Outdoor Decor Trends for Summer 2023: Find the Best Ideas for the Layout of Your Garden or Balcony!

by Anjelina

Summer is almost here and if you haven’t already, it’s finally time to think about the layout of your garden or balcony so that you get the most out of your outdoor experience during the warm days that are about to come. Furniture, flowers, decorations … there’s so much to be arranged and considered to ensure that you’ll achieve a cozy and pleasing exterior space. In this article, we will focus our attention on the current outdoor decor trends so that you get some inspiration! Sounds interesting to you? Then, keep reading!

Outdoor Decor Trends: The Exterior as an Extension of the Interior

outdoor decor trends the exterior as an extension of the interior

If you think about it, just a few years ago outdoor furniture was very limited in terms of choice and range of materials. Whereas now, manufacturers are increasingly striving to create furniture that is as comfortable and aesthetically pleasing to the eye as it is for the inside. That’s why we now have so many choices and ways to create a cozy space outside that we can use for all kinds of purposes. The balcony, porch or garden becomes a functional part of the home.

Natural Materials

natural materials for outdoor living space


Natural materials will rule again in the summer of 2023. For a cozy exterior with a warm and pleasant atmosphere, designers suggest choosing furniture and decorations made of wood, rattan, raffia, jute or straw. For example, you can opt for wicker rattan armchairs, wooden tables and straw umbrellas to achieve a harmonious look that is in tune with nature. Complement with a jute rug, and also opt for large wicker baskets or containers in which to place your favorite plants. If you need to, you can also add bamboo screens, which are not only practical, but also blend extremely nicely with the rest of the exterior furniture made from natural materials.

Nude Colors

nude colors for outdoor furniture

It is no wonder that the predominant trends in outdoor furniture colors, as well as decorations, are in the natural range, given the preferred materials they are made of. On the market you will mostly come across colors such as beige, terracotta, nude, ochre, sage green and many others which are inspired by nature. Also, ceramic pots, vases and other garden accessories are most often in natural tones. All this helps to form a very pleasing palette of harmonious and natural colors for the outdoor space.

Outdoor Home Decor Trends for Summer: Mediterranean Style

outdoor home decor trends for summer mediterranean style

For a decoration in full harmony with the approaching summer season, nothing is more appropriate than to succumb to the charm of Mediterranean style. This year, it is making a comeback among the top trends. The sandy shades in combination with furniture that evoke vacation and relaxation are one of its main features. The niches embedded in the exterior wall are for example a practical and attractive option. The braided egg chairs are another key element of the Mediterranean decor.

Accent Walls

accent walls natural materials nude colors sunny balcony

To transform the exterior in an impressive and original way, nothing is cooler than to create an attractive accent wall. There are plenty of trendy ways to give the space a fresh look. Decorating with mix and match photo frames or a gallery of mirrors of different sizes and designs is for example a very popular strategy nowadays. Another trendy idea is to create a natural decor by hanging natural fiber accessories such as wicker, bamboo or rattan baskets.

Newest Outdoor Decor Trends: Urban Jungle Spirit

urban jungle spirit lots of plants and greenery

One of the top trends of the season is the jungle style. This one fits perfectly in our interiors to bring them closer to nature and add a touch of exoticism. But, the same is true for the outdoors where we embrace the jungle spirit with open arms. A rich collection of lush, dense foliage plants has the potential to transform our garden or balcony into a green oasis. Graceful plants like bamboo, on the other hand, are a great solution for aesthetically pleasing and privacy effect. Palms, hanging ferns and monstera deliciosa are among the most popular plants of the moment.

How do you make an outdoor space cozy?

Lately, curved furniture has been making a real splash in the world of interior design. And now, the trend is spreading to the outdoors to give the impression of a fusion and coherence between the two spaces. On this point, the curved furniture represents a perfect solution to add a cozy and relaxing touch to the outdoor resting area. Curved sofas with an outdoor fire pit in the center are for example a fantastic variant to establish a warm and family atmosphere.

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