real, it’s kind of impossible not to love this design. The color combinations you can try out are endless! Some of the best ones I’ve tried so far are with pink, neon orange, green and yellow. If you want to give the manicure a more muted and refined look, simply switch the glossy top coat with a matte one, and voilà!

Pink Metallic French Tip Acrylic Nails

pink chrome french tips summer acrylic nails design ideas 2023

I’ll be genuinely surprised if you haven’t tried the metallic nails trend yet! This booming nail art sensation quickly became a favorite to celebrities such as Kylie Jenner and Hailey Bieber. It’s safe to say that we, as a collective, caved in! The subtle elegance and playful character of the pastel chrome nails makes them the perfect summer accessory!

More Stunning Summer Acrylic Nails to Try Out in 2023

long coffin acrylic nails summer design colorful abstract french tips

Matte Yellow Coffin Shape Acrylic Nails with Abstract Decorations 

abstract long acrylic nails coffin shape summer matte yellow design

Long Almond Shaped Watermelon Acrylic Nails Design

long almond shape watermelon design summer acrylic nails 2023

Yellow Chrome Acrylic Nails in a Long Ballerina Shape

long ballerina summer acrylic nails pastel yellow chrome manicure

Short Oval Neon Green French Tip Acrylic Nails 

short acrylic summer nails akmond shape neon green french tips

Long Oval Nails in Vibrant Blue with Animal Print Decorations 

long summer acrylic nails almond shape matte blue animal print leopard decorations ideas inspo 2023

Short Square Pastel Blue and Orange Acrylic Nails with Double French Tip Accents 

short square acrylic summer nails design blue orange doubrle french tips

Cute Pastel Yellow Nails with Lemon Designs 

summer acrylic nails ideas almond shape lemon decoration design 2023

Mismatched Blue Gradient Long Square Shape Nails Design Idea

simple blue gradient summer acrylic nails long sqaure shape manicure ideas

Minimalist Black and White Negative Space Acrylic Nails 

simple minimalist black and white negative space acrylic summer nails 2023

Mismatched Neon Pink and Orange Oval Acrylic Nails

mismatchen neon pink organge acrylic summer nails ideas 2023

Long Square Aura Acrylic Nails Design 

long square acrylic summer nails green orange aura design

Short Green and Pink Color Block Nails with Floral Decorations

short summer acrylic nails color block green pink flowers manicure ideas 2023

Short Stiletto Acrylic Nails with Pink and Orange Negative Space Design

short stiletto summer acrylic nails pink orange color block squigles design

Rainbow Gradient Ombre on Long Stiletto Acrylic Nails

long stiletto acrylic nails summer manicure ideas matte rainbow ombre gradient

Minimalist Pastel Green and Orange Gradient Acrylic Nails in a Coffin Shape

long coffin summer acrylic nails orange green gradient simple minimalist manicure design 2023

Abstract Green Acrylic Nails with Floral and Checkerboard Decorations

checkerboard abstract mismatched manicure green summer acrylic nails long almond shape

Mismatched Colorful Cow Print Summer Acrylic Nails

summer acrylic nails almond shape mismatched colorful cow print manicure design ideas


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