A Women’s Guide to Eclectic Grandpa Style – The Biggest Fashion Trend of 2024!

by Stephanie Yankova

In the world of fashion, inspiration lurks at every corner. This year, the corner is your grandad’s wardrobe. Pinterest delivered one of the most exciting trend predictions for 2024, and Fashiontok didn’t waste a single minute to jump right on it! Elegant knitwear, vintage staples, pearls, and gold mixed with DIY charm bracelets, silk scarves, and bucket hats – this is the Eclectic Grandpa style! 

womens eclectic grandpa fashion style winter spring 2024

How to Adopt the Eclectic Grandpa Style in 2024

There’s a Russian proverb that says ‘Everything new is well-forgotten old’. In present days, trends are circulating at the speed of light, so it’s nearly impossible to pinpoint exactly what’s in and what – out. In this whirlwind of creative expressions was born what could be described as a physical manifestation of the current generation of fashion – Eclectic Grandpa core. Similar to what we explored last year with the Coastal Grandma aesthetic, this style is characterized by vintage pieces and classic silhouettes, but with an unexpected bold modern twist.

Practical & Comfortable

womens sporty eclectic grandpa core fashion inspo

Eclectic Grandpa core prioritizes comfort and functionality. Pairing oversized vintage sports garments with a comfortable pair of classic sneakers, and a pop of gold for a little low-key glamour, is the easiest way to put together a casual grandpa-inspired outfit.

Layers & Mixed Eras

colorful eclectic grandpa fashion women winter style inspo 2024

What makes this aesthetic so unique and appealing is the combination of fashion pieces from different eras. Mix and match thrifted staples from the 50s, 60s, and 70s with modern accessories for an eccentric and expressive look. Don’t shy away from layering a vest over a fleece and a sweater, and don’t forget to add a statement hat or scarf for a multidimensional and extra cozy outfit.

Vintage Finds

eclectic grandpa style women winter 2024

High-quality garments made of organic materials are not only hard to come across nowadays, but also incredibly pricey. You can get a timeless wool coat that you’d wear for decades to come from a vintage shop for a fraction of the price you’d pay at a high-end store. The same goes for cardigans, tweed jackets, dress pants, and even some accessories. When buying clothes from such places, you don’t only break free from the fast fashion loop but also add a more unique touch to your fashion choices.

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Bold Colors & Playful Patterns

everyday street style eclectic grandpa core

If you browse through your grandad’s closet, you’ll certainly find some plaid, paisleys, stripes, and maybe one or two accidental floral prints. Bold colors are also quite common. Since this approach to this style is eclectic, you can confidently combine elements that don’t necessarily go together on paper.

Mixing Smart with Casual

gigi hadid eclectic grandpa style 2024

Eclectic grandpa fashion embraces the nostalgia of the past, it celebrates the timeless elegance of high-quality smart garments such as blazers, sweaters, and classic shirts and the charm of contemporary pieces that marry in an unexpected union of highly charismatic and experimental style. You can pair your favorite baggy jeans with a statement wool sweater and an oversized blazer, and accessorize with elegant patent leather loafers and gold jewelry for a smart casual everyday look.


double denim street style eclectic grandpa fashion

The most important element is your distinctive personal touch. Trends are irrelevant if they don’t allow you to express your individuality. If you’re not a fan of the bold and bright color palette, you can tone it down by wearing pieces in more muted earthy tones. If gold isn’t really your jam, feel free to combine your cozy knits with whatever jewelry suits your taste. Be brave and push the boundaries of the status quo – mix and match tech wear with denim pieces, elegant attire, and sportswear for a unique out-of-the-box street style that’s bound to make a statement!

Relaxed Fit

red vest dress pants eclectic grandpa winter style inspo 2024

There’s one thing we can all agree on – grandpa’s like to be comfortable. 2024 is definitely not the year we’re going to bring skinny jeans back, and honestly, I’m quite relieved. There’s so much more you can do when wearing a roomy sweater and baggy jeans, plus this laid-back aesthetic is much more versatile and leaves room for endless possibilities for layering and unconventional combinations.

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