How to Choose the Right Dental Clinic for Your Dental Tourism Trip?

by Kremy

Dental tourism has remained the best-kept secret of all time. Many people, even celebrities, decide to take the first flight they find to get dental treatment in foreign lands. Why do they do this? Because in addition to visiting a new destination, they return home with a completely renewed smile and more money in their savings account. Dental tourism is a practice in which a person travels to another country to receive dental treatments at lower prices than those offered in their country of origin. It is a way to combine the need for dental care with the opportunity to explore a new destination and save money in the process. Some dental treatments in the United States can cost between $25,000 and $30,000, while in countries like Colombia, you can access the same treatments with the best quality on the market for 70% less cost, including airfare.

Where's the Catch?

how to choose the right dental clinic for your dental tourism trip

Why are they so cheap? Because rents, taxes, and salaries are cheaper in Colombia, as well as the cost of studies that have been received by recognized dentists. Moreover, currency exchange rates favor the dollar, which allows maintaining high-quality standards at more competitive costs compared to North America.

Just imagine, stepping on foreign lands, relaxing in a hotel while your treatment lasts, and returning home with a radiant smile at a low cost. It's an image that makes you want to smile!

So, if you are excited about this prospect or curious about the matter, here's what you need to know when choosing a dental clinic for your dental tourism. It is important to research the clinic, read reviews from previous patients, and seek information about the dentists who work there.

Before a Dental Tourism Trip Research About the Treatments

First, research the dental treatments that you think may serve you, the materials currently used, and a general overview of the costs and treatment times. This way, you will be better prepared when contacting clinics and can look for a clinic specialized in the treatment you desire.

The reasons for dental treatment are very varied, perhaps you need it to improve your oral health and also to beautify your smile with veneers. The truth is that specialization is important if we want to have the best results.

Know the Reputation and Experience of the Clinic and Its Dentists

know the reputation and experience of the clinic and its dentists

Once you have in mind the type of treatment you want, make a list of available specialized dental clinics. It is important to consider that they have the necessary measures to receive you and make your stay and dental procedure much more comfortable and easy.

Location and accessibility are important, the dental clinic should be located in a safe and accessible place, preferably near the patient's accommodation or the place where you will stay. Don't forget to ask about transfers from the airport to the hotel and from the hotel to the clinic and vice versa. Some of the best clinics offer a driver who will take care of your transportation safely.

Availability and Customer Service

The dental clinic should be available and provide adequate customer service, answer questions and concerns, and provide clear and precise information about the services offered and the associated costs.

Make sure to receive an initial assessment and personalized accompaniment throughout the process. You want dental centers with experience in dental tourism to ensure the quality of your experience.

Evaluate the Facilities, Technology, Quality, and Safety of the Materials Used in Dental Treatments.

Once you have collected the clinics whose reputation, attention, and experience meet your standards, you should compare which of them offer the best facilities and equipment, what techniques they use, as well as the materials they have available to perform the procedure. In the case of veneers, lithium disilicate is a really resistant material and can last for YEARS without wearing out.

Modern clinics are usually better equipped to offer advanced and high-quality services. Ensuring that the clinic has the appropriate technology and equipment can make a difference in the final result.

Treatment Times

A good specialized clinic that has its own laboratory with advanced technology such as robotics and cutting-edge materials can offer you the best treatment times. Depending on your case, the treatment could take you only 2 to 3 days! So, you won't have to spend too much time away from home or work. And, if returning home soon is not your priority, you could take a few days to explore the city you are visiting. Every place has its magic, and there is nothing like taking a break and disconnecting in a different and pleasant place.

Many of the oral treatments that used to seem painful and long-lasting can now be experienced without pain in the shortest possible time. Make sure to receive adequate advice so that you can plan according to your convenience.

Choose the Right Dental Clinic for Your Dental Tourism Trip - Evaluate the Expert's Hands

before a dental tourism trip research about the treatments

Effective communication with the specialist is necessary for a clear understanding of the proposed treatments and follow-up options, so it is important to look for dentists who speak the same language or have translation services. Investigate the previous work that the Dr. of each center has done, pay attention to the testimonials and the aesthetic result of their work.

Guarantee and Follow-Up

It is important that the clinic offers a guarantee on the services provided, as well as adequate follow-up after the treatment to ensure that everything is in order and the patient is satisfied with the results.

Once you have informed yourself about the clinics' experience in dental tourism and in your treatment, accessibility, and safety, you have taken into account the quality of the equipment, the days that your procedure would take, and you are satisfied with your relationship with the specialist, you should consider one last piece of advice:

Make the Most of Your Money with a Dental Tourism Trip

With all the filters we have offered you, choose the dental center that best suits you according to your schedule, budget, and the price-quality ratio it offers. Although dental tourism can be an affordable way to get dental treatment, it is important to ensure that the price is fair and competitive in relation to the quality of service. Also, consider the facilities they offer to help make your visit successful and ensure the best results.

Take into account the fact that you are likely already saving around 70% of the cost of dental treatment, and you can also explore a new destination and return home with a completely new smile and more money in your account, which you can either save or enjoy by exploring new places or however you prefer.

Get Informed and Enjoy This Incredible Experience

make the most of your money with a dental tourism trip

Getting a dental procedure done in the USA or anywhere in the world is not a matter to be taken lightly. Medical and hygiene standards are important to avoid medical complications, so it is important to ensure that the dentist and dental clinic have the necessary certifications and accreditations, and to investigate their background and reputation. Pay attention to the testimonials of people who have shared their experience.

By carefully researching and choosing a dental clinic, and communicating effectively with the dentist, you can enjoy a successful dental tourism experience with all its benefits... A paradise!

We hope that you take into account the factors mentioned above and that they are useful when choosing the right clinic for you in terms of quality, price, and comfort, whether you decide to take advantage of dental tourism or prefer to contact a dental center near you. It is important to take all these factors into consideration to make the most informed decision.

Keep smiling!


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