Bedsheet colors to AVOID: Let’s see 5 colors to stay away from for a better sleep!

by Gabby

Having a good night’s sleep is essential for our well-being. If I haven’t slept well during the night, I somehow know that my day will not go well. I do have some remedies like drinking mint tea, a diffuser with essential oils, cozy pajamas and a nice warm bath. However, what I have discovered recently is that bedsheets also matter, and their colors can have a huge impact on us. What bedsheet colors to avoid in your bedroom? Let’s have a look at the list!

Bedsheet colors to absolutely AVOID in the bedroom

bedsheets colors to avoid in the bedroom night better sleep lifestyle home decor

By now you probably know that colors do matter, and they can have a huge impact on our mood and how we feel. It is very important for our bedroom to look amazing, so we feel comfortable in it. However, sometimes, our bedsheet choices can be wrong without us knowing why. If you are going to invest in bedsheets that are with the perfect fabric, you also have to know what colors to absolutely avoid, so you can have a calm sleep. Different experts gathered their opinion and concluded that there are 5 main colors to avoid. Let’s find out more!

1. Black sheets

colors to avoid in your bedroom bedsheets black home decor accessories lifestyle


Certainly black is trending in many interior design ideas. Choosing it as your bedsheet color, can be a little controversial. It is stylish at first glimpse, however it can turn your thoughts in a negative direction. Black is often associated with sorrow, grief, and intimidation. Have you noticed that in movies, the bad characters are always in darker colors? You don’t want this negativity, especially in your bedroom. I suggest avoid the black, if you want to feel comfortable and relaxed in your bed.

2. Brown

bedsheets to avoid in the bedroom colors design interior home decoe lifestyle better sleep

Earthy and neutral shades become more and more popular by the day. For the people that are in love with these tones and like a more minimalistic type of style, it is okay to have lighter shades of brown on your bedsheets. Here, we are only talking about these dark brown sheets. The reason you should avoid dark brown sheets is almost the same as the black ones. They can provoke negative, sad thoughts. Also, interior designers suggested that they would make the ambiance in your room less cozy. Brown can be associated with loneliness and sadness, which isn’t good especially if you are planning to have good dreams.

3. Bedsheet colors to avoid: Red

what colors bedsheets to not purchase bedroom home design decor

Red is the colors of passion and love, which can be a good thing for the bedroom. However, it is one of the colors that we associate with other things such as danger, war, and anger. It is also why interior designers say that this color should be avoided on your kitchen walls as well. It used from marketing specialist for commercial to provoke hunger. If you choose it as a color for your bedsheets, you can get hungry at night and eat snacks. Think about it well, is this good for you? This color, even though very beautiful can keep you up at night. Some scientists even stated that red bedsheets are the great place for the bed bugs to hide, since they will blend it easily.

4. White

white bedsheets avoid in your bedroom home design interior lifestyle how to better our sleep

Even though white is a traditional bedsheet color, it hides some risks when it comes to your good sleep. White can be related to thoughts about a hospital, and it can give you the feeling of sterile environment. This can also lead to bad thoughts, which will not let you sleep well. According to some specialists, white can disrupt your Melatonin levels, which is the hormone that determines the time of the day. This means that these bedsheets can make you stay awake for a long time. Let’s not forget to mention that it can also feel a little boring to have a completely white bedding.

5. Purple: one of the bedsheet colors to avoid

purple bedsheets color to avoid in your bedroom interior design advise

Purple is the color of this year and it is so trendy among clothing brands and interior designers as well. It is associated with creativity, spirituality, and wisdom. Darker shades of purple, however, can be related to frustration and sadness. It is certainly an exotic color and if we have to explain its spirituality meaning, we have to say that it is related to finding your inner self and digging deep into your thoughts. This can never promise you a good sleep, only intrusive thoughts. Avoid purple bedding, if you want to have nice, calm dreams and not nightmares. If you are still a huge fan of the shade, buy lighter purple sheets for feeling cozy, romantic and happy.

What are the perfect bedsheets?

what bedsheet to choose for bedroom colors to avoid trends lifestyle home decor interior

There are no strict rules that I should tell you to follow when choosing the right bedsheets for your bedroom. Just avoid these colors and choose what will match your style the best. You should also consider the fabric and if it is worth the price. If you are going to invest in a nice bedding, check out that buyer’s guide on how to choose the perfect sheets.

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