How to dress when you are chubby and 50 years old? 4 steps to look great!

by Anjelina

They say confidence comes from within. But sometimes, even if we dig deep and look for it, it’s hard to find. We just need a little boost to feel great. As we get older, not only do we feel more and more pressured to look younger, but we also frantically try to fit into clothes that just don’t fit. Society has really set unrealistic standards. We are here to stop all of this and teach you how to dress and walk confidently. How to dress when you are chubby and in your 50s? Read on!

How to dress when you are chubby and 50 years old?

how to dress when you are chubby and 50 years old

You may have heard that when you reach a certain age, you need to “tone down” your style. This is just not right! Telling women they have to wear dark, baggy clothes if they have curves, or long skirts as soon as the first wrinkles appear, is silly. We are here to give our beautiful readers confidence and help them find the right clothes for their body type. There are five body types to fit into: rectangle, pear, hourglass, inverted triangle and round. We will tell you which clothes will flatter you the most according to your morphology. Next, the colors are important. It’s very personal, and you need to find out what colors of clothes to avoid according to your undertone in order to shine completely. Are you ready for the guide? Hope so, because we are!

Rectangle morphology: How to dress?

The rectangles are not particularly curved, they are rather uniform. Indeed, the waist is not really accentuated, nor the buttocks, nor the hips. In fact, to make you shine and highlight your best assets, here are the clothes to choose:

  • Dresses: Which dress cut is best according to the rectangle morphology? High-waisted dresses are ideal. This will not only keep your body weight in balance, but also make you look rounder and more feminine. For example, wrap dresses will look great on you. Avoid baggy dresses, which do not accentuate your beauty.
  • Skirts: the flared skirt and the patterned skirt are the ones you need! The flared skirt will make your thighs more sensual, while the patterned skirt will bring dimension. The key here is to feel comfortable in clothes that flatter you. However, avoid skirts with horizontal stripes if you don’t want to look wider in the hips.
  • Pants: we know that high-waisted pants can make you feel safe and comfortable, which is good. If it makes you feel confident, then so be it! However, we do suggest lower waisted jeans as well! Boot cut jeans will do wonders for your figure.
  • Tops: Cleavage is important here. To show off your breasts and arms, choose lower, V-shaped necklines. Round necklines are also appropriate. On the other hand, square and straight necklines are a no-no! They will only make you look square.

rectangular morphology learn how to dress according to your body type


Inverted triangle morphology

How to dress when you have an inverted triangle morphology? This body shape is reminiscent of an athlete’s build. Women usually have broader shoulders and an undefined waist. Here are the suggestions that will flatter you the most:

  • Dresses: the key here is to add volume to the lower body to achieve balance. Scalloped, belted, straight or A-line dresses are perfect for this. Avoid dresses that put too much emphasis on the shoulders and arms.
  • Skirts: The volume rule applies here as well. Skirt types that flare out from the hips are perfect! Details like panels, box pleats or vertical lines at the top that end in a full skirt are good for adding dimension and interest to the hips. Another way to draw attention is to wear a skirt in a brighter color.
  • Pants: avoid skinny jeans! Opt instead for pants such as cargo, flare, wide-leg and baggy. Also, for color: we know that black is safe when you’re curvier. However, you should slowly start to move away from it. Go for brighter colors instead.
  • Tops: asymmetrical and deep necklines will give you a more sensual and feminine look. Avoid straight or square necklines and cleavages.

Hourglass morphology

All body types are beautiful. In fact, the hourglass figure has an easier time finding and fitting into clothes than others. Yet, there are can also be failures if you’re not careful! Shoulders are round and the upper half of the body is proportionate to the lower half with a defined waist.

  • Dresses: avoid straight dresses and boxy dresses that do not define your waist. Opt for wrap and pinafore dresses instead, with more volume at the bottom.
  • Skirts: the pencil skirt is the winner here! It accentuates the waist, buttocks and thighs. On the other hand, the straight skirt and the skirts with large pockets are to be avoided!
  • Pants: avoid low-waisted jeans, let them flourish in the 2000s. Opt for high waisted jeans and trousers instead. Flared jeans, split hem jeans, and even the high-waisted skinny jeans will look great on you. Bright, flashy colors should be avoided.
  • Tops: a great selection of flattering necklines are the V-neck, scoop neckline and square.

hourglass body type fashion ideas for chubby women

Round morphology

This is for our lovely apple-shaped readers! If you’re having trouble finding clothes, here’s what you should look for:

  • Dresses: wrap dresses work great for an apple body type, as do dresses with belts around the waist. This creates the illusion of a slimmer waist. Another trick to draw attention away from the midsection is to wear a plunging neckline.
  • Skirts: Avoid wide, ruffled skirts. Instead, wear shorter skirts with a high waist. Focus on your legs and upper body.
  • Pants: skinny jeans are not appropriate. Instead, opt for mid-waisted jeans, such as wide-leg, flared and boot cut jeans. Avoid bright colors, opt mostly for darker ones.
  • Tops: Turtlenecks are not very flattering for curvy shapes. Plunging necklines, on the other hand, are!

How to dress when you are chubby? Pear-shaped morphology

pear body shape tops trousers skirts how to pick according to the body type

How do you dress when you’re curvy and 50 years old AND you have a pear-shaped body type? It is defined by a smaller bust and shoulders and wide, broad hips. To balance the figure, while remaining beautiful, you can try the following styles:

  • Dresses: accentuate the waist with a beautiful wrap dress (this is a winner for all body types). Look for dresses that are wider at the bottom, but looser at the top. Avoid straight dresses and drop-waist dresses, as they will ruin your figure.
  • Skirts: avoid skirts with heavy horizontal details and long heavy skirts. The key here is to bring balance and not accentuate wide hips too much. Instead, opt for fitted or flared skirts. Pencil skirts can also be appropriate, depending on the top you’re wearing.
  • Pants: Jeans and high-waisted pants are the winners here. Flared and slit hems look amazing and work great on pear-shaped bodies. Opt for darker colors.
  • Tops: the necklines you need are wide, square, off-shoulder and with accents. Avoid narrow collars.

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