Need an easy to style haircut? Here are 5 to simplify busy mornings

by Kremy

Spending hours in front of the mirror in the bathroom to style your hair? We at Deavita say no! However, it’s out of the question to leave your hair disheveled! To avoid skipping this step of your beauty routine, without worrying about it, we have one tip for you. Go to your hairdresser and ask him to give you an easy to style haircut! Do you lack inspiration? Do not panic! We’ve got 5 great hairstyles for long and short, curly and straight hair that will make your life easier!

short haircut is easy to style maintain 5 simple and fast trendy hairstyles 2023

What “easy to style haircut” means?

The alarm clock rings and you don’t have time to do your hair? Maybe a few brush strokes will make your morning easier! No, you are not told to cut everything, but rather to opt for easy to style haircut, also known as low-maintenance haircut. Because in fact, saving time does not happen in front of the mirror at home, but in the salon. Depending on the nature of your hair and the cutting technique used by your hairdresser, styling and maintenance will be more or less easier. Shoulder blade bob, boyish haircut, wavy hair… each mane has its own style that’s easy to live with. And for those who want to stay true to a hairstyle with bangs, nothing like the long side swept bangs. Let’s take a look!

Which bob haircut is easy to style?

easy to style haircut bob variations


You can’t resist the temptation of the bob haircut? We understand you! You don’t have to go far to find a variation that’s easy and quick to style, because the shoulder blade bob is the one you need. Gorgeous, timeless and sensational, it immediately gives style. It’s all about looking sexy and classy at the same time. In addition, it has just been named the easiest bob to maintain. Apart from the chic look, this hairstyle gives an impression of a slimmer face and highlights the neck and the neckline. To get this hairstyle, cut to the level of the shoulder blade, or 2-3 centimeters below the chin. Your hair should sweep over your shoulders but not necessarily rest there. Thanks to this length, the shoulder blade bob offers you many easy and quick hairstyles to do on short hair: low bun, baby braids, half-bun, etc. The fuzzy, wavy bob is another beautiful option that will save you time every morning.

What is the easiest short haircut to style?

easy to do yourself haircut low maintenance hairstyles

We won’t tell you anything new if we told you that the buzz cut for women is the easiest short haircut to style and maintain. No need to untangle, dry or even style your mane when you are late. After the wake-up call, just brush your teeth and get dressed! The only downside? This is a radical hair change. So, before daring a shaved haircut for women, you have to know if it matches the shape of your face. As a general rule, it is not suitable for square and elongated faces. The XS cut highlights any imperfection. So forget about it if you have a strong jawline, a large forehead, a long neck or protruding ears. The ideal is to have an oval or round face. In terms of hair type, the buzz cut adapts to all types, from the finest to the thickest.

The boyish cut

easy to do haircut ideas short hair trendy easy and fast hairstyles 2023

Short hair don’t care! If you want to go short, but the buzz cut is not your cup of tea, the boyish cut and all its variations (pixie cut, bowl cut, bixie, etc.) will probably make you fall in love. Easy to style and maintain, the boyish look is above all ultra-feminine. In addition, it adapts to every face shape. A brush stroke, a few drops of gel and you’re good to go. It’s easy to create a tousled look in just 2 minutes!

Which medium length haircut is easy to style?

low maintenance easy to style haircut ideas 2023

We rarely think about it, but what could be easier to style and maintain than a medium length (or long) haircut with a wavy effect! If you’re into blow-drying, this isn’t an option for you, but if, on the other hand, you’re the laid-back type, wavy hair is perfect for avoiding early morning headaches. Long and loose bob, mule cut, mixie or shag cut… wavy hair lends itself to all desires and guarantees easy and quick styling. A few sprays of homemade salt spray and you’re done!

The haircut with wispy bangs

low maintenance haircut wavy bob with wispy bangs

To change your look quickly, there’s nothing like trendy bangs! And the one we are likely to see everywhere in 2023 is undoubtedly the wispy version. Why do we love it so much? In addition to adapting to our desires, it hugs every face shape, unlike the baby bangs style. On straight or curly, long or short hair, it gives a breath of lightness into each haircut. It also has the power to rejuvenate the face and make it slimmer. Its major advantage, however, is its easy maintenance. In fact, if you have to define the easiest bangs to live with, it’s probably the wispy bangs! The best thing is to go to your hairdresser to refresh it. However, those who know how to handle scissors can maintain it at home. When it comes to styling, it’s easy to put back in place without styling products or a straightening iron. Throughout the day, it remains intact and doesn’t need touching up. Pair it with a loose, wavy bob and say goodbye to morning styling.



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