Which Potted Plant Resists Cold and Frost? Top 13 Options

by Kristiyana

How to avoid the gloomy look of the garden in winter? How to decorate your balcony and terrace during this period to brighten them up? One of the best ways is to adopt plants that can withstand the cold and frost. There are many more of them than we think. So, which plant can stay outside in winter? Which potted plant resists cold and frost?

Which Potted Plant Resists Cold and Frost?

potted perennial plant resistant to cold and frost

Given the instability of the weather and its rapidly changing conditions, it is better to choose hardy or semi-hardy plants, regardless of where you live. The former withstand temperatures below 15°C/59°F, and the latter: between -5°C/23°F and -10°C/14°F. They will guarantee you a beautiful garden all year round! When buying a new plant, always check the description or consult the experts at nurseries. If you want to save time, check the list below first. We have already done research to offer you a selection of 13 potted plants that are resistant to cold and frost.

Succulents Plants That Resist Frost

cloud delosperma in pot with yellow flowers


Cloud Delosperma (Hardy)

This is one of the most cold-resistant succulents. It can survive temperatures down to -15°C/5°F, even more. Among its greatest advantages, we can also cite its strong ground-covering power. Delosperma blooms from June to September, producing stunning flowers in bright colors like yellow and purple.

succulents that are frost resistant yucca in winter

Yucca (Hardy)

Yucca is similarly hardy. What’s also good is that it tolerates drought. Yucca also forms flowers, growing in clusters, which are very impressive.

potted sedum with flowers frost tolerant succulent plant

Sedum (Hardy)

Sedum is a very popular plant because it has medicinal properties. So, in addition to being a very beautiful decorative plant, it can also help you as a natural treatment against inflammatory skin diseases.

succulents that don’t freeze in winter

Aeonium (Semi-hardy)

There are over 20 varieties of this plant, but they are all very tolerant. What does that mean? They need very little care, so no worries about leaving them for the week.

which succulent can be put outdoors in winter

Crassula Ovata (Semi-hardy)

Also known as jade tree, Crassula forms very delicate white flowers in early winter. It is not resistant enough to cold and frost, so it is better to bring it inside as soon as the temperature drops below -5°C/23°F.

Dwarf Conifers in Pots That Resist Frost

frost resistant conifer potted dwarf plants

Junipers (Hardy)

As a conifer, junipers are truly hardy. This is similarly valid for the other three specimens on this list. They offer evergreen foliage and freshness all year round. If you are an avid gardener, you must have at least one on your patio or balcony.

frost resistant potted trees

Thuja (Hardy)

Here is another potted plant that resists cold and frost — the thuja. It is extremely resistant to cold, but unfortunately, it does not adapt as quickly to climate changes. So avoid planting it if you live in regions where summer temperatures exceed 35°C/95°F. Otherwise, it will dry out quickly.

tree in pot that resists cold and frost

Lawson Lawsoniana Cypress Minima Aurea (Hardy)

This small potted tree has bright green leaves that look great wherever you place them. It even has some yellow undertones, which doesn’t mean they’re drying out. This simply makes them unique and very popular as decorative trees.

cupress potted plant that doesn’t freeze

Lambert Cypress (Hardy)

This type of cypress is a conifer with a truly elegant shape. You can use it as a privacy screen plant with evergreen foliage. Although very hardy, this tree is mainly grown in maritime regions, making it perfect for Mediterranean gardens.

Which Perennial Potted Plant Resists Cold and Frost?

cyclamen rustic or semi rustic depending on variety

Cyclamen (Hardy or Semi-hardy Depending on the Variety)

Cyclamen are a winter must-have. With their magnificent flowers, they are one of the most popular flowers, but remember that they are not very easy to grow. For some reason, my father never got around to adopting them, even though he is experienced in gardening.

heather or winter heather cold resistant plant

Heather or Winter Heather (Rustic)

It is very easy to find this plant, as it is often on sale at Lidl. Its price is low, while at the same time it is very beautiful. You can therefore adopt a few pots and decorate your balcony for the winter. Another advantage is that even if the plant dries, it preserves its color and shape, allowing you to keep it as an outdoor decoration for a long time. In this case, just be careful not to expose it to direct sunlight.

perennial flowers that are resistant to frost

Primroses (Hardy)

Want to find a perennial flower that doesn’t freeze? Consider adopting primroses. Hardy and perennial, they can be grown both in pots and in the garden. It is one of the first flowers to appear at the start of the year, so it is worth having.

the hardy perennial geranium flower that doesn’t frost

Perennial Geranium (Hardy)

This potted plant resists cold and frost, but it also has another great advantage: its captivating scent. The perennial geranium thrives in partial shade and produces pretty white flowers from May to July, then again in September. But beware! To take advantage of the second flowering, it is necessary to prune the geranium in summer.

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