Who Does the 90s Posh Bob Suit & How to Style It?

by Kristiyana

You might have already heard about the comeback of the 90s Posh Bob, but do you know how to style it? Which face shape does the Posh Bob suit? 

Every once in a while, a girl just needs to get a fresh hairstyle. If you are looking for a low-maintenance chic look, the Posh Spice bob might be just what you need! Dive in with Deavita.net’s editorial team on what you have to know about how to style the gorgeous “new” bob haircut and who would it look best on.

The 90s Posh Bob or the New Hair Trend to Adopt Right Away!

90s posh bob victoria beckham who does it suit how to style

Our devoted readers have already been introduced to the glamorous history of Victoria Beckham’s posh bob hairstyle that she wore in the late 90s. For those of you who have not, let’s shed some light on it, shaw we? If someone would mention the Posh Spice girl’s bob cut, your mind would immediately jump to Beckham’s notorious angled bob of the mid-2000s. But no, here we are talking about the centered short haircut she wore with her natural dark brunette hair color in the nineties. The hairstyle fit perfectly with Victoria’s closet of mini-skirts, metallics and leather. It’s the ideal cut for someone who wants to look effortlessly chic. But who does it suit?

Who Does the Posh Bob Suit?

who does the 90s posh bob suit face shape

Beckham herself has a triangular face shape, so the posh bob would be perfect for such. Oval faces look great with every haircut, so women with such can say a “yes” to this bob as well. The posh bob can do a lot for women with a round face shape, as it is usually cut below the chin, which visually elongates the face. When it comes to hair types, women with fine to medium and straight hair will get the most out of this look.

How to Style the 90s Bob Haircut?

posh bob haircut

Want to get the most out of your new bob? Here’s how! If you are someone with a thick hair type, a blow dry will be essential for achieving the sleekness of this bob. First, prep your hair with a smoothing and heat protection product. Blow dry the hair, after which proceed to straighten it with an iron for a polished effect. Turn the tips inwards for the classic posh look. Finish off with a shine spray.

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Casual Waves for a Flirty Look

style the posh bob in a wavy look

To add a flirty touch to your new posh bob, play around a little bit with your hair to achieve casual waves. Sea salt spray or a curl mousse can help you out with enhancing a wavier hair pattern. Complete the look with a texturing hairspray to hold.

Chin-Length Posh Bob for More Volume

posh bob with curled in tips for a face framing effect

The classic posh bob is usually cut below chin level, resembling a lob (long bob). However, a chin-length one can do a lot for women with fine hair. One of the best features of this 90s haircut is that it can make your hair appear more voluminous. And as we know from lots and lots of articles on hairstyles and tips from hairdressers, properly styled short hair is the key to volume. So go ahead and leap for the slightly shorter posh bob!

Long Posh Bob with Highlights

long posh bob with highlights

Want to spice up the posh bob even more? You can get it cut slightly longer and add some gorgeous red brown and blonde highlights to refresh your natural dark hair color. This look will definitely leave some heads turned.

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