Grow Dill Guide: Benefit from the Energizing Power of this Healthy Plant

by Snezhana Besarabova

Dill is grown for its aroma and healthy leafs as well seeds, used fresh or cooked. Do you know that the ancient Romans put this spice in the gladiators meals to strengthen these severely fighting men? Though, today we should benefit from this energizing plant for more humanе purposes and not to forget to include it in our healthy menu. It’s quite easy and rewarding to grow it, as this useful plant does not require much care. Here you’ll find the most important tips on how to grow and enjoy this healthy crop in your garden or home!

What kind of plant is dill?

grow dill guide a what plant is drill

Dill (Anethum graveolens) is an annual plant that grows in fronds up to 4 in’ (10 cm), and flowers in yellow. The leaves, as well as the seeds, are edible. Its native home is Mediterranean, but for its nice food qualities, the plant is well known and used all over the world.

How to grow dill in the garden and at home?

grow dill guide how to grow dill at home


When the plants are left on their own, they will ripe and produce seed, which are useful in cooking as a spice.

Choose the best place to make the dill grow successfully

choose the best place for the dill grow

Dill is adaptable to different conditions, and finding a place for it is not a complicated task. It can develop and flourish when planted in the garden, in outdoor containers, and even indoors in pots. The best for the dill is to be grown outside. Choose a place for the plant with well-draining soil and full or at least partial sun shining.

How to grow dill in containers and in pots?

how to grow dill in containers and in pots

When choosing a suitable container or a pot for the dill, take care that it is large enough to accommodate the deep root of the plant. Then fill it with a well-draining soil. You can put several dills in one container or a big pot. When you grow dill in a pot, the important thing is to choose the most sunny place in the house, near the window.

When is the right time to sow the plant?

when is the right time to sow the dill

The plant does not transplant well, and it’s grown mostly from seeds. As dill prefers cool weather, you should plant it by sowing its seeds in early spring, or late in the summer. The ideal ground temperature is between 60-70 °F (16-21 °C).

How to help the dill grow fast and healthy?

how to help dill grow fast

The dill is easy to grow, but if you wish it to develop fast, learn what are the best conditions to have a healthy and rich in leaves plant.

The required temperature and sun

the required temperature and sun for making the dill drow

Whether you grow your dill in the garden or in a pot, you should know that it’s quite cold tolerant. When the plant is already established, it can bear temperatures down to 25 °F (-4 °C). But the well-developed plant feels good when the temperature is up to 80 °F (27 °C). Bear in mind that ideal temperature for dill growth is between 60-75 °F (16-24 °C). Though, dill does not like heat, and when the summer comes, it quickly goes to seed.

The best for the dill is a full sun, 6–8 hours daily. Partial shade is also good for it, though the plants won’t be bushy enough. When growing it in a warm region, be sure to provide shade in the afternoon, if you want to have long living plants.

Providing with water

providing with water for dill to grow

Dill develops well in slightly moist soil, that’s why, water it regularly, but not too much. It’s vital for the young plants to grow in a damp soil. When they are already established and the roots formed, allow the top 2-3 in (5-8 cm) layer of the soil to dry between two watering.

Fertilizing and soil conditions

fertilizing and soil conditions for dill growth

Dill should be planted in well-draining, fertile and loamy soil.

If the soil is rich, there is almost no need for fertilizing. However, adding a little fertilizer from time to time can result in rapid growth. You may successfully replace chemical fertilizers with eco-friendly compost, compost tea or slow-release granule. Add these organic substances no more than 2-3 for the whole growing season.

How long will dill take to grow?

how long will dill take to grow

Dill growth lasts from 70 to 90 days from the seeding to reaching maturity. And after that period its development continues till flowering and growing seeds in the summer.

Pest and disease control

pest and disease control for the dill growth

Dill possesses a strong fragrance, that’s why it pushes away most of the pests. The swallowtail butterfly is almost the only insect that likes it and uses it as a host plant during the caterpillar phase. The good owner of the house will not do harm to this beautiful creature. It will pollinate the blossoms and flowers in his garden when it becomes a butterfly.

The dill rarely develops diseases, though it may suffer from powdery mildew and rot. The best defense against these infections are the proper watering and providing air flow. To prevent rot and mildew, water the plants where their stems emerge from the ground. And don’t plant them very close to each other.

grow dill guide a beneficial and healthy plant

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