Geometric nail art 2023: stylish and elegant designs to try for your next manicure!

by Kremy

Geometric nails have been popular for years and from season to season we see new ideas and different variations. Geometric nail art 2023 features stylish manicure and original designs. Have you already tried geometric nails? If not, now is the perfect time! You can go to a nail salon or try one of the many DIY techniques. Even if you are not skilled at doing your nails, drawing simple geometric lines is super easy which makes this manicure ideal for beginners.

What nail polish color to choose for your trendy geometric nail design 2023?

What are geometric nail art 2023 trends

Geometric patterns complement nails of different shapes and lengths which allows you to adapt the design to your style and needs of the moment. It is important to remember that geometric manicures should be done in contrasting shades. This ensures always a spectacular and adorable design.

nail polish colors trendy geometric nail design 2023


The most popular colors for geometric manicure in 2023 are red, black, white, nude or pastel palette. The colors change depending on the season. For the spring-summer manicure go for yellow, blue, pink, orange, and for fall-winter nails choose earthy colors like beige-brown, green, burgundy, dark blue. If you prefer shades from the same palette to create geometric ombre nails, just go for it!

Geometric nail art 2023 trends – what are the must-try designs?

Geometric nail art 2023 trends what are the must try designs

Geometric manicure is based on all kinds of geometric shapes using lines, strokes, zigzags and dots that can be placed in any order and variations. The main advantage of geometric nail art is the fact that it allows endless variations and there is no limit to the number of combinations.

Geometric Nails design ideas for short and long nails

Can you combine different patterns? Of course, you can! Can you combine different colors? The answer is yes! Can you combine different techniques? Absolutely! For example, if you are new to DIY nails, start with something simple like dots and lines. Another super easy technique for geometric nails is using tape. It’s easy to experiment with geometry, creating new looks and trends.

geometric ombre nail design 2023 trends

What are geometric nail art 2023 trends? In addition to classic designs, we shall see manicure designs in a variety of styles this year. Color block is a big trend which combines with geometry. Minimalism has never lost its popularity and will always be fashionable. If you need to keep to a strict dress code, combine minimalist and geometric nail art for a stunning design. What else? Elegant French manicure, of course! French geometric nails are awesome and will showcase your hands in a brilliant way!

Minimalistic geometric nail design 2023

Minimalistic nail design 2023 geometric nails trend

As we mentioned, minimalism is a big trend in contemporary nail art. A trendy nail color 2023 and fine lines will allow you to create charming and stylish geometric designs. The lines can be arranged in numerous ways – along, diagonally or across the nail plate, they can be parallel to each other or crossing each other to create interesting shapes. Ovals, squares, polygons, triangles, dots, are also possible. Swirl nails are one of the biggest spring 2023 trends so going for abstract waves on a negative space is another option for minimalistic geometric nail art.

Minimalistic geometric nail design 2023

Matte or gloss finish in different nail design look very different and you can choose depending on your taste. Either way, you will have an extraordinary, elegant and sophisticated manicure.

Color block nail design 2023

geometric color block manicure nail art trends 2023

You cannot decide between the two big trends – geometric and color block nail art? Well, why don’t you combine them? It is so easy! How to do that? The surface of the nail plate is divided into different sectors and each one is filled with different shades of nail polish. You can choose the number of sectors – two, three or more, and the colors for your manicure. Usually, color block geometry is done in bright and saturated colors. If you want to keep it discreet and minimal, select only two shades and make small blocks on a nude or transparent base, complementing the blocks with fine stripes.

Geometric French manicure design 2023

Stylish French manicure with geometric decoration

Loved by many women, the classic French manicure gets a stylish new look with geometric nail design. This design style looks great on both long and short nails. In 2023, French manicure designs are elegant and restrained. Lightness and calmness in the decoration of the fingers create a special, sophisticated look. Simple stripes or geometric figures with discreet and modest combination of colors will look appropriate in a working atmosphere in the office and are a great choice for every day as well.



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