Kitchen Remodel Ideas 2023: Find How to Create Comfort With Minimal Effort!

by Gabby

Kitchens are definitely the place where we spend a lot of time in our daily lives, making coffee early in the morning, lunch, or a delicious dinner for the whole family. It’s where we should always be able to get the most comfort and it’s always been that way for centuries. However, trends change with full force and it’s understandable that we can’t do renovations every year, but we can change little things here and there, that add to the look of the kitchen. What are some of the most trendy kitchen remodel ideas 2023? Let’s find out!

Kitchen remodel ideas 2023: Create comfort with minimal effort!

kitchen remodel ideas 2023 interior design minimalistic trends

Now, if you want to switch things up in the kitchen, you have to know that you can create the perfect space with a minimal effort. You don’t have to change every single thing in this space in order to get a new trendy design. In the paragraphs to follow, I share with you what I was able to find, flipping through the virtual pages of some famous design magazines. The media interviewed professional interior designers and decorators to explore their views on the top 2023 kitchen design trends to consider when remodeling, and the ones that will absolutely leave the interior design world.

Kitchen remodel ideas 2023: Open areas

open kitchen area ideas interior designs modern rustic


It is becoming increasingly popular to create more space in apartments by merging two rooms into one, especially when it comes to a kitchen and a living room. Combining two rooms greatly simplifies the transition, eliminating unnecessary movement. When space is merged, it is perceived quite differently even visually and you should try to decorate it in the best way. Functional as well as aesthetic, open-plan kitchens have gained huge popularity over the past few decades and interior designers agree that kitchen decor trends 2023 are following the same path and won’t leave it any time soon. Merging the living room with the kitchen in apartments is not an easy task, but not impossible. The only thing stopping you could be if there are load bearing walls, that could not be knocked out.

Kitchen splashback ideas 2023

kitchen tile backsplash trends 2023 interior design

When planning to remodel your kitchen, you can change the kitchen backsplash and this will give the space a new life! A kitchen splashback suitable for use around a sink and cooker facing the wall will protect the environment from dripping grease and water. But the fact that your choice might be a statement in itself only adds to the feeling of uncertainty. You can establish a focal point in your cooking that is both useful and elegant by installing backsplash tiles. The backsplash can be subtle, allowing other pieces to stand out, or it can make a bold statement. Opt for something colorful, if you have a white kitchen. Even if you go for a bolder color, than will elevate the entire ambiance.

Should we add a kitchen island?

kitchen island ideas 2023 rustic style interior design

The kitchen island was slightly neglected in previous years, but has recently become a favored element in kitchen design again. To create the most ergonomic and comfortable space, turn the island into a nook with many uses – a place to serve, to store, for a quick snack or a drink after work.

Add wooden elements in the kitchen

wooden countertop kitchen design ideas 2023 redomel

The rustic style is one of the preferred styles for kitchen furnishing because it is associated with comfort, warmth and security. It is dominated by neutral colors – brown, white, ecru, as well as natural and rough materials – natural solid wood, wrought iron, bricks, natural stone. This will be the easiest route to renovation, because instead of building something, you can simply remove the plaster on the wall until the bricks appear, which is a very important element in the rustic style. And for the wood materials, you can just replace the kitchen countertop, with some kind of old wood which you can reuse and varnish.

Forget about the dark kitchen cabinets!

dark kitchen cabinets how to remodel them in 2023 interior design

If you were a fan of the dark kitchen cabinets, such as dark navy blue or dark green, you should absolutely try to get rid of them in 2023! Don’t worry, you don’t have to change them completely. since there are amazing paints that can cover them up perfectly. The dark shades in general, provoke feelings like depression, anxiety and stress. You don’t want that in your kitchen space! Aim for something that will spark the feeling of coziness, appetite and positivity. In 2023, try to choose colors that will bring you close to nature and that create the feeling of calmness.

farm house kitchen ideas how to remodel in 2023

Combining white with wooden elements and playing with different lines and figures can really create the perfect atmosphere in your kitchen. Farm house kitchen designs are among my favorites. It is really the perfect mixture between the modern style and the rustic design. If you need to spark your imagination, check out which are the 5 countertops trends 2023 that will help you transform your kitchen!

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