What is the best engagement manicure in 2023? Let’s see how to match it with your ring!

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Your partner has finally asked THE QUESTION and you got the engagement ring of your dreams? First of all, congratulations on your engagement! This very special experience has to be celebrated properly, and not just with the girls! Every bride-to-be wants to show off her engagement ring with pride and show it off in the right way. How does that work, you might ask? With a matching manicure, of course! Elegant hands are the epitome of beauty and can give our ring even more radiance and shine. And since all eyes will be on your hands in the next few days, we’ll tell you which engagement manicure go best with your engagement ring! So read on and make your fingernails sparkle!

What’s the best engagement manicure in 2023?

engagement manicure 2023 bride women nail trends colors

Choosing the right engagement manicure to go with the engagement ring can get pretty tricky at times. The first thing to consider is the metal of the ring itself. Depending on whether the ring is made of yellow gold, white gold or rose gold, you have a wide variety of nuances to choose from. Does the ring have a colored gemstone? The nail shape can also set the scene for the engagement ring even better. For example, short ballerina nails are very trendy this year and provide a romantic, feminine touch. However, our article is only intended as a small guide and should serve as pure inspiration – the most important thing is of course that the nail design suits your unique taste and style.

Which nail polish to choose for a gold ring?

nail polish for a gold engagement ring how to do my nails wedding


Golden jewelry is undoubtedly a timeless classic and the epitome of elegance. However, the yellow tint can make choosing the right nail polish colors for the engagement ring a bit of a challenge. Warmer nuances, such as light pink or peach, absorb the shine of the ring and bring out the stone even better. However, if that is too simple for you, you can spice up the nail design with some glitter. The fine sparkle makes presenting and viewing twice as much fun.

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Or how about a rich, deep red that makes your hands an absolute eye-catcher? The strong contrast makes the engagement ring look even more elegant and your fingers are guaranteed to get the attention they deserve.

Engagement manicure for a white gold ring

white gold engagement ring manicure ideas nails trends wedding bride

For a cool metal like platinum, you want to choose a nail polish color that will enhance the shine of the jewelry and make it pop! Shades such as white or ice blue provide an eye-catching backdrop and put your hands in the limelight. Would you like something more extravagant? Then dig deep into the color palette and wear what you feel like. However, avoid overly lavish and complicated nail designs, as they unnecessarily draw attention away from the ring itself. After all, we don’t want that, do we?

How to match your nails to the gemstone of your ring?

how to match your nails to the gemstone of your ring engagement manicure 2023

Finding the right nail polish color for a gemstone engagement ring can be difficult as the ring itself is striking enough. It looks really great when the nail polish is color-coordinated with the gemstone. Deep jewel tones such as deep blue, crimson or violet also provide a great contrast that enhances the color of the stone.

French manicure for a timeless look

french manicure trends 2023 engagement wedding nails ideas

The selection of beautiful nail polish colors that match the engagement ring is really huge. However, there are some classics that just always work and for every occasion. And this is exactly the case with the beloved French nails, which are once again among the biggest nail trends in spring 2023. Especially if you’ve decided on a glamorous wedding dress, you can’t go wrong with a sleek French manicure.

White nails

white nails 2023 trends

Whether as a wedding dress for the registry office, as bridal accessories or as a nail polish color for an engagement ring – you are always spot on with white! To emphasize the shine of the ring and to increase the contrast, it is best to use a mate nail polish. White nail designs also look gorgeous with all kinds of engagement rings and add a subtle sparkle to your hands.

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