Material Trends for Furniture to Look Forward to in 2024!

by Stephanie Yankova

Furniture pieces can be made from various materials. Just like with fashion, depending on the season, different trends come and go. This usually results in increased purchases of certain interior furnishings by customers. Some furniture makers pick up on that and take it into account when designing new collections. This article highlights the material trends for furniture from 2023, and provides an outlook for the upcoming 2024!

Material Trends for Furniture in 2023

current material trends furniture interior design 2023

The last two months of the year are the best time to review the major trends that ruled in 2023. After a deep dive into Google searches, we gained insight into the products and services that are currently in high demand. In 2023, wood will continue to play a major role in the furniture industry. Recycled materials are also part of the current furniture trends. Depending on the supplier, however, there are different views on what is currently in fashion when it comes to color. Some common trends that we’re noticing throughout the catalogs of some of the major furniture companies are the heavy use of organic cotton, recycled wood, and bamboo. The aim is to pay more attention to sustainability. Stone and raw wood elements are also being increasingly used in interior design. The minimalist aesthetic continues to be a leading trend in all aspects of design, interior, and architecture.

Material Trends for Furniture: 2024 Predictions

interior design trends furniture materials 2023 2024

Just like with fashion and beauty trends, we notice a similar pattern of past furniture design shapes and aesthetics making a comeback. Sustainability and upcycling will continue to play a decisive role in the furniture industry in 2024. As wood is a renewable resource, this material will continue to play an important role in the construction of furniture in the future. However, it does require high maintenance. This is why many manufacturers are turning to low-maintenance hybrids. But not every piece of wooden furniture is made sustainably. However, there are ways of recognizing whether furniture made from this material is really environmentally friendly or not. Sustainable wooden furniture is made from types of wood that are sourced locally. These include beech, pine, or oak, for example. In this way, long transportation routes are avoided and the furniture’s carbon footprint is reduced. An FSC certificate is another indication of sustainability.

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Sustainability is the Top Priority

sustainable furniture material trends 2023

The lack of sustainability in furniture manufacturing is a serious issue that will undoubtedly continue to raise attention in the following year. We’re yet to experience a new prevailing wave of recycled textiles, carbon-negative materials, and leather alternatives.

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