Glam Up Your Kitty Claws With These Stiletto Nails Designs!

by Stephanie Yankova

Whenever I look at stiletto nails I simply can’t help but think of the iconic cat claws Zoë Kravitz had in the latest Batman movie. They’re edgy, classy, and incredibly alluring. I have the utmost admiration for every woman who dares to rock these nails because truthfully speaking – they are not for everyone! Not amongst the most convenient nail shapes, the stilettos have a daring silhouette that has been recently growing in popularity. You know how a fresh set of nails can suddenly make you act differently? Stiletto nails definitely hold the power of giving you an instant confidence booster that’s going to make you feel like the main character! Read a bit more about the aftercare of this eye-catching nail shape once you’ve left the nail salon, and get inspired by our nail art suggestions coming straight from the vault of our team!

How to Take Care of Your Stiletto Nails, so They Can Last Longer?

glossy milky white long elegant minimalist stiletto nails design

Credits: Deavita Photo Gallery/Marieta G.

Something you need to be wary of before you get stiletto nails is that the sharp tips will eventually start rounding up because of the constant friction that’s getting applied to them every time you press them against any surface. Approximately two weeks after you’ve gotten your nails done they will most definitely start taking a more almond nail shape, however, this is something completely normal that you shouldn’t fret about! Here are a few aftercare tips that help you keep your nails looking fabulous for a longer period of time:

  • Adapt the way you use your hands to your everyday activities. Remember – your nails are not tools, so make sure that you don’t apply any unnecessary pressure on them. A useful tip – don’t open cans with your nails – try using a spoon instead. Also, any buttons that you’d usually press with the tip of your finger, press with your knuckles instead.
  • Under no circumstances should you use abrasive cleaning products with bare hands as that will result in damage to your gel nail polish – wear disposable gloves.
  • It’s absolutely crucial that you apply cuticle oil around your nails and underneath the free edge, especially during the winter or if you live in a place with a dry climate. This will add moisture to your nail and stop it from curling away from your gel or acrylics.

Transform Your Hands with These Stunning Stiletto Nails Designs

animal pattern french tips gold leaf milky white base stiletto nails design


Credits: Deavita Photo Gallery/Svetoslava Koeva

Stiletto nails have one of the most appealing silhouettes for many reasons. Firstly, the elongated shape with sharp, pointy tips creates a beautiful optical illusion that makes your fingers appear much longer. Secondly, if you’re someone who’s into nail art and enjoys experimenting with bold designs and nail drawings, this nail shape gives you plenty of space to turn your creative genius into reality.

Short Neon Pink Sugar Stiletto Nails

neon pink sugar nails french tips nude base short stiletto nails

Credits: Deavita Photo Gallery/Svetoslava Koeva

This bold and playful design incorporates a twist of the classic French tips with a nude base and a neon pink tip, and an accent neon pink sugar nail. A definite must try for the upcoming summer season ideal for short stilettos.

Silver Glitter French Tips

silver glitter french tips long stiletto nails design

Credits: Deavita Photo Gallery/Marieta G.

Chic, festive, and incredibly versatile – this glittery reimagination of the French manicure is such a simple way to create a dazzling manicure that’s certainly going to draw some attention!

Matte Deep Purple Hues

deep dark purple matte french tips stiletto nails design


Credits: Deavita Photo Gallery/Marieta G.

Elegant and mystical, these matte purple nails with glossy tips will add a mysterious touch to your appearance. Probably not ideal for the warm spring and summer seasons, this is a design you can add to your idea book for future reference once autumn commences!

Floral Stiletto Nails

nude base spring floral short stiletto nails design

Credits: Deavita Photo Gallery/Svetoslava Koeva

Perfect for the spring and summer seasons, these gentle, lip gloss nails with minimalist floral designs are guaranteed to put you in a positive mood every time you take a glance at them!

Matte Vibrant Pink Ombre Stiletto Nails

shades of pink ombre matte long stiletto nails design

Credits: Deavita Photo Gallery/Marieta G.

One of the trendiest nail designs for the upcoming summer season is the pink ombre nails. The gradient manicure is incredibly attractive as there is a hint of optical illusion to it which makes it hard to look away. Not only that, but it’s also incredibly easy to make, so if you’re looking for a design that you can effortlessly try to do on your own – this just might be the one!

Matte Shades of Brown

shades of brown beige white dusty rose matte stiletto nails design

Credits: Deavita Photo Gallery/Rosi Nikolova

You don’t necessarily need a flashy, intricate design in order to have a stunning eye-catching set of nails. These mismatched matte nude nails in shades of brown and white are astonishingly tasteful and would go beautifully with any outfit all year round!

Matte Skin-Blending Nude Claws

nude matte simple minimalist chic stiletto nails design

Credits: Deavita Photo Gallery/Rosi Nikolova

These flawless skin-blending nude nails are probably the closest any of us is going to get to morphing into Catwoman. I must admit, achieving the perfect nude is a skill, and in this case, the result is envy-inducing!

Milky White French Tips

milky white french tips chic classy stiletto nails design

Credits: Deavita Photo Gallery/Marieta G.

A modern twist of a timeless classic – the milky white base in combination with a sharp French tip is forever going to remain one of my absolute favorite stiletto nails design!


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