How to Organize an Entryway? Create a Tidy Door Area Inspired by Kondo’s Ideas!

by Snezhana Besarabova

A tidy and welcoming entryway sets the tone for the rest of your home. This principle of decluttering your door area, inspired by the renowned organizer Marie Kondo, are created to bring joy and free you from the unnecessary items. Have you ever felt the dependence of so many possessions, which waste your time? Let you look through the guidelines on how to organize an entryway to transform this so often neglected space into a pleasing and clean area!

What Should I Keep in My Entryway According to Marie Kondo?

small entryway organization ideas multifunctional furniture

Marie Kondo emphasizes the importance of keeping only the items that bring joy and serve you. There are a few key storage items, which is advisable to have when thinking how to organize an entryway:

  • Functional storage items: It would be wise to invest in a coat rack, hooks, or a console table with drawers. There you can organize and keep frequently used essentials, which are easy to access.
  • Space for shoes: Determine a space for their storage near the entryway.
  • Holding the keys: Set a specific place for your keys to avoid loosing or misplacing them. This could be a decorative tray or a wall-mounted keyholder to keep them within reach.
  • Umbrella stand: You should have this stand near your door for storing umbrellas, where to reach it conveniently when it’s raining, preventing the entryway from cluttering.

Tips on How to Organize an Entryway: Shoes

how to organize an entryway keep the shoes in the original boxes


Scattered shoes in your entryway can quickly create a chaos. Prevent this by keeping footwear in order. Begin by gathering all of them in one place and then sorting into categories such as every day shoes, formal ones, and seasonal footwear. Donate or discard the shoes that no longer fit you. One good step would be to invest in shoe storage that will suit you, with a design that complements the entrance decor while efficiently organizing your footwear. There is a wide range of convenient solutions to choose from, like a shoe rack or cabinet with multiple compartments, which will help to prevent clutter and keep the footwear neat and in order. It’s clever to place them in containers to prevent from dusting. In case you prefer keeping shoes in their original boxes, label them to identify easily. There are also transparent containers, which allow you to see and access them in no time. It would be a wise solution to place shoe trays or mats near the door to prevent dirt and debris from spreading into your home.

How to Organize an Entryway Closet?

how to organize an entryway keep things tidy

An entryway closet provides a convenient storage space for coats, bags, and other essential items. Adopting Marie Kondo’s principles will help you to maintain a clutter-free closet space. The first thing you could do is to take out everything from there, and sort items into types. Think of each thing individually, asking yourself if it continues to serve you for a practical purpose. Then donate or put apart the items that no longer meet these criteria. Another useful approach is to use all the space in your closet by mounting hooks and over-the-door organizers. You should hang there the coats, bags and scarves to free up more shelf space for other items. In this regard, make a little investment in storage places like adjustable shelves, bins, or baskets, where to organize small possessions, such as gloves, hats, and accessories. You may label the containers to help you quickly identify and take something, spending no time in searching it. Maintain the order by regular cleaning and tidying your closet to help items to remain organized.

Small Entryway Organization Ideas

small entryway organization ideas multifunctional furniture

Having a small entryway makes organization and functionalization of this limited space even more crucial. Therefore, make the most of it with some useful ideas:

  1. Wall-installed storage areas: It’s good to maximize the utilization of wall space by mounting hooks, floating shelves, or a wall organizer. In this way you will be able to hang coats, bags, and other items, keeping free your entryway from clutter.
  2. Placing multifunctional furniture: Buy furniture pieces, which serve for two or more purposes. This could be a bench with built-in storage compartments or a console table with drawers. They will enlarge the storage place, free space on your entry floor and minimize the clutter effectively.
  3. Mounting mirrors and lighting: You may also benefit from mirrors, because they make the space look larger for a more comfortable feeling. A suitable lighting also could enhance the atmosphere of your entryway. It will be also great if you succeed to strike a balance between functionality and the beauty. So, avoid excessive things that will overwhelm the space, and pay attention only to some carefully chosen items for a more pleasant and less dusty environment.

how to organize entryway closet mount hooks and shelves

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