Vanilla french nails: Dive into the vanilla girl aesthetic just like Kylie Jenner!

by Gabby

The classic French manicure today has numerous fans who can not imagine themselves without this gentle and attractive design on their nails. There are many trends coming up almost every month and I know that it can be hard to keep up. However, that is why I am here! You have probably already heard of the huge TikTok trend “the vanilla girl”. Well, this type of aesthetic has its own kind of French manicure. What is the Vanilla French nails? What is the “vanilla girl aesthetic”? I tell you all of that today!

vanilla girl aesthetic french manicure nail trends 2023

What is the vanilla girl?

It is not a surprise that yet again, another trend on TikTok is all over the internet. The “vanilla girl” aesthetic includes dressing in neutral tones such as beige, white, pastels, nude and light brown. These type of girls normally wear something comfy like a matching knit set with the classic Uggs for the winter, or a simple white dress with some trendy sneakers. When it comes to jewelry, most of the time they wear gold. Now, for the nails, the newest trend is the Vanilla French nails. They are a MUST if you want to adapt this aesthetic.

vanilla french nails kiley jenner nail trends 2023 minimalistic design


What is a vanilla French manicure?

We all know that French manicure is very popular at the moment, however vanilla French nails are definitely all over TikTok. Are you in love with the classic nails that are too familiar? These are almost the same, but with a twist. Their base is peachier and more pink, instead of the classic transparent one. Zola Ganzorigt, the nail artist who created the Hailey Bieber’s well-known glazed-donut nails, has created the vanilla French manicure. They have this minimalistic vibe and the milky tone makes them look luxurious. The finish is almost creamy-like. Kylie Jenner has already hopped on the trend as per usual and is rocking them in her favorite nail shape.

kiley jenner nails vanilla french manicure tiktok trends 2023

How to do French manicure at home?

Sometimes we don’t have the time to run to the nail salon. That is why it is necessary to know how to do French nails at home. Is it hard? This tutorial will show you how to make them in 5 minutes. It is not essential to make the tips with white nail polish, they sell premade French tips that you can buy from the local drugstore. These are the few tips to remember:

  1. Make sure that your nails are clean, if you previously have used gel nail polish, carefully remove it.
  2. Align your nails with a file. When doing a French manicure, every single unevenness will show. So you have to make sure that everything is perfect when it comes to the nail shape. Every nail must be the same as the other one.
  3. Have fun, while you are doing your nails. Put on your favorite TV show, some music, grab a glass of wine and order your favorite food.

If you need more inspiration, check out the trendiest French manicure in 2023 and how to wear it. There are many ideas that will spark your imagination.

vanilla french manicure 2023 trends nail art design minimalistic simple


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