10 Fun and Creative-Themed Birthday Party Ideas for Your Next Girls’ Trip

by Kremy

To many of us childhood memories are associated with birthday parties. Don’t you remember the cakes, opening the gifts and having fun with your friends? Growing up does not mean that the celebrations of this special day should be limited to a dinner in a restaurant, right? A birthday party for adults is a great opportunity not only to meet with friends and relatives, but at the same time spend unforgettable time in a pleasant company, getting a lot of positive emotions. If you need creative-themed birthday party ideas, read on to see some original suggestions!

How to choose a theme for a birthday party?

10 fun and creative themed birthday party ideas for your next girls trip  

One of the main elements of any festive event like a bridal shower, wedding, anniversary or birthday party, is the atmosphere. A themed party is a way to create a different reality for yourself and your friends, to move to any country and any era! To organize a memorable party by yourself is not so difficult if you know the interests of your friend or family member. Look at the top themes below and get inspired!

10 Fun and Creative-Themed Birthday Party Ideas

how to choose a theme for a birthday party

Planning a birthday party for your best friend or a loved one can be quite a task, especially when it comes to girls' trips. While it might be a nice idea to head off for an adventure on a last-minute cruise, the realities of cost and organization usually mean something slightly more low-key is necessary. You want to make sure that it is fun, creative, and memorable, but accessible to everyone, and not too complicated! In this post, we have compiled a list of ten fun and creative-themed birthday party ideas for your next girls' trip to make your planning process much easier. So, let's dive in!

Boho Chic Party

A casual get-together with a boho chic theme is a great place to start. It is easy to set up a cozy outdoor area with throw pillows, rugs, and low tables for a free-spirited, alternative vibe, and details like dreamcatchers, flower crowns, and tarot readings complete the picture. Add in a bonfire with smores and a little acoustic music and you’ve got the perfect evening plan.

Beach Bash

Another wonderfully relaxed and easy-to-organize event, a beach party is a truly charming and special event. If you hold it during the day you’ll want to plan a few activities, like a game of beach volleyball, frisbee, or spike ball, while an evening event might include a fire, a bbq, or a sunset boat ride or stand-up paddleboard trip.

Wine Tasting Party

For your more sophisticated friends, something fancier like wine tasting might be just what the doctor ordered. A wine-tasting party can be surprisingly simple to set up, with a few bottles of wine, some delicious charcuterie accompaniments, and blindfolds if you want to add a frisson of mystery to the evening! If you really want to go all-out, why not organize a trip to a vineyard or winery, and let the experts make the day truly special?

DIY Spa Party

There’s nothing like a pampering day with the girls, but heading en masse to a luxury spa can be pricy. Luckily, with a little planning, you can organize your very own DIY spa party at home! Set up a spa area with face masks, nail polish, and massage oils, and add some candles and relaxing music to enhance the atmosphere. Take the event a little further with a professional masseur, and you’ve got yourself a seriously deluxe birthday treat.

Gatsby-Inspired Party

Does your friend love the Roaring Twenties? Give her a birthday to remember with a Gatsby-themed bash, and conjure up some of that old-timey magic. From classic cocktails and black-and-white decor to flapper dresses and vintage chic, a Gatsby-themed event is a feast for the senses.

Parisian Party

Or maybe you want a touch of romance and French elegance for your creative birthday trip? Bring a bit of Parisian glamor home with a croissant-and-mimosas brunch, or try a French cooking class.

Glamping Party

If you and the girls love the great outdoors but want to keep things comfy and cozy for the party, a glamping trip might be the way to go. The ultimate combo of nature and luxury, a night in the wilderness in comfort and style is a wonderful way to go.

Hollywood Glam Party

Bring the glitz and glam of Hollywood to your friend's birthday with a Hollywood glam party. Set up a red carpet, photo booth, and Oscar replicas for decor, and give the paparazzi something to get their teeth into!

Game Night

If your friends love board games, a lowkey but charming game night party can be a lovely way to include everyone in the event and do something they will really enjoy. You can stick to classic board games, or go all out with a themed murder mystery party!

Pajama Party

For the ultimate laid-back, low-stress event, why not throw a pajama party? Put on your favorite night-time garms, stock up on cookie dough ice cream, and indulge in classic films and awesome gossip!

10 fun and creative themed birthday party ideas

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