What to do during the New Moon of February 2023 to put the odds on your side?

by Gabby

Each month, the Universe gives us a small gift. So small that you can easily miss it… Of course, we are talking about the New Moon, which occurs every 28 to 30 days. In astrological terms, it is one of the phases of our natural satellite, specifically the one where it is between the Sun and the Earth. The Sun shining behind the Moon, the latter remains invisible in the night sky from our planet. This phase usually marks the beginning of a new cycle and is eagerly awaited, as it brings a series of new beginnings, course corrections and redefinition of goals. The New Moon of February 2023 will take place today on 20th of February. It denotes the perfect time to make changes in your life and rectify any mistakes.

What to do during the New Moon of February 2023?

new moon of february 2023 what to do and start

The February 2023 New Moon is perfect for starting new projects or course-correcting existing ventures. But which things hold the most promise and which activities are best avoided during such a period of renewal? Given that the moon is in Pisces, it is the inner world, intuition and spiritual awakening that are its main beneficiaries. So here are 5 things to try in February during this phase and a few to avoid so as not to run unnecessary risks!

Manifest your intentions

how to manifest your intentions during the new moon in february 2023


Use the New Moon February 2023 wisely to manifest your intentions as clearly and precisely as possible. Think about your goals and meditate on ways to achieve them as well. This will not only keep you on track to accomplish them, but also focus on what you’re really looking for.

You can also make a list of all the desired things, if that approach is more effective for you. Your “narrative” should be as detailed as possible so that the initial idea can create a complete picture in your mind of this new intended situation. Thus, it will become palpable.

Suppose your intention was to find a new job. Where will your perfect office be? What times will work best for you? How will your boss be? What types of projects will you be working on? The same goes for love. What kind of relationship do you want? What activities would you like to do with your partner to have fun together?

Create your own “sacred ritual”

new moon of february 2023 how to create a sacred ritual to manifest our goals

If you’re thinking of witch circles over a cauldron, don’t worry, that’s not our theme. Designing your own ritual is simply creating a set of practices that you find relaxing that you can resort to not only during the New Moon February 2023, but also whenever you feel stressed. Sometimes it’s as simple as meditating, doing yoga, listening to Zen music, or writing this list.

As a sacred ritual, you can light a candle in the evening to symbolically draw light into your life. Since the New Moon is the darkest time of the month, the flame will light your way. You can imagine your own rite, for example, invoking feelings of serenity and love while giving thanks to the Universe.

The New Moon day of February 2023 is the most “fertile” day of this month. Of course, we’re talking metaphorically: it’s the perfect time to design and bring something new to life. Starting a new course, getting to know that nice colleague or applying for a dream job… Whatever the specific initiative, your chances of success will be better during the days following February 20, 2023.

What to avoid during the February New Moon 2023?

what do avoid during the new moon of february 2023

Sometimes you have to let go of habits, people and situations that no longer suit you. However, deciding to give up on something during a new moon can be a waste of energy.

Avoiding new people who cross your path during such a period is also not recommended. Often these newcomers bring us lessons that our souls crave and it pays to be open and curious. The only exception? Energy vampires who suck your positive energy and totally drain it.

Along the same lines, refusing invitations from your friends to leave the house is also inadvisable. Ultimately, you can meet your soul mate on or just after the February 2023 New Moon, right?

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