Women’s sneakers trend 2022: Focus on the pairs that marked the year!

by Kremy

Sneakers are no longer just for sports enthusiasts. No, today, we wear them with everything and everywhere, day and night, summer and winter. Life in sneakers is chic and practical. So, what are the women’s sneakers trend 2022 that we will continue to wear in 2023? Find out 6 favorite models of Deavita and fashion tips to make them your own this fall-winter!

Women’s sneakers trend 2022: 6 key models of the year that we will continue to wear in 2023

shoes women sneakers trend 2022 spring autumn winter

It is no longer possible to imagine our daily style without a pair of trendy sneakers. Stars of our shoeing, sneakers now twist all our clothes for an ultra-desirable outfit. They work with our long dresses, skirts, coats and other everyday wardrobe basics. Ok, but what are the trends to follow to upgrade your wardrobe this year and the next one? The explanation of our team of fashion experts!

Mushroom leather sneakers

trend womens shoes 2022 white sneakers mushroom leather adidas mylo


There are already a good number of shoe brands that are continuing their efforts towards greener and more responsible production thanks to mushroom leather. And the Adidas Stan Smith Mylo is a good example. Made from renewable mycelium (underground roots of fungi), this new pair perfectly mimics the look and feel of real leather. In addition, it is offered in different colors and patterns.

Other eco models

trendy models sneakers nespresso recycled coffee grounds leather tuna fish 2022

To avoid throwing fish skins away, the Pantuna house creates, for its part, tuna leather sneakers. Stylish, timeless and eco-friendly, these shoes are like no other. The creators explain that there is no smell, except that of traditional leather. Our eco fashionistas will love it. Among the other models they may find interesting are the Zèta sneakers made from recycled coffee grounds (in partnership with Nespresso coffee), the zero-waste pair from VEJA and the one from Eram made from recycled polyester, rubber and leather.

Platform sneakers, the return

sneakers trend 2022 women platform autumn winter

For those who want more height this season, there’s nothing nothing like platform sneakers. This model is back, more modern than ever, with a platform sole to make our legs longer. The iconic design of these vintage shoes is always there to please fans of nineties fashion. To upgrade your fall outfits, you can find your happiness at New Balance, Converse, Superga or Ash. With a mini-skirt, jeans or flareа corduroy pants (the star material of fall-winter 2022), platform sneakers are a great choice!

Colorful sneakers, the trendy sneakers to get!

women shoe trend 2022 colored sneakers

Are you tired of white sneakers? In terms of colors, the fall season will not be monotonous. Make way for pink models from Diadora, Louis Vuitton and Nike! Blue will also dominate the fall-winter 2022 season. It’s hard to miss this shade which has the advantage of pairing with all our pieces. And for those of you who want to play the originality card, this season there will be models that are adorned with iridescent and fluorescent colors. How to wear them? They demonstrate their full fashion potential when paired with a little black dress or monochrome outfit.

Ugly shoes, a well-established women’s sneaker trend

trendy sneakers 2022 for women ugly shoes

After the return of clogs this year, we also find, without any surprise, that ugly shoes are also back. This imposing XL platform model will continue its fashion rise in 2023. Modernized by the big luxury houses, “ugly” shoes will not go unnoticed. With their oversized look, they are a real eye-catcher. To calm things down, however, we avoid combining them with other strong pieces. Choose a romantic look with airy materials and floral patterns instead. The babydoll dress is an ideal ally. For a casual chic look, put on jeans with a trendy cashmere sweater and you’re done.

Mountain-style sneakers, the new women’s shoe trend to follow

womens sneakers trend 2022 how to wear mountain trail sneakers fall winter 2023

Whether you like it or not, trail sneakers are among the sneakers trend 2022 that will continue to conquer the hearts of fashionistas in 2023. The key to their success? These are sneakers halfway between sportswear and hiking fashion, with tapered lines and an outdoor aesthetic where comfort comes first. To wear them in style, combine them with a long dress with sporty accents, a knitted set or a short puffer jacket. At H&M, Urban Outfitters and Asos, mountain sneakers are constantly being announced as “sold out”!

Women’s sneakers trend 2022 – Printed sneakers

womens sports shoes trend printed sneakers 2022

With the return of the leopard print at Milan Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2023, the most popular patterns of the moment are attacking our shoes. Animal prints, polka dots, stripes, flowers… trendy prints are invading the sneaker department to give our winter outfits a boost. The ideal choice to boost a look that is a little too basic this season!



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