17 Square Christmas Nails Ideas – Joyful and Stylish Designs to Choose From

by Kremy

Christmas is everyone’s favorite holiday. We prepare in advance and plan the menu, buy gifts, think about our outfits, makeup and, of course, a beautiful manicure. Some women determine the choice of colors based on the color trends of the year while others rely on their own preferences. We have 17 Square Christmas nails ideas that will help you find the perfect holiday manicure!

Square Christmas Nails Ideas: Add a Little Magic to Your Hands

square christmas nails ideas add a little magic to your hands

Getting ready for Christmas is exciting. This is the time to share the festive mood with family and friends, take pictures and create warm and cherished memories. Christmas nail trends change from year to year yet there are some everlasting designs that have stood the test of time. Traditional winter patterns like snowflakes, Santa’s hat, trees or candy canes are symbolic and we see them every year but with a twist. If one year matte finish is fashionable, the next year it is glossy, or chrome holiday nails that are trending.

square christmas nails ideas come in a variety of styles and techniques

Square Christmas nails ideas come in a variety of styles and techniques – from French tips to geometric patterns, swirls and drawings, rhinestones, sequins, glitter – you are spoiled for choice. It doesn’t matter if you have long or short square nails, the designs below will allow you to express your individuality and complement your look.

Classic Christmas Colors for Your Christmas Nails

classic christmas colors for your christmas nails

Red, green, white and gold are the classic colors of Christmas. They can be used as a base or for decorative elements such as stars, baubles, Christmas trees or other symbols of the holiday.

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Christmas French Nails

christmas french nails

For Christmas you can decorate your French nails with winter patterns and glitter, for example, small snowflakes. You can choose a traditional color for the tips or opt for something that will complement your outfit.

Festive Glitter Nails

festive glitter nails french tips

You want a touch of bling to your Christmas nails? Then go for glitter! French glitter tips are among the biggest nail trends of 2023, so do not hesitate to shine and sparkle on a special day like Christmas.

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Chrome Square Nails

chrome square nails with christmas design

Chrome nails have a beautiful shine and you can choose from traditional colors, nudes, blue, pink (why not!) or silver and gold.

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Deep Dark Shades Are Trendy for the Winter Season

burgundy square nails christmas nail art

Instead of bright colors, you can choose deep dark shades like blue, black or chocolate and add gold or silver accents to them. Burgundy is one of the top colors for winter 2023 and the color offers a special sophisticated look to the hands of any woman.

Combine Different Textures

elegant square nails snowflake pattern

You cannot decide between different Christmas nail designs? No problem! Just combine your favorite ones!

Photo Gallery: Awesome Square Christmas Nails Ideas

awesome square christmas nails ideas

Green square nails with different texture and matte finish

green square nails with different texture and matte finish

Stylish glitter Christmas nails and candy cane decorations

stylish glitter christmas nails and candy cane decorations

Short square Christmas nails with fairy lights pattern

short square christmas nails with fairy lights pattern

Short Christmas square nails with cute gnomes and winter themed decorations

short christmas square nails with cute gnomes

White square nails with snowflake pattern

white square nails with snowflake pattern

Beautiful square Christmas nails in pink

beautiful square christmas nails in pink

Elegant long square nails for the holidays

elegant long square nails for the holidays

Christmas French nail tips

christmas french nail tips


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