Short hairstyles 2022: Which cuts are trending this fall and which ones to avoid?

by Kremy

August is coming to an end and soon it will be time to say goodbye to summer and welcome fall. If you are in the mood for a change at the turn of the year, you are on the right track with a new hairstyle. And what speaks more about change than a short haircut? To make your choice easier, we present the fall trends for short hairstyles 2022. In the article we reveal which cuts are currently popular and which ones you should avoid!

The trendiest short hairstyles for fall 2022

Short hairstyles 2022 wavy bob

From stylish pixie cuts to elegant bob hairstyles: this fall, short haircuts are very popular again! Check out the options that are trending now and choose a new modern cut.

Mid-Length Bob

Baby wave bob haircut modern wavy


A popular fall 2022 haircut that falls somewhere between short and medium-length is the mid-length bob. Not a short bob, but not a Lob either, this hairstyle is one of the most easy-care yet elegant short hairstyles of all. The possibilities for styling are simply endless and the trendy hairstyle can be easily adapted to any hair type.

Short Hairstyles Trend 2022 Mid Length Flicked Bob

The baby wave bob and the flicked bob are among the most popular styling variations of the haircut this season. In the first, the hair is styled with gentle waves that look particularly natural and subtle. With the second option, you tend to play with the tips of your hair, which are slightly blow-dried outwards at chin length. This creates a particularly striking effect that looks very pretty and feminine.

Airy Bob – the volume miracle

Airy Bob Trend Hairstyle Fall 2022

For women with thin hair, the Airy Bob is the perfect hairstyle for fall 2022, which creates volume and thickness.  Fine hair is first cut into a blunt cut and then styled with a hair dryer and round brush. Slightly twist the ends in and add extra volume at the roots to achieve this trendy look.

The volume miracle is also suitable for thick hair, although some weight has to be removed by slightly layering the ends of the hair.

Feathered Pixie Bob

Feathered pixie bob modern layered blonde hair

If you prefer to wear your hair even shorter, this pixie variation is the best choice. It fits both young and older women perfectly and is one of the most beautiful transitional hairstyles between very short and medium length. A pixie bob requires little or no maintenance if the cut is done right. Depending on the hair structure, the short hairstyle is also suitable for a wash-and-go look.

Mixie Cut as one of the most beautiful short hairstyles 2022

Mixie cut hairstyle trend fall modern

If you love bold haircuts, then the mixie cut is just the right choice for your new fall hairstyle! With the charm of the mullet hairstyle and the short length of the pixie cut, this new haircut offers a modern twist on the classic cuts. You can read more about the trend and lots of great styling ideas in this article.

French bowl cut

French bowl cut trendy hairstyle 2022

A particularly striking variation of the bob haircut is the classic bowl cut. This special hairstyle is enjoying an increasing popularity among French women and more and more women of fashion dare the cheeky cut. The hair around the head is cut in one line – either the same length or slightly oblique. A blunt fringe is also a must.

short hairstyles 2022 Bowl Cut for curly hair with highlights

What before was a hairstyle only for straight hair is now sported by people of all hair textures. The bowl cut gets a modern update and finds its place among the trendiest haircuts of the fall. The most important thing about this cut – it’s fun and great for the adventurous. And if it’s not the right one, don’t worry – the hair will grow back in no time. Alternatively, you can always give a shorter pixie a shot.

Avoid these short hairstyles in fall 2022

One of the following short haircuts would not be advisable in the new season. They are no longer trendy and will patiently await their (eventual) comeback in the years to come. Let’s see.

Asymmetrical bobs are no longer trendy

hairstyles 2022 that are out of fashion asymmetrical bob

Graphically cut short hairstyles with pronounced asymmetry are stepping back from the hairstyle scene this fall. Instead, one wears subtle yet more elegant bob haircuts like the styles mentioned above: wavy bob, feathered bob and airy bob.

Short hairstyles with an undercut will be out in autumn 2022

Bob with undercut fall 2022 not in trend anymore

The undercut is out again next season. But we’re sure that this short hairstyle will soon make a comeback in one form or another.

Bye Bye, Mullet

The mullet will be passé in fall 2022

In fall 2022, the classic version of the mullet hairstyle is replaced by its modern variation – the mixie cut. And let’s be honest, we actually like the new combo hairstyle and can only hope that the mullet is finally passé.



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