The Ultimate Guide to the Dad Sneakers Every Street Style Guru Needs in Their Closet in 2023

by Stephanie Yankova

In recent years, the sneaker culture has been growing rapidly, and almost overnight it turned from a simple hobby for some, to a lifestyle and global phenomenon. The off-duty model streetwear style took the fashion world by storm, which brought even more popularity to the sports shoes. Just like many other trends making a comeback in 2023, the chunky dad sneakers are the hype of the season. At this point, we’re probably all familiar with the boom-causing effect they had a few years ago with the release of the Balenciaga Triple S, which became an epitome of what the modern dad shoe is. 6 years later we’re still loving and wearing this trend, and it’s not without reason. Despite their controversial, anti-fashion silhouette, they remain a 90s staple because of their comfort and practicality. So without further ado, let’s take a look at the dad sneakers every sneakerhead needs to have in their collection in 2023.

Dad Sneakers – What are those?

puma velophasis dad sneakers spring 2023 sports shoe trends

The term ‘dad shoe’ has been tossed around all over social media in recent years, but how exactly does this classification work, and what does a ‘dad shoe’ even mean? No, it’s not a shoe for dads. If you take out one of your father’s old photo albums and browse through the pictures, you’ll probably see him wearing a pair of Nike Air Monarch or a sneaker with a similar chunky silhouette. Because of how common these shoes used to be amongst men back in the 90s, when they resurfaced in the fashion realm they quickly adopted the label ‘dad shoe’. Their trademark is the massive soles, simple design and usually a more technical-looking upper part. Here are some reimagined versions of the dad sneakers that will earn you the praise of any street style guru.

New Balance 9060

nb9060 dad sneakers new release 2023


Credits: wideawakeearthquake

Starting off strong with the newest addition to the New Balance family is the 9060 model in a classic black and white colorway. The 99x series consist of some of the most iconic and timeless silhouettes New Balance has ever released on the market, and this pair is no exception. The 9060 pays a homage to the tech aesthetic of the Y2K era with a timeless and futuristic upper design in combination with wavy lines on the sculpted mid-sole using their high pressure ABZORB technology.

New Balance Kith x 993 Made in USA Spring ‘101’


Another shoe from the New Balance dad sneakers family that’s an absolute must-have for this Spring season is their collaboration with Kith on a pair of 993s called Spring ‘101’. Just like the pair of 9060s, it uses their ABZORB technology designed to absorb shock and protect the foot from high impact. The color palette is coherent with the rest of the Kith collection for the season and consists of pastel greens, browns and yellows. Moody, minimalistic and effortlessly cool, this pair both looks and feels like comfort.

Nike Air Zoom Vomero 5

air zoom vomero 5 grass green nike spring collection

An ex premium runner shoe, this Nike pair is resurfacing in the sneaker culture as a lifestyle model in a reimagined version of the classic silhouette in Wheat Grass and Cacao Wow colorway. The blend of suede, textiles and reflective elements allow you to style it effortlessly whether you’re going to the gym, running a marathon, roaming the busy streets of the big city, or grabbing lunch with friends.

Golden Goose Dad Sneakers

golden goose dad-star chunky shoes 90s style

The Golden Goose Dad-Star sneaker incorporates in its design the story behind the origin of the dad shoe quite literally. Yes, what you see on the picture is exactly what you get when you first open the shoebox. The main goal for them was to create a shoe that has character, a story, a memory, an emotion that’s being passed on from generation to generation. This is no ordinary shoe – from the rugged yellow sole, to the worn out velour and the scratches on the signature Golden Goose star, this shoe is a time capsule charged with passion and emotion.

ASICS SportStyle Gel-NYC

ASICS SportStyle Gel-NYC dad sneakers spring release 2023

Credits: sneakersnstuff

This ASICS pair of dad sneakers is a combination of heritage and mainstream modernism as far as sports shoes go. It’s bold, hip, unpretentious and absolutely timeless. The tech design screams retro futurism, while the silhouette adopts the recent trends in sneaker design. This lifestyle shoe gives you history, comfort, durability and relevance all at once.

ASICS Gel Kayano 14

asics gel kayano 14 classic dad sneaker design lifestyle

Another well-deserved mention of a vintage ASICS shoe that’s making a huge comeback this year is the Kayano 14. A classic athletic runner shoe with gel midsole, this pair of dad sneakers is going to make you feel like you’re walking on clouds. It comes in many different color variations and with its signature design you definitely won’t go unnoticed on the streets.

Salomon XT-6 – The Dad Sneakers of the Stars


The pearl in the crown of this year’s top shoes is the Salomon XT-6. The brand has gained tremendous popularity around their collaboration with Maison Margiela and has become a go-to everyday shoe for a number of celebrities, such as Hailey Bieber, Bella Hadid and Emily Ratajkowski. From the laces to the bottom of the sole, these sneakers are all about high-technology, futurism, and practicality. The Salomon XT-6 is the athletic shoe of choice not only for models, but world-class athletes, as well. In this case, comfort undoubtedly equals fashion, as this is the unprecedented Rolls-Royce of the dad sneakers.

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