7 Most Important Interior Design Changes to Increase Property Value

by Kristiyana

What adds the biggest value to a house? What decreases property value the most? The interior design changes that every homeowner must make to increase the value of their property. 

Interior Design Changes to Increase Property Value

the best interior design changes to increase property value

If you are looking to offer your home up for rent, sale or are just interested in increasing its property value, you have come just to the right place! Here you will find the 7 best budget-friendly interior design changes to increase property value that are easy to adapt and will make your home look more tasteful rather than cheap. But first, let’s also briefly mention what can likely decrease the value of your property, so you can avoid it.

What Decreases Property Value the Most?

While there are some things that decrease the value of your property that you just can’t change, like it being located near a power plant or cemetery, there are also such that you can. Not properly maintaining your home for years and years to come will result in damage and problems that can be terminal. Be sure to regularly check your roof for damage, change any flawed or outdated items and interiors, as well as keep on eye on your plumbing and electrical system. Issue with these can result in a decrease in property value.

Declutter Your Home to Increase Its Property Value

declutter your home for higher property value


The first interior design changes to increase property value advice you can put into motion is to declutter your home. No one likes looking, or for a matter of fact living, in cramped spaces. If you want to attract potential buyers to your estate, or just to increase its cost, get rid of any unnecessary or unused objects. Either sell them, give them away, or leave such by the dumpster. A more open and organized place will add a sense of tranquillity to your home and free up more space.

Open Up More Storage Space for Potential Buyers

what adds the biggest value to a house

This step is connected with the first one. When you are looking for a new place to buy or rent, what is one of the first things you check for? Storage. Everyone needs space where they can store their possessions. Some might need more than others, that’s why if you want to increase the value of your property, you must invest your time, efforts and resources in opening up more storage space for future buyers or renters. Use your creativity to create potential places for storing items in every room.

Interior Design Changes to Increase Property Value: Fresh Paint

a fresh coat of paint can increase your property value

What other interior design changes to increase property value will give you guaranteed and prosperous results? A fresh coat of paint! Painting over your walls with a new coat is one of the easiest and most effective ways to attract potential buyers. When it comes to choosing colours, go with neutral tones as they are the safest choice and can appeal to the likes of any future tenants. Consider creamy hues for the walls, as well as green accents for a fresh take. A freshly painted home looks clean, tidy and modern which gives the perception of a greater value.

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The Kitchen As the Most Important Room in the House

the kitchen is the most important room in the house renovate it

The kitchen is one of the rooms that potential future tenants are likely to pay the most attention to. Since everyone needs an organized and spacious place where they can cook and eat, a good idea to increase the value of your home would be to invest in remodelling your kitchen. A full renovation might be too expensive, so you can focus only on the fundamentals. Consider updating the countertops, light fixtures, and hardware. You can also install energy–efficient appliances to increase your property’s value.

Also Consider Upgrading Your Bathroom for Higher Value

what adds the biggest value to a house renovated bathroom

Like the kitchen, the bathroom is the other room in the house which a lot of potential buyers would focus their attention. As it is usually the smallest room in the house, a few interior design changes can go a long way to increase property value. Everyone enjoys looking at a new and clean bathroom, hence you can consider painting the walls in a neutral tone. Other small upgrades you can do are change the shower curtain for a new glass screen, update old hardware and vanities, and eliminate all dirt. No one likes having limescale in the bathroom, so be sure to absolutely get rid of that. Also replace taps and old tiles.

The Small Details Shouldn’t Be Missed Out

do not forget the details when offering your home for sale rent

When you are thinking of home renovation and updates, you think about the big stuff like changing the flooring, furniture and lighting. However, often the details are the ones that first catch the eyes of your potential tenants. Before you go on and offer your home up for sale or rent, be sure to increase its value by replacing any chipped paint, damaged fixtures and outdated and loose doorknobs. Make sure that any broken, damaged or just not at all working item is either replaced or at least thrown out.

First Impressions Are Always Important Here

interior design changes that increase property value

When it’s finally time to open your home to new potential buyers or tenants, be sure that you have kept the front of your yard tidy, that all your plants are watered and everything is up-to-date. Putting in a vase of freshly-picked flowers in some of the rooms, and leaving home baked cookies or sweets on the living room table can make a lasting impression on anyone who is looking to make your old home their new one. Good luck!

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