How to Wear Jeans at 60? 12 Chic & Rejuvenating Looks to Copy for Fall 2023

by Kristiyana

Jeans are a classic and comfortable piece that most women have in their wardrobe. However, after a certain age, finding the ideal jeans for your body type and creating modern outfits becomes a little more difficult. If you are also wondering how to wear jeans at 60 and stay chic, this article will give you lots of ideas for a modern and rejuvenating look with this type of denim pants.

Which Jeans to Choose for a 60-year-old Woman?

modern outfit ideal wardrobe woman 60 year olds fall 2023

Many women’s bodies change in their 50s, and finding the perfect, flattering pair of jeans may become a little more difficult. Yes, nothing is the same any more, but that in no way means giving up this pillar of casual chic style! Following the tips below will help you find the right denim fit and style for you based on your body shape and age:

  • Choose the right size: No matter what type of clothing you wear, it should always be chosen in the right size! And this is extremely important, especially at 60 and over! So opt for denim that fits you well at the waist and behind on the buttocks. It should neither be too tight nor too wide. Baggy styles should be avoided if you want to look chic and elegant.
  • Wear a model with a high waist: The high waist suits all body types and visually elongates the legs, while camouflaging the bulges and the round belly which tends to appear after menopause.
  • Pay attention to elasticity: Yes, elastic materials are always very comfortable to wear. But when we talk about pants and jeans for a woman after 60, materials that are too elastic are not necessarily recommended. Look carefully at the label and opt for materials that contain no more than 5% elasticity in total
  • Choose your jeans in dark colours, especially if you want to appear slimmer. Dark blue is a great colour to hide those extra pounds. Plus, dark shades are always in fashion.
  • If you are 60 and curvy, opt for a pair of high-waisted jeans, but not extremely high and prefer zippers to buttons. Straight, boot cut, or flare cuts are flattering cuts for your body shape, but choose your jeans with high back pockets.

How to Wear Jeans at 60?

how to wear jeans at 60 year old woman modern look fall 2023


Denim pants are an irreplaceable piece in every woman’s ideal wardrobe. But how to wear jeans at 60 to create modern and rejuvenating looks? What other pieces can you combine it with and be chic without compromising elegance? Here are some interesting ideas for fall 2023:

How to Be Chic at 60? Wear Jeans, a Turtleneck and Loafers

modern outfit woman 60 year olds fall 2023

If you are looking for ideas for casual chic outfits that you can wear to work and also in your daily life, this one is for you! Combine your favourite pair of jeans with a turtleneck jumper and a pair of loafers. For cooler days, wear a jumper over your shoulders or a modern blazer, and you’ll have the perfect modern look for fall!

How to Wear Jeans at 60? Opt for a Monochrome Look!

how to wear jeans at 60 year old woman chic look fall winter 2023 2024

Monochrome outfits are always very elegant! But have you ever thought about wearing jeans at 60 with a knitted cardigan? Cardigans are very trendy this season, and combining one with jeans creates a modern and at the same time very comfortable combo. Choose two in the same shade to elongate and slim your figure.

Combine Your Jeans with a Trench Coat and a White Blouse

wear jeans with a cardigan 50 year old woman

Here is another classic and at the same time very popular look for fall winter 2023-2024: jeans with white blouse and trench coat or cardigan on top. Opt for straight jeans and tuck them into your boots to emphasize your trendy trench coat. Wear with a shoulder bag and sunglasses for a glamorous look in old money style.

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7 Looks with Jeans Over 60 to Copy for Fall 2023

how to be chic as 60 year old woman

Flare jeans worn with a stylish cardigan in white

how to wear jeans for a 60 year old woman

Casual chic look for 60-year-old woman with white blouse & leather jacket

how to dress a 50 year old woman trend

The blazer is a must-have piece for fall 2023

how to dress at 60 to appear younger

Modern outfit with jeans, perfect for work

look monochrome woman 55 years old trend outfit blazer

Wearing your jeans with sneakers is always a good idea

wear jeans with sneakers 60 year old woman

Straight jeans with a long cardigan over 60

what jeans at 60 year old woman modern look ideal wardrobe

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