How to grow kiwi from seeds easily? Follow the guide!

by Kremy

No need to list the benefits of this vitamin-packed fruit! Kiwi seeds are so tiny that they are eaten with the fruit. However, kiwi seeds can germinate! Want to try your luck? How to grow kiwi from seeds? We shall tell you everything to make it easier for you to harvest!

How to grow kiwi from seeds?

how to grow kiwi from seeds 2023

First of all, you are aware that kiwi is a fruit that does not ripen on the tree, but only after you have picked it. Thus, you can enjoy it 8 to 15 days after picking. Store it together (or near) with apples and bananas to make it ripen faster. To optimize the preservation of the fruit, handle your fruit with care during harvesting and storage. Finally, be aware that an adult plant can produce 20 to 60 kg of kiwis.

Moreover, know that the flowers of kiwi are not very melliferous. As a result, they do not attract pollinating insects very much. To deal with this and encourage flower pollination and fruiting, we recommend that you plant the following flowers near the kiwis:

  • sage
  • sunflowers
  • poppies
  • lavender
  • various aromatic herbs
  • green manures



Generally, kiwis are harvested starting in October. Let’s go further and learn how to germinate and grow kiwis. As a bonus, let’s see how to recognize the male kiwi from the female kiwi. Let’s go!

When to germinate kiwis?

First of all, get the tiny little seeds and get rid of the remaining pulp. To do this, use tweezers and clean them gently with water. Proceed as follows:

  • Rub the seeds between two layers of paper towels to clean them well.
  • Collect as many as possible from several different kiwis to increase your chances of success.
  • Plant your seeds in fine, moist soil, barely covering them.
  • Maintain sufficient humidity.

Finally, place in a warm, light environment. Be sure to monitor the humidity of the soil, which must remain constant. Spray regularly without excess and everything should go well in the land of kiwis.

As a bonus, here is a proven solution:

  • Get a plastic bottle.
  • Cut it in half at a third of its height.
  • Remove the cap.
  • Replace it with a paper ball inserted into the neck.
  • Turn the top half over.
  • Replace it, upside down, on the other one, neck down.

DIY mini greenhouse for kiwi with a plastic bottle 2023

You’ve reached your goal! You have just made a mini greenhouse from recycled packaging, with a little air circulation and a humid atmosphere inside. Not bad, right?

How to grow kiwi fruit from seeds after germination?

plant kiwi seedlings in wet soil

You will first need to thin the seedling when the seeds have germinated. Then, transplant your seedlings without delay, as soon as they have 2 true leaves, in individual pots. Be careful not to break the small root. Kiwis like rather moist and not too calcareous soils. Watch out for spring frosts which could damage the buds. Kiwis appreciate long-term mild temperatures, warm spring and summer, and mild autumn so that the fruits can finish ripening.

How do I know if my kiwi is male or female?

First, no worries. Most kiwi varieties are self-fertile. So you don’t need to have several different varieties to get fruit. However, note that since the proximity of a male plant is essential to pollinate the flowers of the female plant, it is essential to have both sexes. Problem: it is almost impossible to know the sex of a seedling. Patience will be required while waiting to see the appearance of the flowers to distinguish the two sexes.

The males have large white petals with long, very powdery yellow stamens at the heart. The females, they do not do things by halves, they have 20 to 30 styles, surrounding white stigmas arranged around the ovary. In addition, be aware that male plants are much more floriferous than female plants. To sum up, to increase your chances of success, we strongly recommend that you count on ten plants. See you in 5 years to reap the fruits of your labor!

how to know if a kiwi is male or female

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