How to Wear White Sneakers after 50? Find out How to Look Fashionable, Stylish and Youthful at the Same Time!

by Anjelina

White sneakers have been in fashion for years and appeal to women of all ages. They are worn by teenage and young girls as well as by ladies of mature age. The comfort of sports shoes and the fact that the white color is easy to match with almost everything in our wardrobe are the keys to this type of shoes being among the most popular. Women over 50 have no reason not to wear them and deprive themselves of their comfort. In today’s article, we’ll show you how to wear white sneakers after 50, so that you feel great and look fashionable!

How to wear white sneakers over 50?

For women over 50, wearing sneakers is not only possible, but also recommended. Comfortable and practical, they look great with almost every piece of clothing in our wardrobe. Lately, we’ve also seen that white sneakers can match and look trendy even with business suits, skirts and dresses, so dear ladies, there’s definitely no reason to avoid them! In the following lines, you will discover how and with what to wear your white sneakers so that you can keep up with the fashion trends, and most importantly – feel comfortable and ready for your daily adventures!

White sneakers and jeans for women over 50

white sneakers after 50 blue jeans white shirt black blazer and purse

We can’t help but start with the classic combination of white sneakers and jeans, which has dictated the rules of modern casual wear for ladies for years. Straight leg jeans, baggy, mom, boyfriend, skinny, etc. – white sneakers have the ability to look good with any type of jeans. To add more style and elegance to your look, you can go for a light colored shirt as well as a blazer and a handbag in similar colors. This way you achieve a well-matched outfit suitable for long walks in the city.

boyfriend jeans and white sneakers for women over 50


Sneakers with different styles of pants

outfit in neutral colors wide leg pants long blazer white sneakers

Women over 50, and not only, combine white sneakers with different styles of trousers, and interestingly, straight and wide models are increasingly chosen. Apart from the combination looking extremely fashionable and stylish, looser trousers give a slim figure and can hide some flaws, including some age-related changes in the legs.

tight white trousers white sneakers grey jumper neutral colors trendy outfit

At the same time, you can opt for tight trousers if that’s your style, but keep in mind that it’s currently fashionable to have them above the ankle, so there’s some distance between the trousers and the sneaker.

Trouser suits and sneakers trend

women's trouser suit with white sneakers and shirt everyday outfit

Trouser suits have long been not only for men. In fact, women in recent years have been proving they can look just as good and have embraced this style. And what’s even more interesting is that suits, considered formal and business attire, are now worn in everyday life paired with plain white sneakers, completely changing the look and perception. At 50, you can also look elegant with a touch of practicality, so be sure to try this trendy combination!

Sports shoes and dresses

winning combination of green dress and white sneakers for women over 50

Fortunately, in modern fashion, convenience and practicality prevail. We know that a dress as a typically feminine garment is usually paired with high-heeled shoes, but spending all day like this will definitely make any woman suffer from sore feet in the evening for the sake of beauty. And when you’re over 50, wearing uncomfortable shoes on a regular basis can grow into a bigger health problem. And since it’s essential to rely on comfort, it’s worth trying the popular trend of wearing white sneakers with dresses. Your look will be just as feminine, fashionable and most importantly – suitable for long walks, meeting friends or going to the movies.

trendy dress in neutral color and black dots white sneakers

Dresses of medium length or longer, as well as flared, loose models are very suitable for women over 50. And when it comes to colors, prints and patterns – there is simply no limit. Wear what makes you feel beautiful and happy, and we’re sure it will easily go with a pair of comfy white sneakers!

Skirts and white sneakers for 50 year old woman

trendy midi skirt and white sneakers white blouse and leather jacket

And once you’ve realized that you can totally give the winning combination of white sneakers and dresses a try, then the same should apply in full force to skirts. And that’s exactly right! The cut of the skirt, the length, the color or the print can be whatever you prefer.

long white skirt, shoes and t shirt long sleeved green shirt

A stylish outfit idea for spring and summer is to combine a long white skirt made of light fabric with white sneakers, a white t-shirt, and for the cooler hours of the day you can also wear a long-sleeved shirt in a trendy color (natural shades are preferable). This way you will achieve a fresh and youthful look, and you will feel extremely comfortable!

 White sneakers after 50 – Photo gallery

white sneakers for women over 50 combined with a dress

The combination of white and gray looks amazing

grey and white outfit combination for women over 50

Long beige shirt dress with white sneakers

long beige shirt dress with white sneakers

White sneakers and blue jeans

white sneakers blue jeans green handbag and blazer

Gorgeous patterned maxi dress and white sneakers

gorgeous patterned maxi dress and white sneakers after 50

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