How to achieve the perfect makeup for women with gray hair? Advice and 13 looks to try!

by Kristiyana

Gray hair is a natural part of ageing, and many women choose to embrace it and make it part of their beauty routine. However, some women may find that their gray hair can be a difficult colour to work with when it comes to makeup. While gray may not be as vibrant as other colours, there are plenty of ways to make gray hair look beautiful and glamorous. Want to know what they are? Here are some tips and advice on how to achieve the perfect makeup for women with gray hair and 13 looks to try. Let’s go girls!

What makeup should you wear with grey hair?

lipstick colours for gray hair_makeup for gray hair

When it comes to makeup for gray hair, it is important to decide on colours that will flatter and complement the hair. Avoid hues that are too bright or too dark, as these can make your hair look washed out or dull. Instead, opt for colours that will bring out the best in your gray hair, such as soft pinks, mauves, and browns.

Makeup for women with gray hair: Highlight your eyes

how to enhance eyes_eye makeup ideas


One of the best ways to make gray hair stand out is by highlighting your eyes. Use a neutral shade of eyeshadow to brighten your eyes and make them pop. If you want to add some drama, go for a darker shade of eyeshadow in the crease of your eye and use a light shade on the lid. What colour eyeliner to wear with gray hair? Opt for warmer hues such as navy blues and warm browns as opposed to black eyeliner which is harsher.

What colour lipstick should you wear with gray hair?

how to enhance your lips_lipstick for older women

Gray hair can often look dull, so it is important to add some colour to your face to make it look brighter. Choose a lipstick shade that will flatter your hair and skin colour and make your lips look even fuller. A soft pink, rose pink, mauve, or coral shade of lipstick can greatly complement your gray hair.

Makeup for women with gray hair: Highlighter tips

how to put on highlighter_highlighter for women over 50

How to make your skin look radiant when you have gray hair? Give your hair some shine and lustre, by adding a touch of shimmer to your face. Use a highlighter on your cheekbones and brow bones to give your face a natural glow. Just be careful not to overdo it!

The right colour of blush for women with gray hair

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You can’t forget the blush! When you have gray hair and are applying your makeup, it is key to include a touch of blush to give your face dimension. Select a colour that is similar to the colour of your hair for a natural-looking flush. If you have fair skin, you can also opt for a light English rose shade. For olive skin, go with a bright peony blush colour. And for a dark complexion, decide on a rich candy pink blush hue.

What colour foundation to use with gray hair?

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Wondering what colour foundation to use when you have gray hair? Here it is important to choose a shade that is close to your skin tone. Going too dark or too light can make your gray hair look dull and washed out. Use a luminizing and moisturizing foundation to make your complexion look more vibrant. Put on powder only when you feel like you absolutely require it.

Makeup for women with gray hair: Mascara tips

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You can’t finish your daily makeup routine without a touch of mascara, can you? When it comes to applying the right makeup for gray hair, it is essential to use mascara to add definition to your eyes. Curl your lashes and apply two coats of lengthening mascara. This will create the illusion of longer, fuller lashes. If you think that black mascara looks too harsh on you, opt for a navy or brown shade.

By following these tips and advice for applying makeup for women with gray hair, you can make your gray hair look beautiful and glamorous. Choose colours that flatter and complement your hair, add a touch of shimmer, and enhance your eyes and lips. With the right makeup and hairstyle, your gray hair will look vibrant and youthful. And if by any chance your skin has wrinkles, and you are in need of more makeup tips, here is advice on how to do your makeup when you have mature skin. Enjoy girls!

Makeup for women with gray hair—Gallery

short hair makeup ideas_grey hair makeup ideas

Lovely subtle pink makeup for a woman with gray hair

lipstick for grey hair_eyeliner for grey hair

A bold red colour can also look good on gray hair

bold makeup_bold makeup for mature women

With the right shade of foundation, anything is possible!

makeup ideas for mature women_makeup ideas for older women

Why not opt for this glossy and bronze makeup look?

makeup for women over 50_makeup for women over 60

Perfect makeup for gray hair for a Friday night out

makeup for women with gray hair_makeup ideas for women with gray hair

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