Gray Balayage for Women Over 60: 6 Ideas to Look Younger and Hide White Hair

by Kremy

Tired of dyeing your hair in brown or blonde constantly in the attempt to hide your white hair after fifty? Want a look that makes you look younger, but is also easy to maintain? Have you thought about gray balayage for women over 60? What hairstyle to choose to be beautiful and trendy after 60 in 2023?

Gray Balayage for Women Over 60: Why Switch to Gray Highlights in 2023?

gray balayage for women over 60

In recent years, gray hair has become one of the hottest hair trends to embrace, especially for women over 50. And, for good reason: gray hair is chic, elegant and sophisticated! Not to mention that without trying to camouflage and hide your natural color by constantly coloring your life makes life extremely easy!

Why is balayage such a good idea for 60 year old women? Many mature women give up dyeing and opt for gray balayage: it’s a technique that allows you to blend your natural color with gray highlights for a natural, rejuvenating result. It’s also easier to maintain, since the gray roots that grow back are not as noticeable as when you wear brown or blonde hair color.

Which Gray Balayage for Women Over 60 to Choose for a Modern and Rejuvenated Look?

gray balayage for women over 60 to hide white hair


Gray balayage is a coloring technique that allows longer time between touch-ups, especially when our hair is already naturally gray or white. What’s more, there’s a gray shade for every skin tone and hair texture! All you have to do is find yours! Here are some ideas for gray balayage for women over 60 to inspire you:

What Is the Best Balayage Color to Hide White Hair? Go for the Charcoal Gray Balayage!

gray balayage for women over 60 to hide white hair and look younger

Gray balayage is a great idea when you’re looking for ways to hide those white hairs that are becoming increasingly apparent in your 60s. The technique involves a blend of cool gray shades and the end result is multi-dimensional hair with a smoky effect. Perfect for those with white skin, the technique makes you look good and takes years off your face!

Gray Balayage for Women Over 60 with Natural Effect

gray balayage on white hair what hair color to choose after 60

Are you looking for new ways to embrace your naturally gray hair at 60+? If so, this idea is for you! Ask your hairdresser to give you a balayage by hand-combing gray streaks over your natural hair color. You will end up with a very beautiful hairstyle that’s sure to win you lots of compliments!

Gray Highlights on Dark Hair

hair color for women over 60 trendy highlights

Gray balayage after the age of 50 or 60 turns a flaw into an asset! If your hair is a dark color, and you don’t want to change it completely, but the grays are becoming more and more noticeable at the same time, transform them into gray highlights! If your hair is dark brown or black, choose a darker gray for a beautiful, natural result.

Gray Balayage on Blonde Hair

gray balayage on blonde hair for women over 60

Blonde is one of the best anti aging hair colors for women over 60. However, when the hair is already gray or white, a root touch-up every 4 weeks or even more often is necessary to maintain its color in good condition. This is not the case, however, when gray highlights are added to blond hair! The time between visits to the hair salon could be extended by at least a few weeks each time and the result is really chic!

Gray Balayage on White Hair, Is That Possible?

white hair balayage highlights hair colors for women over 60

What’s the best way to camouflage age-related graying without coloring the entire head? We opt for balayage, of course! Gray balayage for women over 60 who already have white hair is actually very easy because the hair doesn’t need to be lightened and bleached first! However, your hairdresser will need to choose a lighter shade of gray to create the perfect blend between your natural hair and the highlights.

Long Bob with Gray Balayage

bob haircut and gray balayage for women over 60

Do you want to makeover at 60? How about combining the most rejuvenating haircut and hair color for a mature woman- the bob cut and gray balayage? The result is a super sleek anti-aging hairstyle that will make you look at least 10 years younger!



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