5 things that can make your home look cheap plus 3 budget-friendly ideas for a fancy look

by Kristiyana

I just spent hours looking through fall-winter furniture catalogues, and I am filled with new and trendy ideas on how to redecorate my home! However, sometimes it happens so that the designs we came to like so much, don’t really look that well when we display them in our homes. Often the place may come to look too cluttered and distasteful, and then we have to spend more money on new furniture and decorations, which leads to more issues for us. You probably want to avoid this, right? Wouldn’t it be great if you knew about the things that can make your home look cheap? And also, how to make it look expensive on a tight budget? Keep on reading to find out the answers!

1. Cluttered entryways make your home look cheap

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The first thing that can make your home look cheap is a cluttered entryway. The entryway is what people see first when they come to your place, so it is advisable to always keep it tidy and neatly-decorated. It’s very easy to make a mess there, as we come and go, display our various pairs of shoes all around and tend to store a lot of our items in the entryway. You can, of course, incorporate some stylish decor. Just be careful not to overdo it, as it can come to appear distasteful and chaotic.

2.  Plenty of messy cables are no good

things that can make your home look cheap_ what things make your home look cheap


Yeah, I know, we all have something like this at home. Nowadays, we keep getting more and more electronic devices, hence we use more and more cables. Having a lot of cables lying around in one place can bring more focus to the mess they create, rather than the space itself. This can result in an unappealing look for your home. To solve the issue, you can call technicians to hide away your cables, find organizers online, or even look for some tips on the web on how to easily tuck them away by yourself!

3. Popcorn walls & ceilings give a poor look

things that can make your home look cheap_ideas to improve your home

Does this seem familiar? Most new homes start off with a popcorn ceiling, or sometimes even walls, but that doesn’t mean that we should leave them be… They are very outdated, and have no place in your flat if you strive towards making it look stylish, rather and cheap. Best to invest in something new and get rid of the old popcorn design. And if you have a ceiling like this in your living room and want to change it, you can check out our ideas on outstanding living room ceiling designs.

4. Skip the cheap wall stickers in your flat

cheap wall stickers_popular wall stickers

Haha, this sticker always reminds me of something. Some time ago, I visited the new home of a friend, and she had a sticker like this one on her living room wall. I looked at her with confusion, and she said that it was placed by the previous owners, and that she couldn’t wait to get rid of it! And yes, if you ask me, that is the correct reaction! Wall stickers, and especially ones like this which are very overused and cheesy, do no good to your home. Better to skip them altogether and invest in some stylish wall decorations to display in your flat.

5. Mass-produced art makes your home look cheap

mass-prodeced art_ mass-produced art for home interior

Ah yes, the Andy Warhol Marilyn Monroe pop art piece. Yeah, this painting may have been all the rage during the 20th century, but seeing it displayed now just seems tasteless. The same goes for other mass-produced art pieces that seem to appear everywhere. If you want for your home not to appear cheap, don’t purchase popular items like this one. Yeah, they might be easy to find, and cost little, but better to hang something that reflects your personal style.

Now that we know how to avoid making our home look cheap, let’s find out how to make it look expensive on a budget! Can’t wait, can you?

6. Go green to make your home look expensive

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Displaying your lovely plants and freshly picked-flowers in your home is always a good idea! Having greenery around makes the space seem more open, adds freshness to the air and creates a Zen atmosphere altogether. Instead of hiding your plants, just place them around the flat per your preference. Display flowers on your living room table to make a nice impression to whomever comes to your home.

7. Nothing cheap about sticking to neutrals

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You don’t need to spend a fortune on a new home interior, just focus on sticking to basics. Neutral colours speak of sophistication and style, and are a great base to use when redecorating. My living room walls are eggshell cream, and I have incorporated other shades of white for my curtains, rug and some of my couch pillows. What is also great about using neutrals, is that you can easily add some colour to them and the place won’t seem overstuffed!

8. Get custom lighting for a lavish look

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Lighting is of great importance when you want your home to look more expensive. Get rid of your old flush mount dome lights, and invest in such that resemble your style and preferences. If you can, acquire lighting that is bigger rather than small. Slightly oversized lighting add more style to your home. To save money, you can search for such in a furniture thrift store.

We have arrived at the finish, and now your home is going to look better than ever! By incorporating both what to avoid and what to have in your home, the redecoration process will leave you pleased with fantastic results! Cheers!

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