What is Pumpkin Spice Makeup? – A Complete Guide to Recreating the Trendiest Celebrity Fall Beauty Look!

by Stephanie Yankova

Food-inspired aesthetics have been an ongoing theme for a hot minute – blueberry milk nails, glazed donut nails, tomato girl, and latte makeup – and that’s not even half of them! Just as we are stepping into fall there is a new seasonal food (or shall I say drink?) trend that’s taking social media by storm, and we’re yet to see it completely dominate the beauty community in the next couple of months! Get ready for the pearl in the crown of it-girl autumn aesthetic – Pumpkin spice makeup! What is it, and how can you recreate this stunning celebrity-approved look? The guide is on us, the serve – on you!

What is Pumpkin Spice Makeup?

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Unlike a big portion of the beauty trends that we see nowadays, this particular one did not start from a viral TikTok video. The Pumpkin spice makeup look is a full-blown celebrity glam that made its debut on A-listers such as Vanessa Hudgens, Florence Pugh, Shay Mitchel, Selena Gomez, and many more! The hype is real and completely justified! The seasonal look is characterized by a soft smokey eye in vibrant orange and brown shades, glowing skin, a charming orange blush, and glossy nude lips. It’s the perfect everyday makeup that oozes goddess energy, and you can wear it effortlessly all the way from brunch to the club!

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How to Do Pumpkin Spice Makeup?

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To teach you how to do the OG Pumpkin spice makeup, we took notes from its originator – the celebrity makeup artist Hung Vanngo. Thanks to the versatility of nude, brown, and orange shades, this look can be easily adjusted to suit every skin tone, so don’t let those bright burnt orange hues scare you! You can make it as soft or as goth (just like the Queen of Halloween – Vanessa Hudgens) as you like! Here’s a simple step-by-step guide that will help you copy it like a pro!

Pumpkin Spice Makeup Products

pumpkin spice makeup formula products fall 2023

  • Step 1: Apply the foundation. Our foundation of choice is the Nars Light Reflecting Foundation. It’s ideal for every skin type, has long-lasting wear and a natural finish, and hides imperfections such as scars, dark circles, pigmentation, and signs of aging effortlessly!
  • Step 2: Contour your face. One of the most convenient and easy-to-use face-contouring products I’ve tried is the NYX Wonder Contour Stick. It has a great selection of shades and a double-ended stick with a contour and a highlighter that make it super easy to sculpt your face in just a few strokes.
  • Step 3: Color Correct. To give your skin that soft, peachy glow we suggest you use one of the top cult makeup products that I personally adore to my core – the Huda Beauty Color Corrector in shade Mango. Use the applicator to distribute a small amount of the product at the very top of your cheeks and blend it in using either your fingers or a soft round brush.
  • Step 4: Conceal. Next up comes my favorite part – applying the concealer. If you’re new to the makeup game and still looking for your ride-or-die under-eye bags buddy, look no further – the Estée Lauder Double Wear Concealer is the unsung hero we all need in our lives!
  • Step 5: Bake. If you have really dry and flaky skin, feel free to skip this step and simply apply a setting spray. However, if your skin is on the oily side, we’ll have to bake! My latest go-to powder that I’ve been gradually falling in love with is the Huda Beauty Easybake powder in the shade Banana Bread. Don’t worry if you’re not a fan of pigmented baking powders – they have stunning translucent alternatives!

florence pugh fall themed pumpkin spice makeup look 2023

  • Step 6: Applying the Eyeshadow. For this look you will need to create a soft smokey eye. If you’ve never done that before, don’t worry, here’s a simple step-by-step smokey eye guide you can follow! For the Pumpkin eye makeup look you’re going to need a range of nude, brown, and orange, or pink shades depending on your skin tone and the intensity of the eye makeup. Make sure you have at least two shades of glitter eyeshadow – a bright gold one to highlight the inner corner of the eye and under your eye, a copper glitter for the mid-section of the eyelid for a softer look, and dark brown glitter for a more dramatic eye. Our eyeshadow palette of choice is no other than the fabulous Too Faced Pumpkin Spice 18-pan.
  • Step 7: Mascara. To make the most of this makeup look, finish off your eye makeup with a brown voluminous mascara. My personal favorite is the YSL Lash Clash mascara in the shade 02 brown.
  • Step 8: Foundation Powder. This step is not mandatory, however, it will help give your look more depth and softness, as well as long-lasting wear. I like to apply the Fenty Beauty Pro Filt’r Foundation Powder with a big soft powder brush just to even out my skin’s texture.
  • Step 9: Brow Check. This look requires an effortless, natural, bushy brow, so all you’re going to need is a tinted brow gel or a brow glue to set them in place. I would recommend using the NYX brow glue. There are tinted versions, as well as a clear one, and I guarantee you that your brows will be hurricane-proof after that!
  • Step 10: Applying Lipstick. We’re not going to go crazy with the lips, as this look is supposed to be relatively lightweight. I like to use the NYX soft matte lipstick as it has absolutely never ever failed me! The love-hate relationship with matte lipsticks is a shared struggle amongst the beauty community due to the fact that although they look stunning, it’s really hard to come across a formula that doesn’t dry out your lips like the Sahara desert. Well, I can wholeheartedly admit that this lipstick beats all the odds and will keep your lips feeling moisturized all day long!
  • Step 11: Gloss. The final touch that’s going to bring your whole look together is that juicy, donut-glazed pout. I caved in and bought the trendy Gisou lip oil just to see what the hype is all about and, to my disbelief, this product did not disappoint! The downside – it comes with a hefty price. Don’t worry, you don’t need to break the bank for the perfect glossy lip. Any lip gloss with gold glitter particles will give you the same effect!

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